1912-22 Royal Cypher

Dates of issue (Wilkinson) [M] 28(1)11, (Wilkinson) [M] 32(4)66

Find of proofs & essays at auction (Jackson) [M] 24(5)68

Paper, granite, on 1d and other values (Wilkinson) [S] 29(1)15

no watermark (Baker) [M] 48(1)24

Perforation, missing pins (Verney) [N] 24(3)48, (Price) [M] 28(1)6, (Badcock) [N] 28(3)63, (Paul) [N] 28(3)63, (Bainbridge) [N] 28(3)63, (Allan) [N] 28(3)63, (Badcock) [N] 28(5)100, (Price) [N] 29(2)40, (Jones) [S] 29(2)40, (Tanner) [N] 29(4)78, (Jackson) [N] 30(4)79

Plating, scratch in corner of marginal rules on R20/1 (Wilkinson) [N] 37(1)12

Simple Cypher paper, how wide was the web? (Wiseman) [N] 32(3)59

Toned paper, the use of (Peacock) [M] 37(2)39

Watermark letter codes (Jackson) [S] 28(5)114, (Jackson) [S] 29(1)19, (Jackson) [S] 29(3)58, (Strong) [N] 29(4)78


d inserted in 1d plate, 1919 (Dagnall) [N] 21(4)55

Control G 15, new plate marking (Mark) [N] 30(5)94

Cyprus green shade, should it be 'Cypress'? (McBride) [M] 42(6)132, (Leslie Wilkinson) [S] 42(6)137

source of name (Muir) [S] 39(5)81, (Jackson) [S] 42(2)48

New Moon flaw (Clark) [L] 42(2)25

Plate 22, new state (Cranmer) [N] 28(3)63

Plate 69, Control P 20 (Bainbridge) [N] 39(5)99

Plate 72, with Control U 23 (Bainbridge) [N] 29(4)79, (Wilkinson) [C] 29(5)97

Plating notes (Bainbridge) [L] 34(6)101, (Bainbridge) [L] 36(6)106, (Dent) [N] 37(5)99

Roll stamps, SH continuous printing plates (Wilkinson) [L] 41(4)80

Shades, a simple approach to measuring (Kegg) [L] 52(2)36

Variety, Control C 13, R10/10, white mark on R dolphin (Jackson) [N] 26(1)17

Control O 19, R20/3, white patch on L dolphin's tail (Jackson) [N] 26(1)17

Controls U 23 & V 23, R20/1, white dot on moustache (Wilkinson) [N] 26(2)33

N14g in imperf. SPECIMEN pair (Price) [N] 29(4)79

Plate 2b, R20/1, mark to right of value tablet (Wilkinson) [N] 32(5)86

Plate 8, Controls C 13 & D 14, R19/2, spot to right of RH half (Wilkinson) [N] 24(3)39

Plate 10b, R19/1, left frame break (Wilkinson) [N] 26(2)33

Plate 13d, Control F 15, R18/1, coloured mark below P of HALFPENNY (Jackson) [N] 26(1)17

Plate 36a, Control H 16, R18/1, patch of colour near neck (Jackson) [N] 26(1)17

Plate 37(?), R10/2 'Blob on P' (Wilkinson) [N] 31(3)54

Plate 43, R19/1, blob over eye, SG Spec. N14ka (Price & Palmer) [N] 22(2)25, (Fairhurst) [N] 27(2)36, (Wilkinson) [N] 27(2)40

Plate 46a, Controls L 18 & M 19, R20/3, white spot above R dolphin's beak (Wilkinson) [N] 26(2)33

Plate 49b, Control M 19, R20/2, broken E in HALFPENNY (Wilkinson) [N] 22(4)64

Plate 50, Control K 18, R19/1, crescent near right (Price & Palmer) [N] 22(2)25

Plate 54b, Control M 19, R20/3, disturbance to right of REVENUE (Wilkinson) [N] 22(4)64

Plate 65c, Control P 20, R19/1, coloured flaw in oval (Price & Palmer) [N] 22(2)25

