Authors: 'B'

Parker Bailey

14 articles
87 New Members
88 New Members
89 New Members
90 New Members
94 Membership Changes
95 Membership Changes
97 Membership Changes
99 Membership Changes
100 Membership Changes
101 Membership Changes
102 Membership Changes
103 Membership Changes
106 New Members/Comments
111 Treasurer's Report 2006

Derek Ballard

27 articles
51 GB From Down Under
53 GB From Down Under
54 GB From Down Under
55 GB From Down Under: Paquebots
56 GB From Down Under
57 Seamen's Mail
57 GB From Down Under: Airmail
59 GB From Down Under: Registered Labels
60 GB From Down Under: The Franking Privilege
61 GB From Down Under: More to Pay
62 GB From Down Under
63 GB From Down Under
65 GB From Down Under
71 GB From Down Under: Mourning
72 GB From Down Under
73 GB From Down Under
74 GB From Down Under
75 GB From Down Under
76 GB From Down Under
77 GB From Down Under
78 GB From Down Under
79 GB From Down Under: The Old Post Office, Tintagel
80 GB From Down Under: Wood You Believe It?
81 GB From Down Under: Propaganda Stamps from WWII
82 GB From Down Under
83 GB From Down Under: The Mystery "Hill"
86 GB From Down Under

Duncan Barber

6 articles
82 The "Missing" Decimal Booklet Panes from the 2000 Scott GB Listings
83 Wilding Side Phosphor Bands Explained
112 How Many £1 Machins?
112 Identifying Early Machin Definitives from Booklets and Coils
112 Some Make-Up Rate Items
119 Reply-Paid Postcards by Airmail

Maurice Barette

1 article
12 Which Were the First Scrolls?

Ken Barlow

1 article
87 Authenticity Question

Mike Batty

1 article
118 Mailboat Cancellations of Penny Red Stars and Army Field Offices in the Crimea

Graham Bell

2 articles
65 Catalog Price & Rarity
70 Time Machine Profiteering

Robert Bell

3 articles
83 British Expedition to Benin, 1897-1899
119 United Kingdom Folded Typewriter Postcards
146 United Kingdom Folded Typewriter Postcards

Robert Benninghoff

2 articles
146 An Introduction to Coil Stamps Used in Ireland
147 Coil Roll Stamps Used in Ireland 1913 to 1922

Ron Benson

1 article
57 Christmas Stamps

Martin Blackshaw

2 articles
94 How Does a Letter Transform Into a Postcard?
104 Missing Illustrations

John Blakemore

1 article
59 For an 1840 Cover

Robert Blanch

1 article
67 Scottish Postal History

Rosalie Bock

1 article
139 All in the Family - A Non-Traditional Exhibit

Martin Bohnstedt

1 article
92 A Visit to BFPO 559 in Prjstina/Kosovo

Martin Bomford

1 article
131 The Mysterious Case of the Missing Flaw: The 5d Machin neck retouch

Theo Brauers

2 articles
86 Very Scarce On Cover
108 Thoughts on the Question of Why Some British Stamps from the Reign of Queen Victoria Are Scarce on Cover

Bob Brodie

1 article
38 Victorian (& other) Circuits

John Brown

1 article
53 (et al) Wildings Error

Tim Burgess

26 articles
99 In the Spotlight: Tony Walker, Editor of the GBPS Newsletter, Machin Exhibitor, Member of the Royal Mail Stamp Advisory Committee
104 Review: Scarce Victorian Stamps of GB On Cover, by Theo Brauers
105 Incoming President's Message
105 Surfing Great Britain's Philatelic Past Through Digitized Resources
106 President's Message
107 President's Message
108 President's Message
108 In the Spotlight: Karl Louis, Philatelic Expertiser and Sleuth
109 President's Message
110 President's Message
111 President's Message
112 President's Message
113 President's Message
113 The Prince Consort Essay Revisited
114 President's Message
114 The Prince Consort Essay Revisited (Part II)
115 President's Message
116 President's Message
117 President's Message
117 In the Spotlight: David Beech, Head of Philatelic Collections, the British Library
118 President's Message
119 President's Message
120 President's Message
122 President's Message
123 Report on the GBCC at Chicagopex
127 Obituary: Jerone R. Hart