This section is a listing by author's surname of the articles and snippets, on a wide variety of subjects, that appeared in the Chronicles. A note "(et al)" indicates that others are listed as authors too.

Articles are listed in this section in the order of the issue in which they appeared.

Titles of features that appeared on a regular basis are highlighted in a different colour. Many authors had named columns that ran over a short or long run of issues, either focused on particular areas (e.g. "Mostly Machins" by Larry Rosenblum or "Postal History" by Vivien Sussex), or more generally used for discussion of whatever interested them (e.g. "York Talk" by Harry Hayes or "GB From Down Under" by Derek Ballard).

This listing omits many notes and short pieces that have not been indexed with an author's name, mostly on club business. Generally such pieces will have been written either by the editor or by the GBCC officer responsible for that area.

Some authors were credited under different versions of their name over the years (e.g. "Tom Myers" or "Thomas P. Myers"), so have been listed here under a single variation to ensure that all their articles are grouped together.