Great Britain Displays

This section contains scans of displays on a wide range of subjects within Great Britain philately, supplied as a resource for members of the GBPS. The introduction pages may be read by anyone, but to view the displays themselves you must be logged in. The page images are resized to fit roughly into the height of the average screen, but if you click on one it will open the full size image, whatever size that may be. You can page through the display by clicking the arrows in the sidebar or by using the left and right arrow keys.

Most displays are in addition available for download in a single file – these are listed in the "Files" column with an icon giving the file format, typically PDF. (If a display is only available as a download, the page count will be shown in grey italics.)

A letter "w" or "d" after the number of sheets indicates that the display is on "wide" or "double" size sheets respectively (although some displays on normal size sheets may include the occasional double width or larger sheet too).

The examples here obviously represent only a selection of possible material; further scanned displays are actively solicited. Please see the 'how to provide a display' page for details, or contact the for further information.

Copyright for these displays is retained by the original owners.

Postage Stamps - Queen Victoria

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
The 1841 Provisional Black Printing and Repair Characteristics Kevin Maunder 16
The Repaired Impressions of Die I Penny Red Plate 17 Kevin Maunder 16
Penny Red Stars 1850-1864 Juan Farah 16
Evolution of British Stamp Perforation 1840 to 1880 Ray Simpson 80
Low Value Surface Printed Stamps (2½d to 2s) 1855 to 1884 Robert Galland 128
Queen Victoria Essays, Proofs and Trials Peter Young 149
From line engraved to surface printed - The 1879 and 1880 Tenders Malcolm Suttill 16
From line engraved to surface printed - The old to the new 1880 stamps Malcolm Suttill 16
The Penny Lilac Peter Young 138
The Penny Lilacs - The Stamp Malcolm Suttill 16
The Penny Lilacs - Usage and Interesting Items Malcolm Suttill 16
Queen Victoria Penny Lilacs Stephen Teuma 16
1883-84 Issue Lilacs and Greens John Roe 16
The £5 Orange John Horsey 80

Postage Stamps - Four Kings

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
King Edward VII Essays and Proofs Graham Horton 128
King George V Downey Head Selected Sheets from a Plating Study Mike Jackson 12 w
Great Britain's First Commemorative Postage Stamp David Ogden 16
George V Commemorative Stamp Issues Mary Pugh 80
Introduction to the Silver Jubilee Stamp Booklets of 1935 Harvey Russell 16
Harrison Dummy Stamps of King George V Glenn Morgan 16
King Edward VIII: A Study of the ½d Green Cylinder 15 Robin Restall 32
King Edward VIII 1½d Red-Brown, Control A/36, Cylinder 2: The Case of the Curious Coif Robin Restall 24
King Edward VIII 2½d Blue: The Study of an Incomplete Collection Robin Restall 64
The 1937 Coronation Stamp of King George VI: Pre‑Release Covers Robin Restall 24
The 1937 Coronation Stamp of King George VI: Cylinder 4 Robin Restall 27
The 1937 Coronation Stamp of King George VI: Cylinder 6 Robin Restall 70
The 1937 Coronation Stamp of King George VI: Cylinder 7 Robin Restall 112

Postage Stamps - Queen Elizabeth II (Machins)

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
Pre-Decimal Machins Tony Walker 375
Pre-Decimal Machins (Spring Stampex 2017 Special Display) Tony Walker 128
'Britain's Marvelous Machins' - Varieties of the Denominated Printings 1967-2017 Steve McGill 128
NVI Machins 1989-2017 Steve McGill 128
Machin Definitives - Testing and Trialling Scott Kibby 16
Machin Definitives - When Production Goes Wrong Scott Kibby 16
Machin Dummy Books Glenn Morgan 64
Machin Greetings Card Sheets ('Boots' Sheets) Glenn Morgan 16

Postage Stamps - Queen Elizabeth II (Other)

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
Wilding Low Values from Sheets Frank Walton 120
Wilding Castles Peter Shaw 128
Unadopted Designs by Robert Sellar Glenn Morgan 16
Encapsulated Stamp Cards Glenn Morgan 16
The Decimal Castle High Values 1988-1999 Peter Shaw 96
An Olympic Effort - The Story of Royal Mail's overnight Gold Medal Winner postage stamps Glenn Morgan 12 w

Postage Stamps - Multiple Reigns

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
High Values - Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II Max Melrose 215
Controls Used on Cover James Heal 84
Mixed Frankings of the 20th Century Maurice Buxton 192
A Study of GB Low Value Definitives 1934 to 1971 John Gowland 80

