National System Binaries – pages 01 to 08

Code Date Keying(s) Place(s) Type
01/01 Original ABsc, ABEEN Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) AB1, ABEEN Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
01/02 Original MK43, MK44 Bedford Rural, Buckinghamshire Shared postcode
1996 (Apr) MK43 Bedford Rural, Buckinghamshire Postcode
NS2013 MK43 Bedford Rural, Buckinghamshire Postcode
01/03 Original OX13 Abingdon, Oxfordshire Postcode
1996 (Apr)
01/04 Original OX14 Abingdon, Oxfordshire Postcode
01/05 Original ABEON, SA46 Aberaeron, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA46 Aberaeron, Dyfed Postcode
01/06 Original ABERE Aberdare, Mid Glamorgan Extract code
1996 (Apr) MK44 Bedford Rural, Buckinghamshire Postcode
01/07 Original ABEUR Aberlour, Banffshire
[to 1972] Aberdour, Fife
Ambiguous extract
1972 ABEUR Aberlour, Banffshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) ABEUR, AB38 Aberlour, Banffshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB38 Aberlour, Banffshire Postcode
Aberdeen area recoded 1990
01/08 Original ABEEY, LL35 Aberdovey, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL35 Aberdovey, Gwynedd Postcode
01/09 Original ABEDY, PH15 Aberfeldy, Perthshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH15 Aberfeldy, Perthshire Postcode
01/10 Original ABENY Abergavenny, Gwent Extract code
1996 (Apr) OX17 Banbury, Oxfordshire Postcode
01/11 Original ABELE Abergele, Clwyd Extract code
1996 (Apr) SP2 Salisbury, Wiltshire Postcode
01/12 Original ABERY Abertillery, Gwent Extract code
NS2013 Spare
01/13 Original ABETH Aberystwyth, Dyfed Extract code
NS2013 Spare
01/14 Original ABION Abingdon, Oxfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) ABION, OX13 Abingdon, Oxfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
01/15 Original ABONE Aboyne, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) ABONE, AB34 Aboyne, Aberdeenshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB34 Aboyne, Aberdeenshire Postcode
Aberdeen area recoded 1990
01/16 Original ACHLE, PH36 Acharacle, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH36 Acharacle, Argyllshire Postcode
01/17 Original ACHEN, IV22 Achnasheen, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV22 Achnasheen, Ross-shire Postcode
01/18 Original ACHCH Achnashellach, Ross-shire Extract code
1976 N1sc London N1 District code
1978 ABBLE Abbeyfeale Co.Limerick (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 BL11 Bolton, Lancashire Postcode
01/19 Original AIRIE Airdrie, Lanarkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) SP3 Salisbury, Wiltshire Postcode
01/20 Original ALCER Alcester, Warwickshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) ALCER, B49 Alcester, Warwickshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
01/21 Original ALDGH Aldeburgh, Suffolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) SP5 Salisbury, Wiltshire Postcode
01/22 Original ALDGE Alderley Edge, Cheshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
01/23 Original ALDOT Aldershot, Hampshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) ALDOT, GU11 Aldershot, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
01/24 Original ALEIA Alexandria, Dunbartonshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
01/25 Original ALFRD Alford, Aberdeenshire
Alford, Lincolnshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
01/26 Original ALLOA Alloa, Clackmannanshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
01/27 Original ALNES, IV17 Alness, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV17 Alness, Ross-shire Postcode
01/28 Original ALNCK, NE66 Alnwick, Northumberland Extract / postcode
NS2013 NE66 Alnwick, Northumberland Postcode
01/29 Original ALRRD, SO24 Alresford, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 SO24 Alresford, Hampshire Postcode
01/30 Original ALSON Alston, Cumbria Extract code
1996 (Apr) PL26 St.Austell, Cornwall Postcode
01/31 Original ALTON, GU34 Alton, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU34 Alton, Hampshire Postcode
01/32 Original ALTAM Altrincham, Cheshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) ALTAM, WA14 Altrincham, Cheshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
01/33 Original ALVVA Alva, Clackmannanshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) PL31 Bodmin, Cornwall Postcode
01/34 Original ALYTH, PH11 Alyth, Perthshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH11 Alyth, Perthshire Postcode
01/35 Original AMBDE, LA22 Ambleside, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 LA22 Ambleside, Cumbria Postcode
01/36 Original AMEAM Amersham, Buckinghamshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) AMEAM, HP6 Amersham, Buckinghamshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
01/37 Original AMLCH, LL68 Amlwch, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL68 Amlwch, Gwynedd Postcode
01/38 Original AMMRD Amrnanford, Dyfed Extract code
1996 (Apr) SS12 Wickford, Essex Postcode
01/39 Original ANDER Andover, Hampshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) ANDER, SP10 Andover, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
01/40 Original ANNAN Arman, Dumfries-shire Extract code
1996 (Apr) SS16 Basildon, Essex Postcode
01/41 Original ANSER Anstruther, Fife Extract code
1996 (Apr) SS15 Basildon, Essex Postcode
01/42 Original ANTIM, BT41 Antrim, Co.Antrim Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT41 Antrim, Co.Antrim Postcode
01/43 Original APPIN, PA38 Appin, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA38 Appin, Argyllshire Postcode
01/44 Original APPBY, CA16 Appleby, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 CA16 Appleby, Cumbria Postcode
01/45 Original ARBTH Arbroath, Angus Extract code
1996 (Apr) SG12 Ware, Hertfordshire Postcode
01/46 Original ARDER Ardersier, Invemess-shire Extract code
1972 Spare
1976 N2sc London N2 District code
1978 ADARE Adare, Co.Limerick (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 PH49 Ballachulish, Argyllshire Postcode
01/47 Original ARDAY, IV24 Ardgay, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV24 Ardgay, Ross-shire Postcode
01/48 Original ARDIG, PA30 Ardrishaig, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA30 Ardrishaig, Argyllshire Postcode
01/49 Original ARDAN Ardrossan, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) SG14 Hertford, Hertfordshire Postcode
01/50 Original ARDAR, IV45 Ardvasar, Isle of Skye Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV45 Ardvasar, Isle of Skye Postcode
01/51 Original ARIIG, PH39 Arisaig, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH39 Arisaig, Inverness-shire Postcode
01/52 Original ARLEY, SG15 Arlesey, Bedfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 SG15 Arlesey, Bedfordshire Postcode
01/53 Original ARMGH Armagh, Co.Armagh Extract code
1996 (Apr) ARMGH, BT60 Armagh, Co.Armagh Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
01/54 Original AROOS, PA72 Aros, Isle of Mull Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA72 Aros, Isle of Mull Postcode
01/55 Original ARRAR Arrochar, Dunbartonshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
01/56 Original ARTOG, LL39 Arthog, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL39 Arthog, Gwynedd Postcode
