Sheffield Postal History



The PDFs here are sections from the display given to the GBPS in the afternoon session on 31st January 2015 at the Royal Philatelic Society (we hope to add more sections to this as time goes on).

Frank's collection includes mail from the 17th century up to 1971. Before the development of steel production in the area, Sheffield was a relatively small and unimportant town postally, so early mail is not plentiful. The story being told reflects the aspects of the whole UK: early straight-line handstamps, mileage marks, high postal rates, postal reform, instructional marks, etc.

The Yorkshire city of Sheffield is second only to London in terms of the overall geographical size in the United Kingdom. Its sub-offices reach into the wilds of north Derbyshire, and there are numerous village cancellations and UDCs. Just about the only aspect of GB postal history not on display is Ship Letter markings!

This display is currently only available as downloadable files