Miscellaneous Source Documents

This section consists of the actual texts of various documents relating to postal matters that do not yet have their own section. The order is purely chronological.

It currently includes transcripts of some early documents such as Royal Proclamations and a range of other material (sometimes produced by branches of the Post Office, sometimes by other official departments or bodies).

Proclamation of Philip and Mary establishing post between London and Dover
[1pp, 159KB, 1558]
Also setting rules and payments for supply of horses running post

Proclamation of Elizabeth I prohibiting unauthorised postal service
[1pp, 96KB, 1591]
Only masters of the posts of England and foreign countries allowed to carry overseas letters

Proclamation of Charles I concerning the Postmaster of England for Forraigne Parts
[1pp, 138KB, 1632]
Appointment of Frizell and Witherings to replace de Quester

Proclamation of Charles I for the settling of the Letter-office of England and Scotland
[2pp, 165KB, 1635]
The beginning of the Royal Mail as an inland service open to the public

Proclamation of Charles I concerning the Carrying and Re-carrying of Letters
[2pp, 154KB, 1638]
Prohibitions on foreign letters other than by the Post Office and extension of the rates set in 1635

Broadsheet announcing the reopening of the public post
[1pp, 167KB, 1653]
Listing of rates and receivers

Ordinance of the Lord Protector touching the Office of Postage of Letters, Inland and Foreign
[4pp, 146KB, 1654]
Confirmation of John Manley in charge of the Posts and setting of rates

The Practical Method of the Penny-Post
[5pp, 191KB, 1681]
William Dockwra's pamphlet defending the Penny Post and describing its operation, including postmarks

Advice from the Undertakers of the Penny Post
[2pp, 1.6MB, 1681]
Newspaper notice announcing/illustrating Dockwra postmarks (courtesy Cavendish)

Evening Delivery of Letters in the Suburbs of London
[5pp, 199KB, 1859]
Pamphlet outlining a benefit of new postal districts

Mail Contracts with Irish Railways
[147pp, 2.9MB, 1862-5]
Printed by the Government Printer, Dublin

List of Post Offices in the United Kingdom
US Post Office Dept.
[215pp, 17.1MB, 1872]
Reference produced for use of US postmasters

The Post Office and Aids to Thrift
[20pp, 2.4MB, 1881]
Small advice booklet – Savings Bank, registered envelopes etc

Evidence to Inter-Departmental Committee on Post Office Establishments
[702pp, 129MB, 1896]
As given by the Postmen's Federation

Dictionnaire des bureaux de poste
[1628pp, 183MB, 1909]
Official UPU list of Post Offices worldwide

The Post Office - An Historical Summary
[147pp, 19.6MB, 1911]
Published by authority of the Postmaster-General

Index to the Post Office Circular 1861-1912
[52pp, 37MB, 1912]
Photos of volume in the Postal Museum, used with permission

Manual of Army Postal Services: War
[26pp, 6.6MB, 1937]
Published by HMSO

Report on the Progress of Civil Aviation 1939‑1945
[264pp, 1.0MB]
WW2 airmail routes:
transcribed by John Wilson

HM Forces Postage Rates Listing
[6pp, 1.8MB, 1968]
Listing of rates supplied by the Ministry of Defence (courtesy George King)

BFPO Counter Compendium (BAOR Edition)
[37pp, 621KB, c.1971]
Transcript of POST 47-945

Plans for the Postal Museum
[20pp, 37.3MB, 2015]
A GBPS Diamond Jubilee Festival Presentation