01/57 Original ARUEL Arundel, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) ST17 Stafford, Staffordshire Postcode
01/58 Original ASCOT Ascot, Berkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) ST20 Stafford, Staffordshire Postcode
01/59 Original ASHNE Ashbourne, Derbyshire
[1978] Ashbourne Co.Meath (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 PH50 Kinlochleven, Argyllshire Postcode
01/60 Original ASHCH Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) ASHCH, LE65 Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire Postcode
NS2013 LE65 Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire Postcode
01/61 Original ASHRD Ashford, Middlesex
Ashford, Kent
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 LE55 Leicester, Leicestershire Postcode
01/62 Original ASHON Ashington, Northumberland
Ashton (under-Lyne) (Alternative)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
01/63 Original ASHAD, KT21 Ashtead, Surrey Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) ASHAD, KT21 Ashtead, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 KT21 Ashtead, Surrey Postcode
01/64 Original SEsc London SE Shortcode
1986 FGNNN Foreign mail Extract code
NS2013 Spare
FGNNN extract code was in use at most offices as a routing instruction to send overseas mail to London Foreign Section. SEsc was moved to 08/61
02/01 Original BAsc, BATTH Bath, Somerset Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) BATTH, BA1 Bath, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
02/02 Original OX15, OX16, OX17 Banbury, Oxfordshire Shared postcode
NS2013 OX15 Banbury, Oxfordshire Postcode
02/03 Original SP1, SP2, SP3 Salisbury, Wiltshire Shared postcode
NS2013 SP1 Salisbury, Wiltshire Postcode
02/04 Original SP4, SP5 Salisbury, Wiltshire Shared postcode
NS2013 SP4 Salisbury, Wiltshire Postcode
02/05 Original ASKSS, LA16 Askam in Fumess, Cumbria Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) ASKSS, ASKAM, LA16 Askam in Fumess, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 LA16 Askam in Fumess, Cumbria Postcode
02/06 Original ATHNE, CV9 Atherstone, Warwickshire Extract / postcode
1978 ATHNE Atherstone, Warwickshire
Athlone Co.Westmeath (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
02/07 Original ATTGH, NR17 Attleborough, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 NR17 Attleborough, Norfolk Postcode
02/08 Original AUCTT Auchnagatt, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976 N3sc London N3 District code
1978 ARDEE Ardee Co.Louth (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
02/09 Original AUCER, PH3 Auchterarder, Perthshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH3 Auchterarder, Perthshire Postcode
02/10 Original AUCTY Auchtermuchty, Fife Extract code
NS2013 Spare
02/11 Original AUGER, BT77 Augher, Co.Tyrone Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT77 Augher, Co.Tyrone Postcode
02/12 Original AUGOY, BT69 Aughnacloy, Co.Tyrone Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT69 Aughnacloy, Co.Tyrone Postcode
02/13 Original AVIRE, PH22 Aviemore, lnverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH22 Aviemore, lnverness-shire Postcode
02/14 Original AVOCH, IV9 Avoch, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV9 Avoch, Ross-shire Postcode
02/15 Original AXBGE Axbridge, Somerset Extract code
1996 (Apr) TN2 Tunbridge Wells, Kent Postcode
02/16 Original AXMER Axminster, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
02/17 Original AYLRY Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) AYLRY, HP17 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
02/18 Original AYRYR Ayr, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) AYRYR, KA6 Ayr, Ayrshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
02/19 Original BACUP Bacup, Lancashire Extract code
1996 (Apr) TN4 Tunbridge Wells, Kent Postcode
02/20 Original BADON Badminton, Gloucestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) TN9 Tonbridge, Kent Postcode
02/21 Original BAGLT Bagillt, Clwyd Extract code
NS2013 Spare
02/22 Original BAGOT, GU19 Bagshot, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU19 Bagshot, Surrey Postcode
02/23 Original BAKLL Bakewell, Derbyshire Extract code
NS2013 DE45 Bakewell, Derbyshire Postcode
02/24 Original BALLA Bala, Gwynedd
Ballasalla, Isle of Man
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
02/25 Original BALCK Baldock, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) TN15 Sevenoaks, Kent Postcode
02/26 Original BALNE Baldrine, Isle of Man Extract code
1991? OX16 Banbury, Oxfordshire Postcode
02/27 Original BALNO Balemo, Midlothian Extract code
NS2013 Spare
02/28 Original BALSH, PA39 Ballachulish, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA39 Ballachulish, Argyllshire Postcode
02/29 Original BALER Ballater, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) BALER, AB35 Ballater, Aberdeenshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB35 Ballater, Aberdeenshire Postcode
02/30 Original BALGH Ballaugh, Isle of Man Extract code
NS2013 Spare
02/31 Original BALCH Ballindaloch, Banffshire
Ballynahinch, Co.Down
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
02/32 Original BALIG Ballinluig, Perthshire Extract code
1976? Spare
197X IV55 Dunvegan, Isle of Skye Postcode
02/33 Original BALLE Ballycastle, Co.Antrim
[to 1976] Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire
Ambiguous extract
1976 BALLE Ballycastle, Co.Antrim Extract code
1996 (Apr) TN24 Ashford, Kent Postcode
02/34 Original BALRE, BT39 Ballyclare, Co.Antrim Extract / postcode
1972? BALRE Ballyclare, Co.Antrim Extract code
1978 BALRE Ballyclare, Co.Antrim
Ballisodare, Co.Sligo (Eire)
Ballinamore, Co.Leitrim (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 BT36 Newtonabby, Co.Antrim Postcode
See 23/28 for BT39 from 1972
02/35 Original BALNT, PA45 Ballygrant, Isle of Islay Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA45 Ballygrant, Isle of Islay Postcode
02/36 Original BALNA Ballymena, Co.Antrim Extract code
1978 BALNA Ballymena, Co.Antrim
Ballina, Co.Mayo (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
02/37 Original BALEY, BT53 Ballymoney, Co.Antrim Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT53 Ballymoney, Co.Antrim Postcode
02/38 Original BALIE Balmedie, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976 N4sc London N4 District code
1978 ARKOW Arklow, Co.Wicklow (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
02/39 Original BAMGH, NE69 Bamburgh, Northumberland Extract / postcode
NS2013 NE69 Bamburgh, Northumberland Postcode
02/40 Original BANGE, BT32 Banbridge, Co.Down Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT32 Banbridge, Co.Down Postcode
02/41 Original BANRY Banbury, Oxfordshire
Banchory, Kincardineshire
[1978] Bantry, Co.Cork (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
02/42 Original BANFF Banff, Banffshire Extract code
1990 BANFF, AB45 Banff, Banffshire Extract / postcode
20XX? AB45 Banff, Banffshire Postcode
BLSC has BANAD/SM7 (Banstead) for 02/44, and (from 1990) BANFF/AB45 (Banff) for 02/42. NS2013 has SM7 for 02/42 and 02/44 spare (and does not list AB45, which is still (2020) a valid postcode). Since usual practice seems to have been to replace extract/postcodes with the relevant postcode, NS2013 appears to have these the wrong way around?
