The Ends of the whistl


In 2004, with the ending of the Royal Mail Letter Monopoly, TNT Post UK started providing UK postal services, as well as parcel & courier services, and rapidly became one of the biggest Downstream Access Operators. Some of the designs used on such mail are shown on this page (I didn't cut them down, preferring to collect entires as Postal History).

In Mid April 2012 TNT Post UK announced the trial of an end-to-end mail delivery in West London, using its own staff. The Post Office response is shown Page 2 (photocopy of the back). TNT used inkjets and labels to mark this mail with their License Code Identifier CL102, (Pages 3-6) and eventually some customers had their mail printed with the TNT CL102 logo. (Pages 7-8) Service spread Liverpool (Pages 13-16), South London, etc.

The TNT part of the logo was to be removed from mail by 31 December 2014, as the parent company, Dutch Postal Operator PostNL, had split into 2, the Express part becoming TNT Express, and the postal business remaining PostNL. The UK company re-branded as "whistl". Labels were used to mark mail (Pages 9-10), and some customers stationery was printed with the whistl logo (Page 11-12).

11 May 2015: Postal business Whistl - formerly TNT Post - suspended its door-to-door delivery service in London, Liverpool and Manchester and started consulting 2000 workers on redundancy. The move followed a decision by potential investment partner, IDC, not to fund its expansion plans.

whistl continues to provide a postal service, but reverted back to using Royal Mail for the "final mile". Shares in Royal Mail rose 3.3% after this news was announced.


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