QEII Cylinder and Plate Data from The Postal Museum

This section consists of transcriptions of the data from the archive files in The Postal Museum in sections POST 52/735 to POST 52/744, which contain details of all cylinders and plates, even those withdrawn due to being unsuitable.

The details include in most cases the date placed into stock, the date scrapped, total number of impressions and the negative and positives used. Master dies and transfer roller details are listed for recess-printed stamps (including the first decimals).

Transcribed by Peter Shaw.

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Wilding Low Values
Peter Shaw
[43pp, 1.3Mb, 2017]

Wilding Castles
Peter Shaw
[15pp, 440Kb, 2017]

£sd Machin Low Values
Peter Shaw
[33pp, 1.1Mb, 2017]

Machin Recess High Values
Peter Shaw
[16pp, 591Kb, 2017]

£sd Regionals
Peter Shaw
[16pp, 667Kb, 2017]

£sd Commemoratives
Peter Shaw
[95pp, 3.2Mb, 2017]