Post Office Staff Handbooks

Official handbooks for Post Office employees, explaining the rules and methods for carrying out their jobs.

Rules for Head Postmasters in England and Wales
[116pp, 50MB, 1860]
Provided by Simon Burke

Listing of Post Office numbers, P.1013E
[20pp, 4.9MB, 1962]
Late revision of list of '1844' numbers used in postmarks

Security and You - Follow this Book and Beat the Crook
[12pp, 6.7MB, 1962]
Security advice for staff

Postman Higher Grade Training Materials
[130pp, 18.7MB, 1965]
Post Office training school course

GPO Staff Handbook for Manipulative Grades
[86pp, 18.0MB, 1967-8]
Career rules for postmen!

Postal Decimalisation Instructions
[88pp, 10.5MB, 1970]
Adaptations needed for the change to decimal currency