Plate 68, Controls Q 20-T 22, R20/2, coloured mark over F (Wilkinson) [N] 26(2)33

Plate 73b, R19/1, left frame break (Wilkinson) [N] 26(2)33

R1/12, break in oval (Bird) [N] 37(2)38

R20/?, white mark above head (Wilkinson) [N] 26(2)33

black eye on coil stamp (Kaiserman) [S] 51(6)138

crack across stamp (Kaiserman) [S] 51(6)138

crack through left (Wilkinson) [N] 27(2)40

gash top right (MacArthur) [N] 35(4)80

white mark on head (Price & Palmer) [N] 22(2)25

white mark over E of HALFPENNY (Wilkinson) [N] 27(2)40


Advertisement trials, 1922 (Wilkinson) [S] 27(2)27

Circular flaw (Brooks) [N] 32(2)31

Currency paper (Mark) [M] 34(1)19, (Peacock) [S] 34(2)38

Plate 96, new control (S 22) (Wilkinson) [N] 22(1)11

Plate markings (Bainbridge) [S] 29(3)58

unrecorded (Bundock) [N] 27(3)59

Rolls, Somerset House printing (Wilkinson) [M] 37(3)51

Shades, a simple approach (Kegg) [L] 49(3)49

Variety, Control J 17, R20/11, light patch to left of crown (Wilkinson) [N] 23(4)49

R20/12, coloured mark on cheek (Jackson) [N] 26(1)18

Control N 19, R20/10, white marks in portrait (Candlish) [N] 25(5)87

Control T 22, R20/12, coloured mark at base of oval frame (Bainbridge) [S] 39(2)35

Control T 33, R20/11, white dot near L 1 (Jackson) [N] 26(1)18

Controls N 19-O 20, R20/10, breaks in lines of face (Wilkinson) [N] 24(3)39

Controls U 22 & W 23, R20/10, break to left of King's nose (Wilkinson) [N] 26(2)33

O in POSTAGE looks like a C (Seddon) [N] 24(5)78

Plate 33, Control G 15, R11/12, dots below POSTAGE, SG Spec. N16q (Wilkinson) [S] 23(6)83

Plate 81, Control N 19, R20/12, white patch over PENNY (Jackson) [N] 36(4)80

Plate 91, Controls S 22, T 22, R19/12, frame break at right (Jackson) [N] 24(3)48

Plate 96, Control T 22, R19/12, right frame broken (Wilkinson) [N] 22(1)11, (Barrell) [N] 29(4)79, (Wilkinson) [C] 29(5)97

R19/12, Control T 22, right frame broken (Wilkinson) [N] 22(4)64

Plate 104, Controls J 17 - M 18, R20/10, spot on eyelid (Wilkinson) [N] 24(3)39

R20/10, small spot on King's cheek (Wilkinson) [N] 32(5)86

breaks in inner RH frame (Wilkinson) [N] 24(3)39

gash in crown (Kaiserman) [S] 51(6)138

reversed Q for O (SG Spec. N17j) (Wilkinson) [N] 22(4)64

white dot behind ear (Fairhurst) [N] 29(1)19

white spot below left '1' (Wilkinson) [N] 32(5)86


d inserted in 1d plate, 1919 (Dagnall) [N] 21(4)55

Booklet stamp, deepened die (Wilkinson) [S] 37(5)93

Control K 18, K slipping (Mark) [N] 31(5)96

Controls, missing (Jones) [S] 31(2)37, (Mark) [N] 31(5)96

KGV 1d (based on a display to the GBPS on 21 November 1992) (Jones) [L] 31(2)35

No watermark (Baker) [M] 48(1)24

Perforation (Jones) [S] 31(2)35

Varieties, frame breaks (Wilkinson) [N] 23(4)49

Variety, Control M19, R19/2, weak SW corner (Wilkinson) [S] 29(1)15

R20/2, flaw in top frame (Wilkinson) [S] 29(1)15

white blob NW corner (Wilkinson) [S] 29(1)15

Controls V 23 & W 23, R20/2, frame break below (THRE)E (Fairhurst) [N] 29(4)79, (Wilkinson) [C] 29(5)97

