Authors: 'A'


1 article
297 (et al) National Exhibitions and Competitions

Ray Abela

1 article
289 La Philatelie Sans Experts?

David Ackroyd

1 article
269 (et al) Divisions in the GBPS

Ted Adnams

8 articles
287 GB Festival High Values
291 Jubilee Varieties
297 A Friend at Last?
300 QV Jubilee Study Group: Update
302 QV Jubilee Discussion Group
304 QV Jubilee Group
306 QV Jubilee Group: References Sought
307 GBJ Numbering

Jon Aitchison

2 articles
383 The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists
397 A Modern Isle of Man Usage

Jean Alexander

7 articles
263 Postage Due Plates
264 CEPT Issue
267 Loose Ends
290 That Fruit & Veg Issue
321 1964 Shakespeare Festival
344 Private Vending Booklets
398 Booklets for the Blind

Frank Allan

8 articles
265 (et al) Foxed Again
267 (et al) Oxidation: Cause and Cure
268 For the Poetically Minded ...
276 Letter from America
287 Shades of Chemistry or Chemistry of Shades?
290 The Zen of Stamp Shades
292 (et al) Plating etc
299 (et al) Perfin on QV 1s Green Specimen, SG 72

John Allison

1 article
308 Brunswick Stars and Posted Since Last Night Cancels

Peter Allsop

1 article
281 (et al) Duke of Windsor Label

Nick Amor

2 articles
327 Oswald Marsh First Day Covers
331 (et al) Earliest Known Use

Art Loss Register

1 article
346 Press Releases: Database of Stolen and Missing Stamps

Alan Ashton

1 article
293 Stamp Certification

Association of British Philatelic Societies

1 article
394 Press Releases: Calling All Stamp Event Organisers

Peter Aveyard

8 articles
288 'C' [in diamond] Cancel on 1d Red Stars
291 Pages from a Collection
304 Another One That Got Away
313 Handwritten Entries
315 (et al) Whitestone UDC
321 Hand in Pocket
374 I Wanna Tell You A Story (with apologies to Max Bygraves OBE)
399 I Wanna Tell You A Story (continued with further apologies to Max Bygraves OBE)