QV Postage Stamp Registration ('Imprimatur') Sheets

First of two registration sheets for the Penny Black Plate 1
(before hardening)

These pages are a convenience interface to listings of the registration sheets (historically referred to as 'imprimatur' sheets in philatelic parlance) of Queen Victoria issues held by The Postal Museum.

The text and thumbnail images in the tables are taken from the descriptions in the TPM catalogue pages. The "Finding Number" (e.g. "POST 150/282") is the key reference used by The Postal Museum to identify an item in their holdings.

The sheets are here grouped by issues, with the sheets within the issue listed in the order that seemed most useful – generally by value first, then by plate. Clicking the thumbnail images or the Finding Number links will load the full size image. Clicking the "Catalogue page" link will open the original page on the TPM site with full details. All links open in a new window or tab (depending on your browser settings).

Note that not all plates made were registered – in the early days this was typically because they were rejected as faulty before use. Later, the authorities apparently often saw no need to register new plates unless they represented a significant change.

Practically all the registration sheets here have had stamps officially removed at one time or another, often from twenty or more positions. (Most of these have subsequently come onto the philatelic market.)