02/43 Original BANOR Bangor, Gwynedd
Bangor, Co.Down
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
02/44 Original BANAD, SM7 Banstead, Surrey Extract / postcode
20XX? SM7 Banstead, Surrey Postcode
BLSC has BANAD/SM7 (Banstead) for 02/44, and (from 1990) BANFF/AB45 (Banff) for 02/42. NS2013 has SM7 for 02/42 and 02/44 spare (and does not list AB45, which is still (2020) a valid postcode). Since usual practice seems to have been to replace extract/postcodes with the relevant postcode, NS2013 appears to have these the wrong way around?
02/45 Original BARED Bargoed, Mid Glamorgan Extract code
1996 (Apr) BARED, CF81 Bargoed, Mid Glamorgan Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
02/46 Original BARTH, LL42 Barmouth, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL42 Barmouth, Gwynedd Postcode
02/47 Original BARLE Bamard Castle, Co.Durham
Barnstaple, Devon
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
02/48 Original BARET Barnet, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BARET, EN4 Barnet, Hertfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
02/49 Original BARBY Barnetby, South Humberside Extract code
1996 (Apr) TN27 Ashford, Kent Postcode
02/50 Original BAREY Barnsley, South Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BAREY, S70 Barnsley, South Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
02/51 Original BARSS Barrow in Fumess, Cumbria Extract code
1996 (Apr) BARSS, LA13 Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
02/52 Original BARER Barrow on Humber, South Humberside
Barton on Humber
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
02/53 Original BARRY Barry, South Glamorgan Extract code
1994 BARRY, CF62 Barry, South Glamorgan Extract / postcode
NS2013 CF62 Barry, South Glamorgan Postcode
02/54 Original BASON Basildon, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) BASON, SS13 Basildon, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
02/55 Original BASKE Basingstoke, Hampshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BASKE, RG21 Basingstoke, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
02/56 Original BATTE Bathgate, West Lothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) BATTE, EH47 Bathgate, West Lothian Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
02/57 Original BATEY Batley, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) TN35 Hastings, East Sussex Postcode
02/58 Original BATLE, TN33 Battle, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN33 Battle, East Sussex Postcode
02/59 Original BEALD, HP9 Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 HP9 Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire Postcode
02/60 Original BEAER, DT8 Beaminster, Dorset Extract / postcode
NS2013 DT8 Beaminster, Dorset Postcode
02/61 Original BEALY, IV4 Beauly, Invemess-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV4 Beauly, Invemess-shire Postcode
02/62 Original BEAIS, LL58 Beaumaris, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL58 Beaumaris, Gwynedd Postcode
02/63 Original BEAHY Beaworthy, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) TN38 St.Leonards on Sea, East Sussex Postcode
02/64 Original Wsc London W Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
03/01 Original BBsc, BLARN Blackburn, Lancashire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) BLARN, BB1 Blackburn, Lancashire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
03/02 Original PA88, BENLA Benbecula, Isle of Benbecula Postcode / extract
NS2013 PA88 Benbecula, Isle of Benbecula Postcode
03/03 Original PA31 Lochgilphead, Argyllshire Postcode
03/04 Original PA42 Port Ellen, Isle of Islay Postcode
03/05 Original BECES, NR34 Beccles, Suffolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 NR34 Beccles, Suffolk Postcode
03/06 Original BECET, CA21 Beckermet, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 CA21 Beckermet, Cumbria Postcode
03/07 Original BEDLE Bedale, North Yorkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
03/08 Original BEDRD Bedford, Bedfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BEDRD, MK40 Bedford, Bedfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
03/09 Original BEDON Bedlington, Northumberland Extract code
1996 (Apr) TN40 Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex Postcode
03/10 Original BEITH Beith, Ayrshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
03/11 Original BELRD, NE70 Belford, Northumberland Extract / postcode
NS2013 NE70 Belford, Northumberland Postcode
03/12 Original BELHY Bellaghy, Co.Londonderry Extract code
1976 N5sc London N5 District code
1978 ASKON Askeaton, Co.Limerick (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
03/13 Original BELLL Bellshill, Lanarkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) MK3 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
03/14 Original BELRE Belvedere, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) MK5 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
03/15 Original BENET Benfleet, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) MK8 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
03/16 Original BEMGE, PO35 Bembridge, Isle of Wight Extract / postcode
NS2013 PO35 Bembridge, Isle of Wight Postcode
03/17 Original BERLY Berkeley, Gloucestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) MK7 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
03/18 Original BERED Berkamsted, Hertfordshire
Berwick on Tweed, Berwickshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
03/19 Original BERLE, KW7 Berriedale, Caithness Extract / postcode
NS2013 KW7 Berriedale, Caithness Postcode
03/20 Original BETTH Betchworth, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) LA19 Millom, Cumbria Postcode
NS2013 DE72 Derby, Derbyshire Postcode
PU1996 also gives DE20 for this binary, but that postcode was apparently not used?
