Postcard Rates 1891-1981

1971 - first decimal surface rate, to USA, paid using current Anniversaries commemorative

Foreign postcard rates were made a uniform 1d on 1st October 1891. From 1948 these surface rates also applied on an "all-up" basis to postcards to Europe.

From 1935-75 there was an "Empire rate" for postcards along the same lines as the Empire letter rate concession, applying to the same places. This was generally lower than the standard rate, although there were periods when it was the same.

With the growth in use of airmail a standard postcard rate for surface mail became increasingly irrelevant – tourists might arrive home before their cards did! – and it was finally scrapped in 1981. From that point letter rates applied to postcards sent by surface mail or all-up to Europe.

Date For. Emp. Date For. Emp. Date For. Emp. Date For. Emp.
(1 Oct)
1d 1921
(13 Jun)
1½d 1935
(15 Jun)
1½d 1d 1940
(1 May)
2d 2d
(1 Oct)
2½d 2d 1957
(1 Oct)
4d 2½d 1965
(17 May)
4d 3d 1966
(3 Oct)
5d 3d
(16 Sep)
5d 5d 1971
(15 Feb)
2p 2p 1971
(1 Jul)
3p 3p 1973
(10 Sep)
4p 3½p
(24 Jun)
4p 4p 1975
(17 Mar)
6p 1975
(29 Sep)
7p 1977
(13 Jun)
(20 Aug)
9p 1980
(4 Feb)
10½p 1981
(25 Jan)
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