London Postal History Group Publications

The London Postal History Group was founded in 1971 by Peter Forrestier-Smith, who edited their magazine the London Postal History Group Notebook until ill health forced his retirement in 2009. However, sufficient funds remained in the Group treasury to allow an archive of its publications to be scanned by John Parmenter and Anthony Shine and made available on a USB stick. John has kindly offered to let the GBPS archive the files on the stick on this site.

In addition to the Notebook the collection also includes the range of books and other publications totalling some 2,000 pages produced by or associated with the Group, including works on Late Fee mail, numeral cancellations, Krag machines, an 1850 Postal Directory, and working records from the London EC district over a period of years.

John has also kindly included his detailed listings of Post Office numbers, which have been placed under the relevant section of this site.

To obtain a copy of the USB stick - price £5 post free - please contact John at .

District Post Cancellations 1840- 1857 - Horizontal Ovals
John Parmenter
[36pp, 2.6MB, 1981]
Complete revision of the 1974 publication

London Date Stamp Codes
W.G.Stitt Dibden
[30pp, 2.9MB, 1979]
Reprint of the 1964 Postal History Society publication

Handstamps of the Branch Offices 1829-1857
John Sharp
[18pp, 1.6MB, 1979]

Inland Branch Cancellations from 1856
John Parmenter and Keith Martin Jones
[72pp, 4.6MB, 1981]
(I) Experimental machine cancellations, (II) Vertical oval cancellations

London Postal District Map 1856
[1pp, 995KB, 1984]
Reproduction of contemporary map

The London Postal Service Of To-day
[46pp, 4.9MB, 1984]
Republication of the original of August 1891

The London Postal Service Of To-day (high resolution)
[42pp, 46MB, 1984]
As previous but in high resolution

London Postal Directory 1850
[78pp, 93MB, 1987]
Reproduction of a contemporary postal guide

The Bye Posts and Cross Posts of London
Peter Bathe
[111pp, 86MB, 1992]

London Fancy Geometric Postmarks
Maurice Barette
[132pp, 102MB, 1994]

Daily Records and Orders EC and Foreign Section 1907-1921
[65pp, 43MB, 1995]
Contemporary day-to-day notes of changes to machines, datestamps etc (POST 55/189)

Daily Records EC District 1921-1939
[73pp, 50MB, 1996]
Contemporary day-to-day notes of changes to machines, datestamps etc (POST 55/190)

Krag Machines in the London Suburban Offices
John Hine and Michael Goodman
[53pp, 41MB, 2003]
Includes the 2008 update

Stamps of the General Post Branch Offices 1829-1857
John Sharp, Michael Goodman, Gunther Dette, Tony Thompson
[73pp, 59MB, 2007]
Second edition of 2003 original by John Sharp

Early Experimental and Inland Branch Cancellations
John Parmenter with Antony Shine and John Hine
[76pp, 8.3MB, 2007]
Update of the 1981 work above

Barred Numeral Cancellations of London
John Parmenter
[384pp, 121MB, 1999]

London Late Fee and Too Late Mail 1840 to 1930
John Parmenter
[118pp, 12.4MB, 2002]

Experimental and Early Machine Postmarks of England 1857-1912
Jerry Miller
Power Point presentation of the Jerry Miller collection

Experimental and Early Machine Postmarks of England 1857-1912
Jerry Miller
[159pp, 40MB]
As previous but converted to PDF format

Rules for Receivers at Provincial Towns in England
[28pp, 8.6MB, 1869]
Reproduction of original contemporary booklet