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Packs & Cards

2 articles
346 Press Releases: New British Presentation Packs Catalogue
362 Press Releases: The Great War Stamp Pack Error

Rod Paige

1 article
349 Camp Borden Cancels

Hugh Palmer

9 articles
266 Shades of Opinion
286 (et al) Late Use of Maltese Cross
288 1854/55 Line‑Engraved C1s and the Methuen Handbook of Colour
295 19th Century Fakes and Forgeries
297 (et al) This and That
301 SG QV Specialised: Changes to C9 & C10
314 Plating of Alphabet III
333 (et al) Penny Red Shades
374 Postal History

Tony Palmer

1 article
277 Wiggins‑Davies – 'K E'

Steve Panting

1 article
357 Telegraph Stamps Website Update

Alexios Papadopoulos

1 article
362 4d Late Fee Cover

Dave Park

1 article
353 (et al) Plating for Dummies

Michael Parker

2 articles
319 Presentation Packs Query
343 Amateur Auction

Larry Parks

1 article
303 (et al) The Christmas Card Tale Continues

Richard Parks

1 article
270 Cover Corner

Tony Parrish

3 articles
281 (et al) The 1d Black Plate 11 On Cover
309 Private Post Paid Mark
310 Private Post Paid Mark

Andrew Patmore

1 article
334 The Dreyfus Affair

Eric Paul

1 article
380 Line‑Engraved Wants

Richard Payne

1 article
265 Silhouette

Nick Peacock

2 articles
303 (et al) King George VI Study Group Airmails?
306 GVI Study Group

John Pearce

12 articles
270 (et al) Paper and Coatings – Coatings and Gum for the Modern Specialist
271 (et al) Members and the Newsletter
296 (et al) QV Jubilee 4½d
296 Regional Meeting: Bury St Edmunds
297 Update on Bury St Edmunds Meeting
297 (et al) QV Jubilee Study Group
300 (et al) The Old Swan, Liverpool
301 The Old Swan
309 Edward VII Plate Wear
310 Registered Labels Not Yet Supplied
318 Manuscript 'Cancel'
319 (et al) FGBPS

Adrian Pearson

1 article
395 1853‑1856 Crimean War Postal History

Eddie Pellegrom

1 article
269 Stamps for Charity

Jay Perkins

1 article
287 1d Red Exchanges

Nigel Perrins

1 article
386 Royal Mail Parcels Direct Bag Service

Peter Chadwick

1 article
374 Press Releases: GB Collectors Group North‑East

Robert Petts

5 articles
286 QV ½d Orange
294 (et al) Machin 4d Brown Booklet Panes
320 (et al) Presentation Packs
323 Flat Topped '3's
370 Royal Mail Online Postage

Ron Phelps

6 articles
280 The £1 Green‑Eyed Monster
289 Scottish Experimental Packs
294 A Modern Competition Entry
305 Reply to our President
320 (et al) Presentation Packs
331 Missing Deep Purple

Philatelic Congress of Great Britain

1 article
359 Press Releases: New RDPs to Sign the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in Cambridge

Bob Phillifent

8 articles
288 To Pay Labels: In Bulk
293 Found in W.C. In Bad Order
295 (et al) Found in W.C. In Bad Order: A Cautionary Note
300 (et al) The Old Swan, Liverpool
318 (et al) King George VI Pictorials
342 GBPS Commemorative Cover
343 Vague Address
355 A Late Example of a BPA Import/Export Control Cover

John Phillips

1 article
286 Overprints and Underprints

Trevor Pickering

4 articles
267 Disenchanted Competitor
273 Cover Corner 1 [Bishop marks]
285 (et al) Late Use of Maltese Cross etc
303 A Missed Opportunity

Jeremy Piercy

1 article
383 Mislaid Mail

Ian Pinwill

2 articles
327 Calling All Post Office Telegraphs Collectors
375 Surface Printed Imprimaturs

David Poynton

2 articles
315 Fugitive Ink Formula
336 Shropshire Calling

Ronald Prescott

1 article
283 (et al) Letters from America

John Proctor

2 articles
341 New Flaw?
345 Advertisement Pane Error

Terry Pusterla

2 articles
279 Squared Circle Cancels
355 Wavy Line Underprint

Brian Pyle

1 article
391 Wanted: 1d Red Plate 11 and 2d Blue Plates 3 and 4

The Postal Museum

13 articles
359 Press Releases: Post & Go Mail Coach to Stay at the Postal Museum
361 Press Releases: 80th Anniversary of King Edward VIII Stamps
362 Press Releases: Closure of the Search Room, Freeling House
364 Press Releases: Post & Go Mail By Rail To Go On Sale At The Postal Museum
366 Press Releases: Machin 50th Anniversary Commemorated Trough Post & Go Set
366 Press Releases: Update on the Archive at The Postal Museum
370 Press Releases: Mail by Sea Available at the Postal Museum
371 Press Releases: 'Voices from the Deep' Post & Go overprint at the Postal Museum
374 Press Releases: Mail by Bike and 50th Anniversary 'F' Type Letter Box Stamps
374 Press Releases: GB Victorian Registration Sheets Now Available to Examine Online
376 Press Releases: Post & Go Overprints
378 Press Releases: The Postal Museum's Archive Achieves National Accreditation
400 Press Releases: The King's Stamp at The Postal Museum

Harry Hayes [Salvation Army presentation pack]

1 article
286 Help Needed (3)