QUEEN VICTORIA - Surface Printed

1850-1890, general account (SWL90) [L] 28(2)28

1880, unaccepted essays (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)36

Abnormal, 3d Plate 3, new find (Louis) [M] 45(1)11

definition of (Chadwick) [S] 29(4)76

Book review, De La Rue Years 1878-1910, Vol. 1. Wiseman (Huggins) [R] 23(1)1

Scarce Victorian Postage Stamps of Great Britain on Cover, Brauers (Davis) [R] 42(2)30

Book review: Great Britain Surface Printed Postage Stamps 1855-1883 Low Values 2d to 2s (Galland & Louis) (Young) [R] 48(2)41

Colour trials, 1881 (Young) [M] 28(3)74

1884 (all values) (Young) [L] 24(5)74

De La Rue (Young) [L] 21(6)74

Corner letters, convention for describing (Wiseman) [N] 29(2)28

Dates of issue (Wiseman) [S] 29(2)29

De La Rue, archives (Wiseman) [S] 32(3)55

artists' drawings (Young) [L] 29(4)61

Die proofs, 'old', 'new' and associated designs (Galland) [L] 34(3)49

December 1866 (Galland) [M] 35(3)43

horizontal or vertical format? (Galland & Rowse) [L] 33(5)88

with pencilled numbers (Galland & Latto) [M] 32(4)70

Display, 25 Apr. 1987, QV by Howard O. Fraser (Kirk) [S] 25(4)62

18 Nov. 1989, Surface Printed by Peter Young (Gilbert) [S] 28(1)2

19 Jan. 1991, Surface Printed Usage by G. J. Wheat (Gilbert) [S] 29(3)56

16 Mar. 1991, Surface Printed Issues by Dr Douglas Latto (Gilbert) [S] 29(3)56

First day cover of first Surface Printed stamp (Wheat) [S] 32(4)64

First day covers (Galland) [M] 50(1)8

High values on Revenue (blued) paper (McCann) [L] 49(5)97

High values, general account (SWL90) [M] 28(2)33

Imprimaturs, postally used? (Vincent) [S] 40(2)24, (Harding) [S] 40(3)48, (Hollins) [S] 40(3)49

used (Phillips) [M] 40(5)90

Pacific Ocean, stamps used in (Young) [S] 26(2)30

Paper, Crown watermark, survey of types (Pusterla) [L] 37(3)53, (Pusterla) [L] 37(4)76, (Pusterla) [L] 37(5)86

Perforation, dividing sheets (Simpson & Sargent) [L] 44(1)12

missing pins (Blank) [N] 28(5)101

Perforator, new (Wiseman) [N] 32(3)58

Plate and current number proofs (Galland) [M] 34(5)89

Printing flaws, dirt on the plate (Young) [M] 41(2)38

Reproductions, official (Young) [M] 26(2)24

Revenue (blued) paper, high values on (McCann) [L] 49(5)97

Stamp Committee Souvenir Album (Samuel) [S] 24(2)32, (Chadwick) [N] 24(4)62

Stamps on cover (Wheat) [M] 27(3)52

numbers recorded (Wheat) [N] 29(1)18

Surface Printed Postage Stamps 1855-1883, corrections and additions, June 2012 (Galland & Louis) [L] 50(4)86

Surface printed on cover, survey (Brauers) [M] 38(6)115, (Wheat) [M] 39(2)33

Survival rates (Maushammer) [S] 29(1)18, (Chadwick) [S] 29(2)39

Trial cancellation, barred oval (Lewis) [M] 43(5)119

Used, with Plate and Current numbers in margin (Galland) [L] 50(3)49

Watermark, Emblems errors (Louis) [M] 33(4)76

changes of (Walker) [N] 29(3)58

Wing margins (Escott) [M] 49(5)117