03/21 Original BETED, LL24 Betwys y Coed, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL24 Betwys y Coed, Gwynedd Postcode
03/22 Original BEVLY Beverly, North Humberside Extract code
1996 (Apr) MK13 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
03/23 Original BEWEY Bewdley, Worcestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) AL3 St.Albans, Hertfordshire Postcode
03/24 Original BEXEA Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) BEXEA, TN39 Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
03/25 Original BEXEY Bexley, Kent Extract code
NS2013 AL9 Hatfield, Hertfordshire Postcode
PU1996 has AL9 at both 03/25 and 11/22. Since the latter is apparently shared with the HATLD extract, it appears to be the correct allocation
03/26 Original BEXTH Bexley Heath, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) BEXTH, DA6 Bexleyheath, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
03/27 Original BICER Bicester, Oxfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) UB2 Southall, Middlesex Postcode
03/28 Original BIDRD Bideford, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) UB4 Hayes, Middlesex Postcode
03/29 Original BIGAR Biggar, Lanarkshire Extract code
NS2013 UB8 Uxbridge, Middlesex Postcode
PU1996 has UB8 at both 03/29 and 27/60. Since the latter is apparently shared with the UXBGE extract, it appears to be the correct allocation
03/30 Original BIGDE, SG18 Biggleswade, Bedfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 SG18 Biggleswade, Bedfordshire Postcode
03/31 Original BILAY Billericay, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) BILAY, CM11 Billericay, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
03/32 Original BILAM Billingham, Co.Durham Extract code
1996 (Apr) BILAM, TS22 Billingham, Co.Durham Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
03/33 Original BILST Billingshurst, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) UB9 Uxbridge, Middlesex Postcode
03/34 Original BILON Bilston, West Midlands Extract code
1996 (Apr) DE21 Derby, Derbyshire Postcode
03/35 Original BINEY Bingley, West Yorkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
03/36 Original BIRON, CT7 Birchington, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 CT7 Birchington, Kent Postcode
03/37 Original BIRAD Birkenhead, Merseyside Extract code
1996 (Apr) BIRAD, L41 Birkenhead, Merseyside Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
03/38 Original BIREY Birtley, Co.Durham Extract code
1976 N6sc London N6 District code
1978 ATHOY Athboy, Co.Meath (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
03/39 Original BISND Bishop Auckland, Co.Durham Extract code
1996 (Apr) BISND, DL13 Bishop Auckland, Co.Durham Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
03/40 Original BISLE Bishops Castle, Shropshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT20 Newry, Co.Down Postcode
03/41 Original BISRD Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BISRD, CM22 Bishop's Stortford, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
03/42 Original BISON Bishopston, Renfrewshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT23 Newtownards, Co.Down Postcode
03/43 Original BLARD Blackford, Perthshire Extract code
1972 Spare
197X BLARD Blandford [Blandford Forum], Dorset False extract
1996 (Apr) BT35 Newry, Co.Down Postcode
03/44 Original BLALS Blackshiels, Midlothian Extract code
1976 N7sc London N7 District code
NS2013 Spare
03/45 Original BLAOD Blackwood, Gwent Extract code
NS2013 Spare
03/46 Original BLAOG, LL41 Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL41 Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd Postcode
03/47 Original BLAON Blaenavon, Gwent
Blaydon, Tyne and Wear
[1978] Blacklion, Co.Cavan (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 PR25 Leyland, Lancashire Postcode
03/48 Original BLANA Blaina, Gwent Extract code
NS2013 PR26 Leyland, Lancashire Postcode
03/49 Original BLAOL Blair Athol, Perthshire Extract code
1976 N8sc London N8 District code
1978 ATHRY Athenry, Co.Galway (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
03/50 Original BLAIE, PH10 Blairgowrie, Perthshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH10 Blairgowrie, Perthshire Postcode
03/51 Original BLAEY Blakeney, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
03/52 Original BLAUM, DT11 Blandford Forum, Dorset Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) BLAUM, BLARD, DT11 Blandford Forum, Dorset Extract / postcode
NS2013 DT11 Blandford Forum, Dorset Postcode
03/53 Original BLANE Blaydon on Tyne, Tyne and Wear Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT37 Newtonabby, Co.Antrim Postcode
03/54 Original BLEEY Bletchley, Buckinghamshire Extract code
1973 Spare
1976 N9sc London N9 District code
1978 BAGWN Bagenalstown, Co.Carlow (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 CF91 Cardiff
03/55 Original BLYTH Blyth, Northumberland Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT43 Ballymena, Co.Antrim Postcode
03/56 Original BOAEN, PH24 Boat of Garten, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH24 Boat of Garten, Inverness-shire Postcode
03/57 Original BODIN Bodmin, Cornwall Extract code
1996 (Apr) BODIN, PL30 Bodmin, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
03/58 Original BODAN, LL62 Bodorgan, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL62 Bodorgan, Gwynedd Postcode
03/59 Original BOGIS Bognor Regis, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) BOGIS, PO21 Bognor Regis, West Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
03/60 Original BOLRY Boldon Colliery, Tyne and Wear Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT44 Ballymena, Co.Antrim Postcode
03/61 Original BONTH, SA37 Boncath, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA37 Boncath, Dyfed Postcode
03/62 Original BONSS Bo'ness, West Lothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT48 Derry, Co.Londonderry Postcode
03/63 Original BONGE Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT52 Coleraine, Co.Londonderry Postcode
03/64 Original Nsc London N Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
04/01 Original W1sc London W1 District code
NS2013 Spare
04/02 Original PA44 Isle of Islay Postcode
04/03 Original PA46 Portaskaig, Isle of Islay Postcode
1996 (Apr) PA44, PORIG Portaskaig, Isle of Islay Postcode / extract
04/04 Original PA47 Portnahaven, Isle of Islay Postcode
04/05 Original BONGG Bonnyrigg, Midlothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT61 Armagh, Co.Armagh Postcode
04/06 Original BOOLE Bootle, Merseyside
Bootle, Cumbria
Ambiguous extract
1996 (Apr) BOOLE, L20 Bootle, nerseyside Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
04/07 Original BOOON Bootle Station, Cumbria Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT63 Portadown, Co.Armagh Postcode
BLSC gives this as BOOON/LA19 extract/postcode originally, but this appears to be incorrect as LA19 is also listed at 16/38 as part of a shared postcode, and covers more than the Bootle area
