The GBPS was founded in 1955, and 2015 was therefore our "Diamond Jubilee". With this in mind, our Society planned an ambitious series of meetings, competitions and social events.

February - Spring Stampex

During Stampex there were a number of different events. We:

  • largely took over the ABPS exhibits at Stampex for our Annual Competitions
  • booked a meeting room each day that members were able to use for social events and to attend a variety of lectures and displays
  • had a dinner at the Royal Over-Seas League with renowned stamp designer David Gentleman as the guest of honour (menu card)
  • organised a number of excursions for non-philatelists and ad hoc social events

In addition, our sister group the Great Britain Collectors Club of America presented a display at the Royal Philatelic Society.

May - Europhilex

The GBPS had a stand at the Europhilex International held at the Business Design Centre, London N1 2QH from Wednesday 13th to Sunday 16th May 2015.

December - Display to the Royal Philatelic Society

The GBPS gave a display to the Royal Philatelic Society London (RPSL) on Thursday 10th December 2015, consisting of a large number of one- and two-frame displays of material submitted by as many members as we could manage to accommodate. The aim was to create a balanced presentation covering as wide a variety of subjects as possible within the frames available. This proved to be a great success, setting new attendance records for a RPSL meeting for both RPSL members and total numbers attending.