The Mulready and its Advertisements



Tom Slemons' presentation given on 3rd November 2012 focused on the Mulreadys, in three parts, opening with "The Mulready, its Life and Death, Myths and Discoveries", with a display covering all uses of the Mulready, including the basics, the birth and development of advertisements, and the various uses up to withdrawal and destruction.

Selected sheets from the display are presented here.

Tom has an extensive collection of Suffolk material and most of the items are connected with that county.


Frame 1

  1. Only recorded pair of Mulreadys used with May Dates from Suffolk
  2. Only recorded example of Second Series Envelope Stereo A 286
  3. Only recorded pair of Mulready Letter sheets, additional postage paid by Penny Blacks, once a vertical pair
  4. Only recorded use of a Mulready letter sheet folded around large enclosure and additional postage paid in cash
  5. Only recorded example of an advertisement printed entirely in green
  6. Only recorded example of Barnett Hoares & Co banking Mulready envelope
  7. Earliest recorded use of East of England Bank letter sheet
  8. Latest recorded use of East of England Bank letter sheet and multiple Maltese Crosses
  9. Only recorded example of only 2d letter sheet produced by a bank
  10. Earliest recorded use of Unplaced Stereo A 76 letter sheet
  11. Latest recorded use of Chapman, Ipswich Clerical & Medical advertisement
  12. Only recorded example of Ecomomic Life Assurance Society agent for Ipswich advertisement
  13. Only recorded example of last advertising Mulready 1849 – John Dallenger, auctioneer
  14. Only recorded example of Ipswich Paid 1 mark on Mulready (sales call notice)
  15. Latest recorded Mulready letter sheet and envelope from Suffolk
  16. Only recorded example of remnant of officlally destroyed Mulready and A 299 envelope