04/08 Original BORON, GU35 Bordon, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU35 Bordon, Hampshire Postcode
04/09 Original BOROD Boreham Wood, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CA11 Penrith, Cumbria Postcode
04/10 Original BORTH Borth, Dyfed Extract code
NS2013 Spare
04/11 Original BOSLE, PL35 Boscastle, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 PL35 Boscastle, Cornwall Postcode
04/12 Original BOSON Boston, Lincolnshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BOSON, PE20 Boston, Lincolnshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
04/13 Original BOSPA Boston Spa, West Yorkshire Extract code
1976 N11sc London N11 District code
1978 BAIGH Bailieborough, Co.Cavan (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 CF95 Cardiff
04/14 Original BOUNE Bourne, Lincolnshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT67 Lurgan, Co.Armagh Postcode
04/15 Original BOUND Bourne End, Buckinghamshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT71 Dungannon, Co.Tyrone Postcode
04/16 Original BOWRE, PA43 Bowmore, Isle of Islay Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA43 Bowmore, Isle of Islay Postcode
04/17 Original BOWET Bow Street, Dyfed Extract code
NS2013 Spare
04/18 Original BRAEY, NN13 Brackley, Northants Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) BRAEY, NN13 Brackley, Northants Extract / postcode
NS2013 NN13 Brackley, Northants Postcode
04/19 Original BRALL Bracknell, Berkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT73 Enniskillen, Co.Fermanagh Postcode
NS2013 CF99 Cardiff
04/20 Original BRAON Brandon, Suffolk
Brampton, Cumbria
Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire
Braunton, Devon
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 PL95 Plymouth, Devon
04/21 Original BRAAR Braemar, Aberdeenshire Extract code
NS2013 LE18 Wigston, Leicestershire Postcode
04/22 Original BRAEE Braintree, Essex Extract code
NS2013 Spare
LU1996 has BT74 both here and at 09/16 (where it appears to share a code with ENNEN extract). It is assumed that the latter is the correct allocation
04/23 Original BRESH, IV42 Breakish, Isle of Skye Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT74 Enniskillen, Co.Fermanagh Postcode
The entries for 04/23 to 04/27 in NS2013 appear tbe shifted one row down in error
04/24 Original BREIN Brechin, Angus Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT79 Omagh, Co.Tyrone Postcode
NS2013 IV42 Breakish, Isle of Skye Postcode
The entries for 04/23 to 04/27 in NS2013 appear tbe shifted one row down in error
04/25 Original BREON Brecon, Powys Extract code
1996 (Apr) HP22 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Postcode
NS2013 BT79 Omagh, Co.Tyrone Postcode
The entries for 04/23 to 04/27 in NS2013 appear tbe shifted one row down in error
04/26 Original BRERD Brentford, Middlesex Extract code
1996 (Apr) SO22 Winchester, Hampshire Postcode
NS2013 HP22 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Postcode
The entries for 04/23 to 04/27 in NS2013 appear tbe shifted one row down in error
04/27 Original BREOD Brentwood, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) BREOD, CM13 Brentwood, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 SO22 Winchester, Hampshire Postcode
The entries for 04/23 to 04/27 in NS2013 appear tbe shifted one row down in error
04/28 Original BRIND Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan
Bridgend, Isle of Islay
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
04/29 Original BRIAN Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire Extract code
1976 N12sc London N12 District code
1978 BAILY Baily, Co.Dublin (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 EH95 Scottish Gas offices, Edinburgh Postcode
04/30 Original BRIHY, PA36 Bridge of Orchy, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA36 Bridge of Orchy, Argyllshire Postcode
04/31 Original BRIIR Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) SO23 Winchester, Hampshire Postcode
04/32 Original BRITH Bridgnorth, Shropshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BRITH, WV15 Bridgnorth, Shropshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
04/33 Original BRIER Bridgwater, Somerset Extract code
1996 (Apr) BRIER, TA5 Bridgwater, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
04/34 Original BRION Bridlington, North Humberside
Brighton, East Sussex (False)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
04/35 Original BRIRT, DT6 Bridport, Dorset Extract / postcode
NS2013 DT6 Bridport, Dorset Postcode
04/36 Original BRILL, DY5 Brierley Hill, West Midlands Extract / postcode
NS2013 DY5 Brierley Hill, West Midlands Postcode
04/37 Original BRIGG Brigg, South Humberside Extract code
1996 (Apr) SP1 Salisbury, Wiltshire Postcode
NS2013 SP11 Andover, Hampshire Postcode
Possibly PU1996 entry is a typo for SP11?
04/38 Original BRISE Brighouse, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) TA2 Taunton, Somerset Postcode
04/39 Original BRIAM Brixham, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) TA4 Taunton, Somerset Postcode
04/40 Original BRORD Broadford, Isle of Skye
Bromyard, Herefordshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
04/41 Original BRORS, CT10 Broadstairs, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 CT10 Broadstairs, Kent Postcode
04/42 Original BRONE Broadstone, Dorset
Broxbourne, Hertfordshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
04/43 Original BROAY Broadway, Worcestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BT28 Lisburn, Co.Antrim Postcode
04/44 Original BROST Brockenhurst, Hampshire Extract code
1985 BROST, SO42 Brockenhurst, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 SO42 Brockenhurst, Hampshire Postcode
SO area first recoding
04/45 Original BROCK Brodick, Isle of Arran Extract code
1996 (Apr) NG23 Newark, Nottinghamshire Postcode
04/46 Original BROVE Bromsgrove, Worcestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BROVE, B60 Bromsgrove, Worcestershire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
04/47 Original BRORA, KW9 Brora, Sutherland Extract / postcode
NS2013 KW9 Brora, Sutherland Postcode
04/48 Original BROEY Broseley, Shropshire
Bromley, Kent
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
04/49 Original BROGH Brough, North Humberside Extract code
1996 (Apr) NG24 Newark, Nottinghamshire Postcode
04/50 Original BROSS, LA20 Broughton in Furness, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 LA20 Broughton in Furness, Cumbria Postcode
04/51 Original BRORN Broxburn, West Lothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) NG32 Grantham, Lincolnshire Postcode
04/52 Original BRUCH, PA49 Bruichladdich, Isle of Islay Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA49 Bruichladdich, Isle of Islay Postcode
04/53 Original BRUON Bruton, Somerset Extract code
1996 (Apr) NG33 Grantham, Lincolnshire Postcode
