The New Modern Meter Mail


Most G.B. philatelists will have noticed in passing the change to a new style of blue meter marks over the last five years, with a rectangular box describing the service used, and noticed the discount that meter customers get over the standard prices available to the public.

What many have not realised is that meters now seem to be able to handle all sorts of services, and every weight step, and every difference between steps, and attempt to describe this on the item of mail.

The tariff leaflet shows the standard services from Royal Mail, and as well as all these weight steps, the meters will handle test prints, and underpayments. So some mail exists with two meter marks.

Meter mail is posted separately to other mail, and when underpaid, instead of charging the recipient, the revenue protection teams seem to return items for uprating, particularly in international items where only domestic UK rates have been paid.

This display shows a selection of modern meter marks to illustrate the service, from standard first and second class mail, through Large Letters and parcels to Special Delivery and Airmail.

So far there seem to be four meter manufacturers codes: FP, FR, NE, PB.

George King, April 2018


Frame 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Tariff Leaflet
  3. Zero Test, Surcharge Payment, Do Not Surcharge
  4. Letter Post
  5. Government, Slogan, Red Error?
  6. 1st Class Letter
  7. 2nd Class Letter
  8. 1st Class Large Letter
  9. 1st Class Large Letter - higher weight steps
  10. 2nd Class Large Letter - four weight steps
  11. 1st Class Advanced Mail
  12. 2nd Class Advanced Mail
  13. Parcel Service
  14. Special Delivery 1PM
  15. Airmail Services
  16. Previous Style Meter Mark