Great Britain Displays: External Sites

This page gives links to a variety of GB or GB-related displays that we have noted in other places around the Web, either on sites specifically created to show exhibits or as one-off presentations by the exhibitor.

If you know of any others, or discover that one of these is no longer available (an occupational hazard with web links, unfortunately!), please let the know.

A letter "d" after the number of sheets indicates that the display is on double size sheets.

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Postage Stamps

Title and description Pages Author Source
The R.M.Phillips Collection
In 1965 Reginald M Phillips donated his award-winning collection of British Victorian stamps to the nation, to form the basis of a National Postal Museum. The collection has now been digitised.
45 volumes Reginald Phillips The Postal Museum
The First Postage Stamp 80 Josef Neumann Exponet
The Tallan Collection of Penny Black Plates 90 Allan Oliver Stamps of the World
The First Four (Great Britain, 1840-1841. The world's first adhesive postage stamps) 16 Peter Newroth Victoria Stamps
Great Britain Imperforate Line Engraved – The Vanity and the Insanity 16 Richard Frajola Exponet
Selection of Rarities 1839 to 1937 81 Ambrosia De Comble Museum of Philately
"My Victoria" (Plate Position "CG") 106 Chip Gliedman owner
Great Britain - Two Pence Plate 3 and 4 16 Roger Marsh Exponet
GB 1849 2d Plate 4 - Corrosion history 9 Roger Marsh Stamps of the World
Great Britain 1840‑1873 80 Petr Radosta Exponet
Die Geschichte der Ein-Penny-Marke von Großbritannien von 1840 bis 1879 [in German] – "The history of the one penny stamp of Great Britain from 1840 to 1879" 132 Petr Radosta Exponate-Online
Timbres de Grande Bretagne en taille douce 1840‑1879. Etude chronologique du planchage de leurs émissions [in French] – "British intaglio stamps 1840‑1879. Chronological study of the schedule of their issue" 96 Michel Letaillieur FFAP
London Inland Office Branch Cancels on the Imperf Plates 1844‑1855 4 Roger Marsh Stamps of the World
The 1841 1d. Re(i)d A Postal History Tribute to Dr. David S. Reid 16 Andrew Reid Frajola
TWO BLUE: Overseas Mails with the Two Penny Blue Plates 3 and 4 16 Andrew Reid Frajola
Great Britain Combination Covers to Overseas Destinations, 1847‑56 16 Andrew Reid Frajola
Co-Evolution of Form and Function of the One-Shilling Stamp in 19th-Century Great Britain 40 d Matthew Healey Frajola
GB 1d Red of 1864 80 Colin Hanson Stamps of the World
1880 One Penny Venetian Red 16 Miroslav Štotka Exponet
King George V 4d Issue 1913‑1923 16 David Griffin ABPS
Double-headed Machins 31 Henry Coward Epsom and Ewell PS
The £10 Machin 15 Henry Coward Epsom and Ewell PS

