Alf Kirk Rosebowl for Best Display 2001-date

This is awarded for the best display given to the Society in the 12 months prior to the pre-AGM Council meeting.

Both physical and virtual (Zoom) displays are eligible, as long as they are presented at a Society meeting.

The award is decided at the Council meeting immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting.

The award is NOT restricted to GBPS members.


Year Winner Subject
2001 Gilbert Wheat Victorian Surface Printed Covers
2002 Bob Galland Queen Victoria Surface Printed - Study and Research
2003 Graham Mark Censorship of Civilian Mail During World War I
2004 Pam West English Banknotes
2005 Andy Donaldson & Louise Ayling Protective Underprints and Overprints
2006 Max Melrose Parcel Post Labels and High Values
2007 John Dahl Mounting, Displaying and Exhibiting
2008 Ray Barton Sideways, Spoons and Scots Locals
2009 Alan Huggins Embossed Adhesive Stamps and Postal Stationery
2010 John Forbes-Nixon Postal History leads to Stories
2011 Peter Wood Postal History of Ireland 1839‑1921: Postal Reform to Independence
2012 Mark Samwell Coloured Cancellations of the 1850s
2013 Steve McGill Britain's Marvellous Machins
2014 Edward Klempka GB Essays, Trials, Proofs and Specimens 1840‑1990
2015 Tony Walker British Naval Mail in World War One
2016 Jean Alexander Supermarket Philately
2017 Hugh Jefferies GB Specialised Catalogue Day
2018 James Grimwood‑Taylor GB Used in GB Pre 1840 to 1940
2019 Phil Waud & Dave Willmer The Story of the QV Jubilees
2020 Ian Pinwill The Post Office Telegraph Stamps of Great Britain 1875‑1881
2021 GB & CWPS (SUI) and FgGB (GER) Zoom display, multiple contributors
2022 David Poynton Stamps Issued in Rolls - KGV to QEII
2023 Norman Watson Suffragettes and the Post