GBPS Programme 2016-2017

Saturday 17th September 2016
Autumn Stampex Meeting
Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington N1 0QH (map)
2:15pmSuffolk Postal History (details)
Tom Slemons FRPSL
Tom says: The display covers the postmarks of Suffolk, rate markings, mail routes, and persons and places related to the postal history of the county. Comments will be made about research, modern technology, postal reform, and the British County Catalogue. As Howard Hughes mentioned in the Newsletter, "Tom has the definitive collection of this subject".
Saturday 29th October 2016
Royal Philatelic Society, 41 Devonshire Place, London W1G 6JY (map)
11amGB Stamps and Postal History from the Late 17th Century to 1900 (details) (handout)
Ken Burr
Ken says: As the title suggests, the display covers the period from the 1660s to 1900 and gives an overview of GB postal history and stamps and their uses for the period. The early pre-stamp period includes Bishop Marks for London and Edinburgh, government Dockwra marks used in London and the introduction of Peter Williamson’s penny post in Edinburgh. There are also examples of mail to and from the Scottish Islands with their relatively high postage rates.

The introduction of ‘Fifth Clause Posts’ is covered with examples from a number of towns. The four pence uniform rate introduced in December 1839 is illustrated with covers bearing handstruck and manuscript fours, and covers posted at cheaper rates during this period. The section on the uniform penny post includes pre-stamp covers and covers bearing penny blacks as well as Mulready sheets and envelopes. There are also examples of late fees as applied to internal and foreign mail.

There are also sections covering time markings and related information on covers posted within Edinburgh, mail to overseas destinations plus college stamps and circular delivery company labels (to illustrate the theme of early competitors to the post office).
2:15pmStanding in the SPECIMEN Footsteps of Marcus Samuel (details)
David Leathart
David says: The display opens with a brief look at some Central Norfolk Postal history to set the scene, followed by some ‘pre-production QV items’ such as essays, die proofs and similar. The display then moves onto mainstream QV stamps all overprinted SPECIMEN from 1841 onwards. After this follow further SPECIMEN items mostly overprinted for Official purposes, e.g. Government Parcels, Colour trials and Unissued.

There are a full range of Telegraph stamps and then the fascinating Revenue stamps which show how adept the Inland Revenue was in those days at extracting yet more money from us, (no change nowadays!). The display closes with a range of Postal Stationery all overprinted SPECIMEN.
Saturday 26th November 2016
Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions, 399-401 Strand, London WC2R 0LT (map)
11amBritish Printed Papers by Post 1836-1876 (details) (handout)
Gavin Fryer RDP FRPSL
Gavin says: This is a display of postal history that illustrates the wide range of material passing by post, other than letters, parcels and postcards. Newspapers and books are obvious classes of mail. Others include Prices Current, Parliamentary papers, legal forms used in the commercial world, ecclesiastical papers, how elections could affect the post, the Pattern Post, how failing business could lead to imprisonment, treatment of prisoners, charities, and the widest range of printed papers that does not split easily into recognisable classes.

The pages and narrative tell how the services for these classes of mail developed from earliest times, even from 1635, and why the Treasury found itself in difficulty by 1836 that led to a thorough reform of the Post Office. Study of the relevant statutes shows how the British Post Office sought to regulate these services by issue of Instructions to the postmasters and Notices to the public. Needless to say, pitfalls arose and we shall see what was done to solve some issues raised. Items could have been affected by, for example, the use of wrappers for enclosures, express trains, postmasters’ infractions of the rules, and the weather.
2:15pmLeeds Postal History (details)
Richard Wheatley FRPSL
Richard says: The display spans two centuries, from 1706, the date of the earliest Leeds postmark, up to about 1900. It has been written up in sections and this has caused frustrations, for most sections seem to overlap, and decisions had to be made as to where a certain cover fits best. Within the display, there are some lovely stories.
Wednesday 7th December 2016
Stanley Gibbons Evening Reception
Stanley Gibbons, 399 Strand, London WC2R 0LX (map)
6pmEvening Reception and Standing Displays by GBPS members
Saturday 28th January 2017
Royal Philatelic Society, 41 Devonshire Place, London W1G 6JY (map)
11amThings I Like (details)
Ray Barton
Ray says, "There have been many excellent displays given to the Society over the years but I believe this one will be a little different. Most have been about a certain subject or theme whereas this has no such plan. It is my hope that this display will have something of interest for everybody. I also hope that the members may be able to help with a few questions about some items I have acquired.

