International Recorded/Registered Rates 1993-2002


The overseas registration service in practice was very similar to the inland recorded delivery service, with little actual tracking and no more than the basic compensation available. For extra security and compensation the insured service was needed. This consideration appears to have been behind the 1993 rebranding of registration as "International Recorded" and insured mail as "International Registered".

Unfortunately however, the UPU terms for these services still had to be used on the actual packets. This meant that "International Recorded" mail bore a label inscribed "Registered", and "International Registered" mail bore a label inscribed "Insured / Valeur Déclarée" ... which seems more confusing than was strictly necessary. So when checking the rate of a cover from this period, it is important to make sure you are looking at the right service!

(From 1996 separate discount rates were quoted for each service used in combination with Swiftair, which are listed in the airmail rates section.)

The last day for the services in this form was 30th October 2002, after which they were replaced with International Signed For.

Date Int. Rec. Int. Reg. Date Int. Rec. Int. Reg. Date Int. Rec. Int. Reg.
(28 Jun)
£2.50 £3.00 - £500 
£4.00 - £1000
(29 Jan)
£2.50 £3.00 - £500 
£4.00 - £2200
(26 Apr)
£2.60 £3.15 - £500 
£4.20 - £2200