First Recorded / Only Known Copy or What?


When someone publishes the first book or list on a philatelic subject, they seem to acquire the right/duty to maintain the record of what exists.

Fine, if they accept the task. But, we all know that not everyone reports what they have found. And to what extent should we really expect a follow collector, who has undertaken all the work necessary to publish, to carry on working for us all for effectively for free, and keep updating everyone?

They might mention a subsequent discovery of the same or similar item in a journal, or at a Society meeting, but at what point do we expect them to stop counting, after 5 items, 10, 17, 23, 50 (the Stanley Gibbons "rare" standard)?

And do we really expect them to tell everyone who has made the effort to report discoveries, about every subsequent similar discovery - by post, by phone!!?? And do we thank them enough?

And the Internet doesn't cover everyone.

This frame shows items that were all the first recorded. And tells some of their stories. Other copies of a few of them have turned up. But not many, so far, unless you know better. And some are still the only ones I know of.


Frame 1

  1. ESC986 QE2 3d violet + KG6 1/- BROWN
  2. A New Advertisng Ring!
  3. EO58 Hon. Artillery Company?
  4. EO72 QE2 OHMS DL 25mm
  5. STO Postage Paid Royal Mail 2nd Class 21mm diameter House of Commons
  6. New STO "Wrapper" (gummed label)
  7. RP51H KG6 registered envelope, size letter left, no selling price
  8. New QE2 STO postcard 2½d + ½d Farleigh with arms
  9. CS233A QE2 3d violet Farleigh + 1d olive Machin postcard
  10. CS298 2nd Class Black 25mm Postage Paid postcard unregulated size
  11. TP4d Telegraph Forms Booklet Cover 1874
  12. (TP4d Telegraph Form)
  13. QE2 NVI blue octagonal Postage Paid up to 1.5kg plastic envelope
  14. QE2 NVI blue 20.5x20.5mm Postage Paid up to 1.5kg plastic envelope
  15. QE2 NVI blue 25x25mm Postage Paid up to 1.5kg plastic envelope