Postal Markings

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
Sheffield Postal History Frank Walton 93
Suffolk Postal History Tom Slemons 132
The Maltese Cross Howard Hughes 264
Multiple Strikes of the Maltese Cross Chris Hibbert 16
The Transition from Maltese Cross to Barred Numeral Obliterators Chris Jones 16
Cancellation of the Imperforate Line Engraved Issues (18401854) Chris Jones 80
District Office Cancels Dave Simmons 130
Spoon Cancellations of Great Britain and Ireland Graham Booth 139
The Sideways Experimental Duplex 1854-1858 Ray Barton 116
Machine Cancellations and Postmarks Produced in Great Britain During the Early Trial Period 1857-59 Tim Schofield 16
Experimental and Early Machine Postmarks of England 1857-1912 Jerry H. Miller 159
Meter Franking: First Type Meter Marks Mike Jackson 60 w
British Empire Exhibition - The Cancellations David Ogden 16
Field Post Offices of the British Expeditionary Force 1939-40 Ingo Egerlandt 80
Printed Postage Impressions - The 2003 Series George King 16
The New Modern Meter Mail George King 16

Postal History

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
The Origins of Express Mail Alan Holyoake 16
Aspects of Pre-1840 Postal History Leon Barry 16
Barnet Penny Post Receiving House Numbers Leon Barry 16
'Money Letters' and Other Inland Registration Forerunners Maurice Buxton 64
Overseas Registration pre-1841 Maurice Buxton 16
Genesis Nick Amor 16
Sir Rowland Hill's Postal Reform Zhang Huadong 32
Mail from the UK to the Italian Peninsular from the Late 18th Century to the General Postal Union Kenneth Burr 16
Pre-GPU Late Fee Mail To and Through France Alan Kelsall 16
Registration Labels in the UK: Forerunners and Introduction Maurice Buxton 16
Inauguration of the Airmail Express Service between London and Paris 1919-20 René Paschke-Güstrow 16
Ireland's Transition Peter Wood 24
Postal Mechanisation Steve McGill 112
"Red Cards": Mail Deemed Unacceptable at the Postcard Rate in the UK Maurice Buxton 16
Insured Mail Irregularities Maurice Buxton 16
Post Office Express Delivery Inland Mail from 1891 Austin Davis 96
The 1971 Postal Strike Maurice Buxton 64
Development of British Postage Printed on Site to 2011 Glenn Morgan 16
The Basic Letter Rate to Europe 1986-2010 Mike Mood 16
Royal Household Mail - The Vidler Years 1990-2002 Glenn Morgan 12 w
The Ends of the whistl George King 16
Digital Stamps George King 16
C9 Zones! - Back to distance charging? George King 16

Postal Stationery

(stamped stationery, and for convenience other printed private and Official stationery is included here)

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
The Mulready and its Advertisements Tom Slemons 16
The Post Magazine Address Panel and its Decorative Border Phil Cheetham 16
Propaganda Envelopes of the 19th Century Richard Hobbs 80
Queen Victoria ½d Pink Stamped to Order Postcards Maurice Buxton 16
The Furniss Envelope John Davies 60
Elliot's Imitation of the Jubilee Envelope John Davies 16
King George V Postal Stationery in "Postcard Format" Maurice Buxton 80
The 9th Postal Union Congress Official Stationery Colin Davies 16
King George VI Stamped to Order Postal Stationery Maurice Buxton 32 d
First Recorded / Only Known Copy or What? George King 15
Not all Crown Official Paid is boring black! George King 16
QEII Registered Envelopes of the Tudor Rose Design Frank Walton 60 w

'Back of the Book'

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
British Revenue Stamps 1671-1853 Chris Harman 96 w
Sample and Specimen Revenue Stamps from William III to Queen Victoria David Leathart 16
Embossed Duty Stamps - Cypher Labels Denis Noe 32
Bank Note Duty - Congreve Compound Plate Printing Chris Harman 12 w
Embossed Adhesive Revenue Stamps Overprinted "Inland Revenue" 1860-74 Chris Harman 12 w
Protective Overprints and Underprints Andy Donaldson 180
The Post Office Telegraph Stamps of Great Britain 1875-1881 Ian Pinwill 312
Telegraph Stamps of Great Britain and the British Empire Chuichi Ota 80

Used Abroad

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
British Postal Service in the Levant 1857-1923 Alexios Papadopoulos 128
British Post Offices in the Levant - Victorian and Edwardian Periods Tony Stanford 112
British Post Offices in the Levant - The Georgian Period Tony Stanford 107

Crown Dependencies

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
Jersey Stamp Issues, 1975-79 - An Issue is Born Glenn Morgan 48
A Comparison between the Stamps of two Crown Peculiars Robin Tibbenham 74

General Subjects

Title of display Provided by Pages Files
'Supermarket Philately' Jean Alexander 148
The Story of Advertising Through the Post Colin Baker 192
Elections and the Post in the Great Reform Act Era Maurice Buxton 8 d
'Passed by British Philatelic Association' Maurice Buxton 112
The Post Office Savings Bank Maurice Buxton 27
Stamp Dealer Mail Edward Caesley 188
A Jubilee Reminiscence John Davies 128
British Philatelic Automation Glenn Morgan 16 d
British Empire Exhibition - Promotional and Advertising Labels David Ogden 80
Hand-Painted Covers Paul Ramsay 244
The Story of a Wayward Cover - GB to Canada, 2015 Dave Russum 16