GB Journal Cup for Best Article 1995-date

This is awarded for the best article (or linked series of articles) in the previous year's volume of The GB Journal.

The award is decided at the Council meeting immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting.

The cup was kindly presented to the Society by Alan Gilbert in 1994 and was awarded for the first time in 1995.


Year Winner Subject (where recorded)
1995 Don Madden One Penny Die II Alphabet III: the Rare Plate 53
1996 Bob Galland QV Surface Printed 1855-83: Matched Die and Striking Book Proofs
1997 Ray Barton The Sideways Duplex Cancellation
1998 Not in Newsletter
1999 W. de L. M. Messenger Line-Engraved Plates
2000 Terry Pusterla A Survey of the 480-Crown Mill Street Paper Types, 1880‑1913
2001 James Grimwood‑Taylor Hot Cross Buns
2002 Robert Maushammer The Bradbury, Wilkinson 2s 6d Seahorses
2003 Austin Davis Transitional Condition of the One Penny Die 2
2004 Malcolm Ray-Smith Early British Letters
2005 Trevor Harris The King Edward VII Column
2006 Jerry Miller From Hill to Bickerdike: The Experimental and Early Machine Postmarks of England 1857‑1901
2007 Tim Burgess The Prince Consort Essay Revisited
2008 Gavin Fryer The Production and Use of the KGVI Dulac Adhesives
2009 Ray Simpson Combination Covers
2010 Harry Dagnall Paper: the Essence of Postal History & Philately
2011 Tony Walker Cambridge University Colour Trials of 1969
2012 David Slattery The Blueing of the Penny Red: A New Approach to an Old Problem
2013 Mike Jackson Downey Head 1d Die 1a Perf 14
2014 Tony Walker The 6d Pre-Decimal Machin Definitive
2015 David Slattery The QV Penny Red - Renewal of the Perkins Bacon Contract 1856
2016 Peter Shaw Decimal Castle High Values 1988– 1999: The Missing Queens Head
2017 Ian Harvey George V Perforations on Photogravure Definitive Counter Sheets
2018 Mike Jackson & in memory of Anthony Wicks A Record of the Alnwick Stamp Office Archive during Early May 1840
2019 Peter Young Die Proofs of De La Rue (2)
2020 Matthew Healey Chasing the 2d Tyrian Plum
2021 Andrew Patmore One Penny Reserve Die 1
2022 Scott Kibby De La Rue Machins: Transitional Printings 2002-2007
2023 Mike Jackson Downey Head Plate Markings and Flaws on Stamps Issued in Sheets