04/54 Original BRYER, TR23 Bryher, Isles of Scilly Extract / postcode
NS2013 TR23 Bryher, Isles of Scilly Postcode
04/55 Original BRYWR Brynmawr, Gwent Extract code
NS2013 Spare
04/56 Original BRYEG, LL78 Brynteg, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL78 Brynteg, Gwynedd Postcode
04/57 Original BUCGH Buckfastleigh, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) TA6 Bridgwater, Somerset Postcode
04/58 Original BUCEN Buckhaven, Fife Extract code
1979 BFP Handsort
BLSC describes the BFP code as 'anywhere for handsort, may have been reassigned before 1979' (BFPO?). NS2013 gives BE1for 04/58, but there is no BE postcode area
04/59 Original BUCLL Buckhurst Hill, Essex
Bucknell, Shropshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
04/60 Original BUCIE Buckie, Banffshire Extract code
1990 BUCIE, AB56 Buckie, Banffshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB56 Buckie, Banffshire Postcode
AB area recoded Mar 1991
04/61 Original BUCAM Buckingham, Buckinghamshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) TA7 Bridgwater, Somerset Postcode
04/62 Original BUCEY Buckley, Clwyd Extract code
NS2013 Spare
04/63 Original BUDDE Bude, Cornwall Extract code
1996 (Apr) NG19 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Postcode
04/64 Original SWsc London SW Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
05/01 Original BLsc, BOLON Bolton, Lancashire Shortcode / extract
NS2013 Spare
05/02 Original PA61 Isle of Colonsay, Paisley Postcode
05/03 Original PA62 Lochbuie, Isle of Mull Postcode
05/04 Original PL25, PL26 St.Austell, Cornwall Shared postcode
NS2013 PL25 St.Austell, Cornwall Postcode
05/05 Original BUDON Budleigh Salterton, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) PE21 Boston, Lincolnshire Postcode
05/06 Original BUILS Builth Wells, Powys Extract code
1996 (Apr) PE25 Skegness, Lincolnshire Postcode
05/07 Original BUNEW Bunchrew, Inverness-shire Extract code
1976 N13sc London N13 District code
1978 BALAN Balbriggan, Co.Dublin (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 WF90 Wakefield, West Yorkshire
WF90 was used for the 'Redcats' mail order fashion firm
05/08 Original BUNAN, PA67 Bunessan, Isle of Mull Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA67 Bunessan, Isle of Mull Postcode
05/09 Original BUNAY, NR35 Bungay, Suffolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 NR35 Bungay, Suffolk Postcode
05/10 Original BUNRD, SG9 Buntingford, Hertfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 SG9 Buntingford, Hertfordshire Postcode
05/11 Original BURES Bures, Suffolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) CM12 Billericay, Essex Postcode
05/12 Original BURLL Burgess Hill, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) PE31 Kings Lynn, Norfolk Postcode
05/13 Original BURAM Burnham, Essex
Burnham, Somerset
[to 1972] Burnham, Buckinghamshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 PE26 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire Postcode
05/14 Original BURCH Burnham on Crouch, Essex Extract code
NS2013 Spare
05/15 Original BUREA Burnham on Sea, Somerset Extract code
1996 (Apr) PE33 Kings Lynn, Norfolk Postcode
05/16 Original BUREY Burnley, Lancashire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BUREY, BB1 Burnley, Lancashire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
05/17 Original BURND Burntisland, Fife Extract code
1996 (Apr) PE34 Kings Lynn, Norfolk Postcode
05/18 Original BURRT Burry Port, Dyfed Extract code
1996 (Apr) CM14 Brentwood, Essex Postcode
05/19 Original BURNT Burton on Trent, Staffordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BURNT, DE13 Burton on Trent, Staffordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
05/20 Original BURRY Bury, Lancashire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BURRY, BL0 Bury, Lancashire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
05/21 Original BURDS Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) BURDS, IP28 Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
05/22 Original BUSLS, BT57 Bushmills, Co.Antrim Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT57 Bushmills, Co.Antrim Postcode
05/23 Original BUXON, SK17 Buxton, Derbyshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 SK17 Buxton, Derbyshire Postcode
05/24 Original CAEON Caernarvon, Gwynedd Extract code
1996 (Apr) CAEON, LL54 Caernarvon, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
05/25 Original CAELY Caerphilly, Mid Glamorgan Extract code
NS2013 Spare
05/26 Original CAEWS Caersws, Powys Extract code
NS2013 Spare
05/27 Original CAIOW, PA26 Cairndow, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA26 Cairndow, Argyllshire Postcode
05/28 Original CALON Caledon, Co.Tyrone
Callington, Cornwall
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 PE27 St.Ives, Huntingdonshire Postcode
05/29 Original CALER Callander, Perthshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CALER, FK17 Callander, Perthshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
05/30 Original CALNE, SN11 Calne, Wiltshire
[to 1972] Calvine, Perthshire
Ambiguous extract
1972 CALNE Calne, Wiltshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CM15 Brentwood, Essex Postcode
05/31 Original CALCK Calstock, Cornwall Extract code
NS2013 Spare
05/32 Original CAMEY Camberley, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) CAMEY, GU15 Camberley, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
05/33 Original CAMNE, TR14 Camborne, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 TR14 Camborne, Cornwall Postcode
05/34 Original CAMRD, PL32 Camelford, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 PL32 Camelford, Cornwall Postcode
05/35 Original CAMWN, PA28 Campbelltown, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA28 Campbelltown, Argyllshire Postcode
05/36 Original CANNA, PH44 Canna (Isle of), Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH44 Canna (Isle of), Inverness-shire Postcode
05/37 Original CANCK Cannock, Staffordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CANCK, WS11 Cannock, Staffordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
05/38 Original CANIE Canonbie, Dumfries-shire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CM18 Harlow, Essex Postcode
05/39 Original CANRY, CTsc Canterbury, Kent Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) CANRY, CT1 Canterbury, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
PU1996 also gives GY6 for this binary, but this appears to be a typo?
05/40 Original CANND Canvey Island, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) CM19 Harlow, Essex Postcode
BLSC listed this as an extract/postcode for CANND/SS8, but this appears to be incorrect as SS8 has a separate allocation at 43/61
05/41 Original CARST, IV47 Carbost, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV47 Carbost, Inverness-shire Postcode
05/42 Original CAREN Carmarthen, Dyfed
[to 1976] Cardenden, Fife?
