Displays to the RPSL

This is the list of one- and two-frame displays that formed part of the GBPS 60th Anniversary display to the Royal Philatelic Society, London at the RPSL on Thursday 10th December 2015. Frames 112 held 9 sheets, frames 1352 held 12 sheets.

9-Sheet Frame Displays

Name Display Title Fr.
Postage Stamps
Bob Galland FRPSL The First Surface Printed Postage Stamps: No Corner Letters 1/2
Peter McCann Surface Printed Stamps and Covers 1855-1901 3
Martin Lloyd Great Britain 'Penny Stars' Used in Malta With 'M' Cancellations 4
Frank Walton RDP FRPSL Sheffield Perfins On Queen Victoria and Edward VII Stamps 5
Postal History
Peter Chadwick FRPSL Rexmarks: Manuscript Town Marks of Scotland Before 1738 6
Mike Batty Postal History of Bishop's Waltham 7/8
Iain Stevenson FRPSL The Impact of the 1839-40 Postal Reforms in Scotland 9/10
Kenneth Burr UK Mail to the East Coast of the USA 1840-1867 11
Richard Wheatley FRPSL The ½d 'Bantam' Used in Leeds 12

12-Sheet Frame Displays

Name Display Title Fr.
Postage Stamps
Alan Holyoake FRPSL The Dawn of Philately 13/14
David Leathart Stamps Overprinted 'Specimen' or 'Cancelled' 15
Peter Aveyard Die 2 Alphabet 3: 'My Favourite Sheets' 16
Andy Donaldson FRPSL The Official Protective Underprints Service 17
John Roe 1883-84 Lilacs & Greens 18
Phil Waud The 2d Jubilee 1887 19
David Milsted FRPSL GB Official Overprints 1896-1904 20
Ian Harvey FRPSL The Advertiser Voucher Book of Stamps - 1909-1940 21
Allan Jones FRPSL Extracts From a Specialised Collection of the 1912 1½d 22
Peter Tanner Photogravure Issue 1934-1936 23
Tony Walker FRPSL The 5d Machin Definitive of 1967-1971 24
Postal History
Tom Slemons FRPSL Why Collect County Postal History? 25
Tim Lediard The Edinburgh Penny Post 26
Janet Bygate FRPSL Mail Exempt From Scottish Tax 1813-39 27
Don Davies FRPSL Philatelic Origami 28
Phil Kenton FRPSL Mail By Rail 29
James Grimwood-Taylor FRPSL Rowland Hill His Postal Reform Career, 1836-64 30
Chris Jarvis FRPSL The Mulready 31
Ray Simpson FRPSL Combination Covers 32
Howard Hughes FRPSL Late Use of the Maltese Cross 33
Ben Palmer FRPSL FRPSC APR Mail to the Italian States and Italy in the Pre-UPU Period 34
Graham Booth FRPSL Spoon Cancellations of Provincial Ireland 1855-1870s 35
Martin Strack Insufficiently Prepaid Mail to Overseas Destinations Until 1875 36
Michael Lockton FRPSL Compulsory Registration 37
Tony Stanford FRPSL GB QV Postal Stationery Used in British Levant 38
Michael Sefi LVO RDP FRPSL FRPSC The British Transatlantic Post Office 39/40
Mike Jackson FRPSL Great Britain Meter Franking 41
Peter Shaw The Development of Air Mails in the 1930s 42
Maurice Buxton Multiple Uses of King George VI Stamps On Cover 43
Gerald Marriner FRPSL German Occupation of the Channel Islands 44
John Sussex RDP FRPSL Private Recorded Delivery Labels 45
Postal Stationery
John Davies FRPSL The Genesis of the Jubilee Envelope 46
Alan Huggins MBE RDP HonFRPSL The Genesis of the 1892 2½d Embossed Envelope For Foreign Use 47/48
Chris Harman RDP HonFRPSL Duty On Banknotes: the Congreve Duty Marks 1821-1827 49
Private Posts
Jon Aitchison FRPSL Private Parcel Carrier Stamps of the Isle of Man 1910-1974 50
George King The Ends of the Whistl 51
The Post Magazine
Phil Cheetham The Post Magazine Address Panel and its Decorative Borders 52