Canadian Magazine Post Rates 1907-1963

1925 - a magazine for boys with printed note bottom right

From 1907-63 there was a special service for periodicals sent to Canada by direct Canadian Packet (mostly in bulk?), introduced at the urging of the Canadian press and postal authorities to counter "Americanization". It applied to registered newspapers and other periodicals specifically registered for the service.

It was cheaper for higher weights, but the minimum rate was 1d, so minimum rate 2oz packets were cheaper as normal printed papers before 1949.

(Examples of actual wrappers have proven hard to find! The illustration here is of a magazine with a printed note bottom right to say it was registered for transmission by the Canadian Magazine Post service.)

Date Rate Notes
(1 May)
1d - 1lb
2d - 2lb
3d - 3lb
4d - 4lb
5d - 5lb
From 1st December 1909, also applied to Newfoundland by direct Newfoundland Packet or via Canada on a Canadian Packet
(1 Jan)
1d - 6oz
1½d - 1½lb
2d - 2lb
2½d - 2½lb
3d - 3lb
3½d - 3½lb
4d - 4lb
4½d - 4½lb
5d - 5lb
Before 1 May 1949, items up to 2oz could be sent more cheaply as ordinary printed papers.

Last day of service 30th June 1963