Ambiguous extract
1976 CAREN Carmarthen, Dyfed Extract code
1996 (Apr) CAREN, SA31 Carmarthen, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
05/43 Original CARAN, SA43 Cardigan, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA43 Cardigan, Dyfed Postcode
05/44 Original CARKE Carluke, Lanark Extract code
1996 (Apr) CM20 Harlow, Essex Postcode
05/45 Original CARTH Carnforth, Lancashire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CARTH, LA5 Carnforth, Lancashire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
05/46 Original CARIE Carnoustie, Angus Extract code
1996 (Apr) CM23 Bishop's Stortford, Essex Postcode
05/47 Original CARGE, PH23 Carr Bridge, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH23 Carr Bridge, Inverness-shire Postcode
05/48 Original CARUS, BT38 Carrickfergus, Co.Antrim Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT38 Carrickfergus, Co.Antrim Postcode
05/49 Original CARON Carshalton, Surrey
Carron, Moray
[1976] Carrick on Shannon, Co.Leitrim (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
05/50 Original CASAY, PA80 Castle Bay, Isle of Barra Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
05/51 Original CASRY Castle Cary, Somerset Extract code
1996 (Apr) TR8 Newquay, Cornwall Postcode
05/52 Original CASON Castledawson, Co.Derry Extract code
1976 N15sc London N15 District code
1978 BALOE Ballinasloe, Co.Galway (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 OL95 Oldham, Lancashire
OL95 postcode was allocated for British Gas
05/53 Original CASRG, BT81 Castlederg, Co.Tyrone Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT81 Castlederg, Co.Tyrone Postcode
05/54 Original CASAS Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CT2 Canterbury, Kent Postcode
05/55 Original CASEN Castle Eden, Co.Durham Extract code
1976 N16sc London N16 District code
1978 BALBE Ballinrobe, Co.Mayo (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 PE28 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire Postcode
05/56 Original CASRD Castleford, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CT4 Canterbury, Kent Postcode
05/57 Original CASWN Castletown, Isle of Man Extract code
NS2013 Spare
05/58 Original CASAN, BT31 Castlewellan, Co.Down Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT31 Castlewellan, Co.Down Postcode
05/59 Original CATAM Caterham, Surrey Extract code
NS2013 Spare
05/60 Original CATMP Catterick Camp, North Yorkshire Extract code
1973 CATON Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CT12 Ramsgate, Kent Postcode
Extract code changed when the base/post office name changed in 1973
05/61 Original CEMAY, LL67 Cemaes Bay, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL67 Cemaes Bay, Gwynedd Postcode
05/62 Original CHAES, HP8 Chalfont St.Giles, Buckinghamshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 HP8 Chalfont St.Giles, Buckinghamshire Postcode
05/63 Original CHARD, TA20 Chard, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA20 Chard, Somerset Postcode
05/64 Original Esc London E Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
06/01 Original BPsc Barnstaple, Devon Shortcode
1976 WSsc Walsall, West Midlands Shortcode
1996 (Apr) WSsc, WS1 Walsall, West Midlands Shortcode / postcode
NS2013 Spare
06/02 Original PL30, PL31 Bodmin, Cornwall Shared postcode
NS2013 PL30 Bodmin, Cornwall Postcode
06/03 Original SS11, SS12 Wickford, Essex Shared postcode
NS2013 SS11 Wickford, Essex Postcode
06/04 Original SS13, SS16 Basildon, Essex Shared postcode
NS2013 SS13 Basildon, Essex Postcode
06/05 Original CHALL, NE67 Chathill, Northumberland Extract / postcode
NS2013 NE67 Chathill, Northumberland Postcode
06/06 Original CHAIS Chatteris, Cambridgeshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CT16 Dover, Kent Postcode
06/07 Original CHELE Cheadle, Cheshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CT17 Dover, Kent Postcode
06/08 Original CHEAR Cheddar, Somerset Extract code
1996 (Apr) CT19 Folkestone, Kent Postcode
06/09 Original CHERD Chelmsford, Essex Extract code
1970? NEWFF Newton Ayecliff, Co.Durham Extract code
1996 (Apr) CT20 Folkestone, Kent Postcode
For later CMsc and CHERD see 47/64
06/10 Original CHEAM Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Chesham, Buckinghamshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 SK22 High Peak, Derbyshire Postcode
06/11 Original CHEOW Chepstow, Gwent Extract code
1996 (Apr) TR16 Redruth, Cornwall Postcode
06/12 Original CHEEY, PE29 Chertsey, Surrey Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) RM86? Romford, Essex Postcode
NS2013 PE29 Chertsey, Surrey Postcode
PU1996 gives RM86 for this binary, but that postcode was apparently not used?
06/13 Original CHEON Chessington, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) RM87? Romford, Essex Postcode
NS2013 Spare
PU1996 gives RM87 for this binary, but that postcode was apparently not used?
06/14 Original CHELD Chesterfield, Derbyshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CHELD, S40 Chesterfield, Derbyshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
06/15 Original CHEET Chester-le-Street, Co.Durham Extract code
1996 (Apr) CHEET, DH2 Chester-le-Street, Co.Durham Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
06/16 Original CHIER Chichester, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) CHIER, PO18 Chichester, West Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
06/17 Original CHILL, IG7 Chigwell, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 IG7 Chigwell, Essex Postcode
06/18 Original CHIAM Chippenham, Wiltshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CHIAM, SN14 Chippenham, Wiltshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
06/19 Original CHIEN Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) TR19 Penzance, Cornwall Postcode
06/20 Original CHION Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Extract code
NS2013 SK23 High Peak, Derbyshire Postcode
06/21 Original CHIST Chislehurst, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) TR21 St.Marys, Scilly Postcode
NS2013 TR20 Penzance, Cornwall Postcode
06/22 Original CHOON, NE62 Choppington, Northumberland Extract / postcode
NS2013 NE62 Choppington, Northumberland Postcode
06/23 Original CHOEY Chorley, Lancashire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CHOEY, PR6 Chorley, Lancashire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
06/24 Original CHRCH Christchurch, Dorset Extract code
1996 (Apr) SA32 Carmarthen, Dyfed Postcode
06/25 Original CHUGH Chulmleigh, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) SA33 Carmarthen, Dyfed Postcode
06/26 Original CHUON Church Stretton, Shropshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) JE3 Jersey, Channel Islands Postcode
06/27 Original CINRD Cinderford, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
06/28 Original CIRER Cirencester, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
06/29 Original CLAAN Clackmannan, Clackmannanshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
06/30 Original CLAEA Clacton on Sea, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) CLAEA, CO15 Clacton on Sea, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
06/31 Original CLAAD, SA63 Clarbeston Road, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA63 Clarbeston Road, Dyfed Postcode
06/32 Original CLEOR Cleator Moor, Cumbria
Cleator, Cumbria
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
06/33 Original CLEON Clevedon, Avon
Cleckheaton, W.Yorks
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
06/34 Original CLEES Cleethorpes, South Humberside Extract code
1996 (Apr) GY3 Guernsey, Channel Islands Postcode
06/35 Original CLIOE Clitheroe, Lancashire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GY4 Guernsey, Channel Islands Postcode
06/36 Original CLOER, BT76 Clogher, Co.Tyrone Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT76 Clogher, Co.Tyrone Postcode
06/37 Original CLYNK Clydebank, Dunbartonshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GY5 Guernsey, Channel Islands Postcode
06/38 Original CLYEN, SA66 Clynderwen, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA66 Clynderwen, Dyfed Postcode
06/39 Original COAGE Coatbridge, Lanarkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GY6? Guernsey, Channel Islands Postcode
NS2013 GY6 Guernsey, Channel Islands Postcode
PU1996 gives GY6 as a duplicate entry for the 05/39 binary, but this appears to be a typo? NS2013 has GY6 here
06/40 Original COBAM Cobham, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) GY7 Guernsey, Channel Islands Postcode
06/41 Original COCTH Cockermouth, Cumbria
Cockburnspath, Berwick
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
06/42 Original COLER Colchester, Essex Extract code
1970? EC1X London Postcode
NS2013 Spare
For later COsc and COLER see 40/01
06/43 Original COLAM Coldstream, Berwickshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
06/44 Original COLRD Coleford, Gloucestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GY8 Guernsey, Channel Islands Postcode
06/45 Original COLNE Coleraine, Co.Londonderry
Colne, Lancashire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
06/46 Original COLVE Colintraive, Argyllshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GY9 Guernsey, Channel Islands Postcode
06/47 Original COLLL, PA78 Coll, Isle of Coll Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA78 Coll, Isle of Coll Postcode
06/48 Original COLAY Colonsay, Isle of Colonsay
Colwyn Bay, Clwyd
Extract code
NS2013 Spare
06/49 Original COLON Colyton, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
06/50 Original COMIE Comrie, Perthshire Extract code
1975? Spare
06/51 Original CONON Congleton, Cheshire
Coniston, Cumbria
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
06/52 Original CONEL, PA37 Connel, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA37 Connel, Argyllshire Postcode
06/53 Original CONGE, IV7 Conon Bridge, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV7 Conon Bridge, Ross-shire Postcode
06/54 Original CONTT Consett, Co.Durham Extract code
1996 (Apr) CF32 Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
06/55 Original CONAY, LL32 Conway, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
1982? CONWY Conwy, Gwynedd Extract code
1996 (Apr) CONWY, LL31 Conwy, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL32 Conwy, Gwynedd Postcode
Spelling change to Conwy took place in 1972, it is possible the extract code was not changed until later?
