Stanton Booklet Cards

Lt-Col. J.B.M.Stanton, always known as Colonel Stanton, was one of the earliest members of the GBPS and its first Vice-President. He was the doyen of GB booklet collectors. Unfortunately, he died prematurely in the autumn of 1959.

He was a major contributor to the British Philatelist (the in-house journal of Chas. Nissen & Co from 1908) from 1940 until the end of that publication in 1954. In 1957, he was co-author with K. M. Beaumont of Part Four of the encyclopaedic work The Postage Stamps of Great Britain covering the issues of King George V.

Nissen was one of the foremost dealers in the first half of the 20th century. Stanton started working for him in about 1943, and so saw extraordinary quantities of booklets resulting in the creation of the cards recording that which he had seen. It is apparent that this included material from De La Rue, Harrison & Sons, and Sells Ltd (the Post Office contractor dealing with booklet advertisers).

From 1934, he recorded photogravure cylinders and the booklets in which they were seen, further noting the perforators used. This has identified the origin of many of the rare cylinder panes perforated on the vertical reserve perforator carried over from the previous letterpress period. Ultimately, in 1994, his collection was sold; abbreviated information noted on the reverse of many cards can be cross checked against the album pages, where available.

Vol 1 - KEVII, KGV Downey Head and Royal Cypher
Lt-Col. J.B.M.Stanton
[185pp, 23.0MB, 2018]

Vol 2 - KGV Block Cypher
Lt-Col. J.B.M.Stanton
[231pp, 30MB, 2018]

Vol 3 - KGV Block Cypher
Lt-Col. J.B.M.Stanton
[258pp, 32MB, 2018]

Vol 4 - KGV Photogravure
Lt-Col. J.B.M.Stanton
[108pp, 13.7MB, 2018]

Vol 5 - KEVIII
Lt-Col. J.B.M.Stanton
[51pp, 6.4MB, 2018]

Vol 6 - KGVI
Lt-Col. J.B.M.Stanton
[183pp, 24.0MB, 2018]

Vol 7 - KGVI
Lt-Col. J.B.M.Stanton
[168pp, 16.1MB, 2018]