PENCF flaw (Jones) [S] 31(2)36, (Jones) [L] 39(6)101, (Jones) [C] 40(2)25

Plate 12, Control T 22, R20/2, diamond in NW corner (Wilkinson) [N] 23(4)49

Plate 15b (Jones) [S] 31(2)37

booklet stamp (?), dot after final E (Wilkinson) [N] 22(1)11

booklet stamp, 'THREF' for 'THREE' (Wilkinson) [N] 30(2)35

No. 2, crack between crown & R value (West) [N] 26(2)32

small circle below TH (Wilkinson) [N] 32(5)86

Watermarks (Jones) [S] 31(2)35


Plate 4 marking on Control D 14 (Badcock) [N] 28(3)62

Setting B, with Plate 16 (Wilkinson) [N] 27(2)40

Variety, Plate 9b, Control T 22, R20/2, spot above POSTAGE (Wilkinson) [S] 23(6)83

booklet stamp, No. 2, frame break (Jackson) [N] 26(1)18

frame break below CE of PENCE (Wilkinson) [N] 24(3)39

No. 4, frame break (Jackson) [N] 26(1)18

frame break below W of TWO (Wilkinson) [N] 23(4)49

frame breaks at top (Wilkinson) [N] 24(2)20

lower frame break (booklet stamp R1/1 or R1/2) (Kaiserman) [S] 51(6)138

spur to 'P' of 'TWOPENCE' (Badcock) [N] 30(3)51

Watermark, misplaced (Mark) [N] 24(3)40


Prussian blue shades (McBride) [M] 43(1)5

Roll stamp? (Badcock) [N] 29(4)78, (Wilkinson) [N] 30(1)19

Variety, HALIPENNY flaw (Kaiserman) [S] 51(6)138


Colour essay, control block of 6 (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)44

Perforation, missing pin (Candlish) [N] 31(2)40

Toned paper (Wilkinson) [S] 29(1)15


Circular flaw (Brooks) [N] 32(2)31

Variety, Control D 14, R20/1, white mark on C of PENCE (Jackson) [N] 26(1)18

Plate 2d, R20/2, Control T 22, frame break at left of value tablet (Tanner) [N] 29(4)79

R20/2, Control O 20, inverted Q for O (Tanner) [N] 29(4)79

blurred nose (Wilkinson) [N] 22(4)64

marks on 'FOURPENCE' (Badcock) [N] 30(3)51


No watermark (Baker) [M] 48(1)24

Roll stamp (Wilkinson) [N] 30(1)19

Variety, Control B.13, frame breaks, R20/1,2,3 (Price & Palmer) [N] 22(2)25

Plate 1c, Control K 17, R20/2, light patch over V of REVENUE, SG Spec. N25g (Wilkinson) [N] 23(4)49

weak area near REVENUE (Jackson) [N] 26(1)18

Watermark, inverted (Wilkinson) [S] 29(1)15


Controls & plates (Wilkinson) [S] 23(4)61

Controls and plates (Kinabrew Jun.) [M] 23(1)3

Perforation, missing hole (Verney) [N] 24(3)48

Plating (Wilkinson) [S] 24(5)71

query (Verney) [N] 24(3)48, (Wilkinson) [S] 24(5)71

Variety, Spot in left 6 (Wilkinson) [N] 32(5)86

break over E of REVENUE (Wilkinson) [N] 32(5)86


Use of (Johnson) [L] 46(1)14


Perforation, missing pin (Jackson) [N] 30(4)79

Use in registered duplicate letter scheme (Mark) [M] 45(1)2

Use of (Johnson) [L] 46(1)14

Use on telegraph forms (Wilkinson) [M] 45(1)1

Variety, Control O20, coloured dot (Wilkinson) [S] 29(1)15

R?/12, frame break at top right (Mark) [N] 24(3)40

crack through top right (Mark) [N] 24(3)40

Watermark, inverted, Control O 20 (Verney) [N] 24(3)48