Postal History

Title and description Pages Author Source
Mail Between British North America & UK, 1766‑1875 130 David Handelman Exponet
Preußen-England, Postverbindungen und Postverträge [in German] – "Prussia-England, Postal Services and Postal Agreements" 132 Prof. Wigand Bruns Exponate-Online
Detained for Postage Notices of the British Post Office 1790‑c1875 32 Ken Snelson Philatelic Specialists Soc.
British Blockade During the US Revolutionary War 16 Steve Walske Frajola
British Naval Blockade During the War of 1812 16 Steve Walske Frajola
Kingston-upon-Hull Ship Letters 16 Robert McMillan ABPS
The Fifth Clause Post of Great Britain 8 d Peter Chadwick ABPS
Evolution of the Scottish Wheel Tax Handstamps 8 d Peter Chadwick ABPS
Great Britain 1814‑1901 64 Antonín Mojsl Exponet
How the 1836 Anglo-French postal treaty made it easier to send mail worldwide [transit mail] 128 Geoffrey Lewis Museum of Philately
The January 5, 1847 and February 4, 1847 Sailings of Cunard's "Hibernia" and "Cambria" from Liverpool, via Halifax, to Boston 16 Andrew Reid Frajola
The Crimean War's impact on mail from Australia, 1855‑1857 16 John Barwis Frajola
Victoria's England-Bound Mail 1855-1857: The Crimean War Clipper Ship Era 16 John Barwis Frajola
Elihu Burritt and the Ocean Penny Post 23 Roger Marsh Stamps of the World
Pre G.P.U. Late Fee Mail to and through France 16 Alan Kelsall ABPS
Königliche Post: Die britische Monarchie von Queen Victoria bis Queen Elisabeth II [in German] – "Royal Post: The British Monarchy from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II" 96 Peter Hornung Exponate-Online
Advice of Delivery in Great Britain, until 1914 16 David Handelman Frajola
UK Taxe Marks 7 PDFs Ken Snelson Postage Due Mail Study Group
Underpaid International Mail – GPU to WWI, Out of, Into and Through Great Britain 80 Ken Snelson Philatelic Specialists Soc.
UK Taxe Marks and their Offices of Use in the Centimes Era 80 Ken Snelson Philatelic Specialists Soc.
London Cancels During the Victorian Period 80 anon Philatelic Specialists Soc.
Postal Mechanisation for Philatelists 24 PDFs Alistair Nixon owner
Great Britain Postal Census Cancels 17 Victoria Stamps
Overland Mail Baghdad-Haifa 1923‑1948 [partial GB content] 40 d Rainer Fuchs Exponate-Online
UK Postage Due Airmail to WWII By Empire Services 54 Ken Snelson Philatelic Specialists Soc.
Nasty Wars of the 2nd Half of the 20th Century – Undeliverable UK Mail 16 Ken Snelson Philatelic Specialists Soc.
Collecting Unpaid Postage at Filton, Bristol, in the 1960s 16 Dave Cleaver ABPS
Royal Mail Horizon Labels: The Great Source of Modern Postal History 16 Valeriy Izyurov Frajola

Military Mail

Title and description Pages Author Source
The Crimean War [partial GB content] 128 Dr. Armando Grassi Frajola
The Royal Navy in the Crimean War 16 Gerald Ellott Frajola
Christmas 1917 48 Peter Burrows Forces PHS
Covers Delivered by British Field Post System at Western Front in 1914‑1919 16 Lubor Kunc Exponet
Hospital Trains in the Great War 53 Malcolm Cole Epsom and Ewell PS
The RAF and the Liberation of Western Europe 40 Nick Colley Forces PHS
Royal Navy Censor Markings of WW2 37 Colin Tabeart Forces PHS
Jediný Cíl: Vítězství [Czechoslovak WW2 APOs in GB, in Czech] – "The Only Target: Victory" 160 Dolfa Bartošík Exponet
1938-1948: A Turbulent Period For Czechoslovak Field Post [partial GB content] 112 Lubor Kunc Exponet
Suez Canal Crisis 13 Nick Colley Forces PHS

Postal Stationery

Title and description Pages Author Source
The Tallan Collection of Mulready Envelopes and Lettersheets 41 Allan Oliver Stamps of the World
The Elizabethan Coronation Airletters 16 Erica Genge AAPE
The "Houses of Parliament" Airletters 16 Erica Genge AAPE

Other Subjects

Title and description Pages Author Source
Air Post Exhibition (APEX), London 1934 38 Brian Atkins Victoria Stamps
Mulready Caricatures and Pictorial Envelopes 49 Robin Cassell Museum of Philately
Atlantic Coast Air Services "Tramtickets" for Lundy Island 16 Richard Drews Frajola
The Large Map Issues of the Lundy & Atlantic Coasts Airlines Ltd. 16 Richard Drews Frajola
The Lundy Island Anti-Malaria Issue for The World United Against Malaria Campaign 16 Larry Fillion AAPE
Great Britain and the League of Nations 8 d Greg Galletti APS
Arran’s Post Offices plus some other Features of Postal Delivery 8 d Stuart Gough ABPS
Britain Goes Decimal 16 Larry Haber Frajola
Line Engraved Railway Perfins 25 Maurice Harp Exponet
Studying Thunderstorms by Mail 16 Michel Houde Exponet
United Nations London 14 Jack Mayer AAPE
High Values Overprinted for use Abroad The Seahorse Issue 1912 to 1939 40 "The Seahorse Issue" Museum of Philately
The 1921 Surcharges Issued at the British Post Office in Constantinople 16 Tony Stanford ABPS