There are too many different categories to list but it will include some items of my specialist interests, these being the sideways duplexes, spoons, squared circles, Scottish Locals and Scottish experimental cancels. I was honoured to have been able to give a display to the Society in 2008, which included these subjects, but I have made sure that none of those items are shown in this display. No 1d Red stamps (the only postage stamp I collect) are included, though there are many seen on cover. The reason is simple: it has been done before by experts. Other subjects such as revenue and Cinderella stamps and railways, are covered.

There are of course very many different stamps which could be shown but I am only showing items on cover, or documents, or cards depending on the subject. I am greatly looking forward to the display and hope all members find something that interests them."
2:15pmSociety Competitions: Lee, Willcocks, Jones, Macpherson and Overseas awards (details)
Followed by display of Competition entries and judges' critique (entry details)
Saturday 18th February 2017
Spring Stampex Meeting
Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington N1 0QH (map)
2:15pmGB Perfins (details) (handout)
Richard Husband FRPSL
Richard says, "The reasons behind the introduction of perfins in Great Britain in 1868 are followed by a display showing the postal use of perfins from 1869 to the 21st century. Examples of perfins produced by commercial perforating firms along with those produced by the end user employing their own small hand-held perforating machines or presses are shown. A small perforating machine of this kind is in the display. Perfins from J. Sloper & Co. and their competitors form part of the display. The range of items covers not just the perforation of initials applied to adhesive stamps on cover but also the perforation of initials on postal stationery envelopes, postcards, newspaper wrappers and air letter forms."
Saturday 11th March 2017
GB Specialised Catalogue Day
Royal Philatelic Society, 41 Devonshire Place, London W1G 6JY (map)
11amMorning Session
Hugh Jefferies MBE FRPSL
2:15pmAfternoon Session
Hugh Jefferies MBE FRPSL
Saturday 22nd April 2017
Royal Philatelic Society, 41 Devonshire Place, London W1G 6JY (map)
11amThe President's Display - The Maltese Cross: its use and abuse,
replacement and late use
Howard Hughes FRPSL
2:15pmGB Used in Malta
Martin Lloyd
Saturday 13th May 2017
WORPEX Meeting
Tudor Grange Academy Worcester, Bilford Road, Worcester WR3 8HN (map)
1:30pmJoint Meeting with the Midland (GB) Postal History Society (details)
Richard Farman has suggested that we join the existing Midland (GB) Postal History Society meeting and hold a joint event. This makes a lot of sense with many members holding joint membership. Accordingly, members are invited to bring one frame of 9 or 12 pages (three rows of three, but four A4 pages will fit) and to give a brief introduction to the subject.
Saturday 20th May 2017
Royal Philatelic Society, 41 Devonshire Place, London W1G 6JY (map)
11amGB Used in GB, Pre-1840 to 1940 (handout)
James Grimwood-Taylor FRPSL
2:15pmThe British Post Office and the Environment
Jeremy Piercy
Saturday 10th June 2017
AGM Meeting
Royal Philatelic Society, 41 Devonshire Place, London W1G 6JY (map)
11amThe President's Guest: Early 20th Century Postal History
Michael Lockton FRPSL
2:15pmAGM (followed by Members' displays)
Friday 21st July 2017 to Sunday 23rd July 2017
GBPS York Weekend 2017
York Marriott Hotel, Tadcaster Road, Dringhouses York YO24 1QQ (map)
Details to be announced