Competition Entries

This is a list of the entrants to the GBPS competitions, and the titles, number of frames, and classes of their exhibits and the award received. We had a total of 81 exhibits occupying 319 frames – possibly the biggest one-society entry in Stampex history!

Overall "best in show" (the revived Silver Mailcoach trophy) went to Howard Hughes for his entry of The Maltese Cross, with the felicitations of the Jury for material. Runner-up was Graham Booth for his Spoon Cancellations of Great Britain, with the felicitations of the Jury for research and presentation.

members who are logged into the site can see several of the entries (either complete or as extracts) in the Displays section using the links below.

UK Based

Name Title Fr. Class Award
Jon Aitchison Isle of Man Before Postal Independence. Steps on a Route to Postal Identity 1 Open
Large Vermeil
Jon Aitchison Postal History of Herm Island Prior to the Local Stamp Issuing Period 1 Postal History Large Vermeil
Jon Aitchison The Introduction of the Telegraph Service to the Channel Islands 1 Open
Large Vermeil
Jon Aitchison Early Airmail from the Channel Islands 1 Aerophilately Vermeil
Jon Aitchison Guernsey World War II Sales Tax 1 Revenue Large Gold
Anthony Allen Anglo-French Mail 1570-1877 Rates and Routes 5 Postal History Large Silver
Nick Amor Early GB First Days 4 Postal History Large Vermeil
Peter Aveyard Die II Alphabet III 1855-1864 8 Traditional Large Gold
Graham Booth Spoon Cancellations of Great Britain 8 Postal History Large Gold
Kenneth Burr Mail from the United Kingdom to the Italian Peninsular from the Late Eighteenth Century to the General Postal Union 1 Postal History Large Vermeil
Kenneth Burr Postage Rates and Markings - Letters from Great Britain to the East Coast of the USA 1845-1872 1 Postal History Large Vermeil
Maurice Buxton King George VI Stamped to Order Postal Stationery of Great Britain 4 Postal Stationery Gold
Maurice Buxton Foreign Branch Registration Marks with Country or City Names, 1858-71 1 Postal History Large Gold
Phil Cheetham A Penny Black One in Sixty Eight Million 3 Traditional Gold
Phil Cheetham The Post Magazine Address Panel and its Decorative Borders 1 Postal History Vermeil
Peter Chadwick Handstruck Town Marks of Scotland in the Eighteenth Century 5 Postal History Large Vermeil
John Davies A Jubilee Reminiscence: The Conversazione at the Guildhall 5 Open
Large Gold
James Grimwood-Taylor British Postal History and Postal Reforms 1175-1842 8 Non competitive
Chris Harman The Great Revenue Reform – Adhesive Receipt, Draft and General Duty Revenues – 1853-1883 8 Non competitive
Ian Harvey Great Britain – The Advertiser Voucher Book of Stamps 1908–1943 4 Traditional Large Gold
Alan Holyoake The Origins of Express Mail 1 Postal History Large Gold
Alan Huggins Proofs and Essays of the Embossed Stamps used on Postal Stationery from 1841-1970 8 Non competitive
Howard Hughes The Maltese Cross 8 Postal History Large Gold
Howard Hughes 1867 – 1881 1d Purple Fiscal Series 1 Traditional Large Vermeil
Mike Jackson Great Britain – King George V Downey Head Plates, Paper and Perforation 8 Traditional Large Gold
Allan Jones The 1½d Letterpress Definitive of 1924-34 3 Traditional Large Gold
Chris Jones Cancellation of the Imperforate Line Engraved Issues of Great Britain 1840 – 1854 5 Postal History Gold
Phil Kenton The Passage and Acceleration of GB Surface Mail 1768-1937 8 Postal History Vermeil
George King Is this the Biggest Ever G.B. Post Office Stamp? 1 Postal Stationery Silver Bronze
David Leathart Sample Stamps of Queen Victoria 1840-1902 4 Traditional Gold
Tim Lediard 1d Black Mail to and from Edinburgh 1 Postal History Large Silver
Michael Lockton Penny Pinks 5 Postal Stationery Large Vermeil
Gerald Marriner How Postal Communications were affected during the German Occupation of the Channel Islands 5 Postal History Vermeil
David Milsted King Edward VII “First Day to Funeral” 5 Non competitive
Ben Palmer GB Pre UPU Mail to Germany 1 Postal History Vermeil
Ray Simpson Evolution of British Stamp Perforation 1840-1880 8 Traditional Large Gold
Tony Stanford GB Military and Army Telegraphs 1 Non competitive
Tony Stanford Admiralty Official Mail 2 Non competitive
Tony Stanford GB Army Officials 1 Non competitive
Iain Stevenson Great Britain Parcel Post 1883-1908 4 Postal History Vermeil
John Sussex The British Recorded Delivery Service 1961-2010 8 Postal History Gold
Martin Townsend Postal History in Miniature 8 Non competitive
David Turner Ocean and Imperial Penny Postage 1840–1918 8 Special Studies Gold
Tony Walker Battle of Coronel and the Falkland Islands in WWI 1914 5 Open
Large Silver
Tony Walker The £sd Machin 2/6, 5/-, 10/- and £1 values 1 Traditional Vermeil
Phil Waud The Shades of the GB Queen Victoria One Penny Star Die II 1 Traditional Vermeil
Stephen Weir Great Britain – The Arms High Values 1939-1948 3 Traditional Large Silver
Richard Wheatley Penny Post Handstamps in the Leeds Postal Area 3 Postal History Large Silver
Nick Wraith Great Britain Parcel Post 1882–1935 4 Postal History Large Gold

Continental America

Name Title Fr. Class Award
Robert Benninghoff Irish Definitive Coil Stamps 1922-1940 5 Traditional Large Vermeil
Robert Benninghoff The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914-1925 1 Traditional Large Vermeil
Chip Gliedman My Victoria: Imperforate Line Engraved Stamps of Great Britain from the Plate Position 'CG'. 5 Traditional Large Vermeil
Larry Haber The Half-Penny (Decimal) Machin 5 Postal History Large Vermeil
Doug McGill Anglo – French Reciprocity 1842 – 1914 3 Postal History Vermeil
Steve McGill British Postal Mechanisation from Transorma to the Modern Era 8 Traditional Gold
Steve McGill The British Denominated Machin Series 1967-2013 8 Traditional Large Gold
Tom Myers British Airmail Letter Rates to Asia and Africa 1931 to 1946 5 Aerophilately Large Vermeil
Rod Paige Great Britain the Early Cancellations 8 Postal History Large Vermeil
Paul Phillips Evolution of the British Overseas Mail System 1840–1856 8 Postal History Gold
Mary Pugh George V Commemorative Stamp Issues 5 Traditional Large Gold
Dave Russum Great Britain Penny Posts During the Victorian Era 3 Postal History Large Silver
Tom Slemons The Penny Black in Suffolk - its Short Life 1 Postal History Gold
Tom Slemons Great Britain Postal Reform 1837-1840 1 Postal History Large Vermeil
Tom Slemons The Mulready - Forme 1 Locating Stereo A76 1 Postal Stationery Large Vermeil
Joel Weiner The Triangle Cancels of London 1892–1968 8 Postal History Large Vermeil

Continental Europe

Name Title Fr. Class Award
Martien Blank Great Britain – Telegraph Stamps 5 Traditional Gold
Ingo Egerlandt Field Post Offices of the British Expeditionary Force in France and Belgium from 16th September 1939 to 18th June 1940 5 Postal History Silver
Willem Hoitink Great Britain One Penny Stars 1855–1862 4 Traditional Vermeil
Frans op den Kamp GB Queen Elizabeth II Errors 3 Traditional Large Vermeil
Erich Kirschneck British Mail to Mediterranean Coastal Towns from 1837–1875 3 Postal History Vermeil
Karl Louis The 1841/53 One Penny and Two Pence Imperforate Issue on Foreign Destination Mail 3 Non competitive
Karl Louis Royal Household Mail in the 19th Century 1 Non competitive
Alexios Papadopoulos Commercial Zeppelin letter mail to/from South America in 1936 1 Postal History Gold
Jonny Reher The Maltese Cross Postmark – Obliterating Stamp for the first Postage Labels 5 Postal History Large Silver
Gero Schmitz-Le Hanne Postal History - King George VI – The "Arms" High Values their use via various postal routes to overseas destinations during WW2 3 Non competitive
Manfred Schmitz-Reutler The Reign of King George VI 1937–1951 3 Postal History Silver Bronze
Mario Stauch Postmarks of Edinburgh 1792–1840 1 Postal History Silver Bronze
Martin Strack Postal Relations between the United Kingdom and France 1815–1875 4 Postal History Gold
Ton Voorbraak British Mail Overseas 1840 to UPU 5 Postal History Gold
Christa Zakrzynski The Branch Offices of London 1 Non competitive


Name Title Fr. Class Award
Chuichi Ota Telegraph stamps of Great Britain and the British Empire 5 Traditional Large Vermeil