06/56 Original COOWN, BT80 Cookstown, Co.Tyrone Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT80 Cookstown, Co.Tyrone Postcode
06/57 Original CORGE Corbridge, Northumberland Extract code
1996 (Apr) CF35 Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
06/58 Original CORBY Corby, Northamptonshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CORBY, N17 Corby, Northamptonshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
06/59 Original CORED Cornhill on Tweed, Northumberland Extract code
NS2013 Spare
06/60 Original CORUR, PH30 Corrour, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH30 Corrour, Inverness-shire Postcode
06/61 Original CORAM Corsham, Wiltshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
06/62 Original COREN Corwen, Clwyd Extract code
1996 (Apr) TR13 Helston, Cornwall Postcode
06/63 Original COTAM Cottingham, North Humberside Extract code
1996 (Apr) COTAM, HU16 Cottingham, North Humberside Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
06/64 Original NWsc London NW Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
07/01 Original BDsc, BRARD Bradford, West Yorkshire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) BRARD, BD1 Bradford, West Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
07/02 Original SS14, SS15 Basildon, Essex Shared postcode
NS2013 SS14 Basildon, Essex Postcode
07/03 Original SG11, SG12 Ware, Hertfordshire Shared postcode
NS2013 SG11 Ware, Hertfordshire Postcode
07/04 Original SG13, SG14 Hertford, Hertfordshire Shared postcode
NS2013 SG13 Hertford, Hertfordshire Postcode
07/05 Original COUON Coulsdon, Surrey Extract code
1989 COUON, CR5 Coulsdon, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 CR5 Coulsdon, Surrey Postcode
CR3 split on recoding CR area, Coulsden became CR5 and shared binary with extract
07/06 Original COUUS, PH13 Coupar Angus, Perthshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH13 Coupar Angus, Perthshire Postcode
07/07 Original COWGE Cowbridge, South Glamorgan Extract code
NS2013 Spare
07/08 Original COWTH Cowdenbeath, Fife Extract code
NS2013 Spare
07/09 Original COWES, PO31 Cowes, Isle of Wight Extract / postcode
NS2013 PO31 Cowes, Isle of Wight Postcode
07/10 Original CRATH Cradley Heath, Staffordshire Extract code
1976 N17sc London N17 District code
1978 BALAY Ballybay, Co.Monaghan (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
07/11 Original CRAIE Craigellachie, Banffshire Extract code
1994 CF63 Barry, South Glamorgan Postcode
07/12 Original CRASE, PA60 Craighouse, Isle of Jura Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA60 Craighouse, Isle of Jura Postcode
07/13 Original CRARE, PA65 Craignure, Isle of Mull Extract / postcode
197X PA65 Craignure, Isle of Mull Postcode
07/14 Original CRAIL Crail, Fife Extract code
NS2013 SR43 Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
07/15 Original CRAON Craigavon, Co.Armagh
Cramlington, Northumberland
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
07/16 Original CRAOK, TN17 Cranbrook, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN17 Cranbrook, Kent Postcode
07/17 Original CRAGH, GU6 Cranleigh, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU6 Cranleigh, Surrey Postcode
07/18 Original CRAMS Craven Arms, Shropshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
07/19 Original CRAEY Crawley, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) RH19 East Grinstead, West Sussex Postcode
NS2013 Spare
07/20 Original CREON Crediton, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) DT4 Weymouth, Dorset Postcode
07/21 Original CRENE, TA18 Crewkerne, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA18 Crewkerne, Somerset Postcode
07/22 Original CRICH Crianlarich, Perthshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NN16 Kettering, Northamptonshire Postcode
07/23 Original CRITH, LL52 Criccieth, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL52 Criccieth, Gwynedd Postcode
07/24 Original CRILL Crickhowell, Powys Extract code
1996 (Apr) DE73 Derby, Derbyshire Postcode
07/25 Original CRIFF, PH7 Crieff, Perthshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH7 Crieff, Perthshire Postcode
07/26 Original CROAN, PA63 Croggan, Isle of Mull Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA63 Croggan, Isle of Mull Postcode
07/27 Original CROTY, IV11 Cromarty, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV11 Cromarty, Ross-shire Postcode
07/28 Original CROER, NR27 Cromer, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 NR27 Cromer, Norfolk Postcode
07/29 Original CROOK Crook, Co.Durham Extract code
1996 (Apr) SA62 Haverfordwest, Dyfed Postcode
07/30 Original CROBY Crosby, Isle of Man Extract code
NS2013 SN38 Swindon, Wiltshire
SN38 was allocated for the Nationwide Building Society
07/31 Original CROGH, TN6 Crowborough, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN6 Crowborough, East Sussex Postcode
07/32 Original CRONE Crowthorne, Berkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
07/33 Original CRUAY Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976 N18sc London N18 District code
1978 BALAL Ballybougal, Co.Dublin (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 GU46 Yately, Hampshire Postcode
07/34 Original CRUIN, BT29 Crumlin, Co.Antrim Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT29 Crumlin, Co.Antrim Postcode
07/35 Original CRYCH, SA41 Crymmych, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA41 Crymmych, Dyfed Postcode
07/36 Original CULEN Cullen, Banffshire Extract code
1976 N19sc London N19 District code
1978 BALIS Ballyhaunis, Co.Mayo (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 GU47 Sandhurst, Berkshire Postcode
07/37 Original CULON Cullompton, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) SM2 Sutton, Surrey Postcode
07/38 Original CUMCK Cumnock, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) SM3 Sutton, Surrey Postcode
07/39 Original CUPAR, SM3 Cupar, Fife Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) CUPAR, KY14 Cupar, Fife Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
07/40 Original CURIE Currie, Midlothian Extract code
NS2013 Spare
07/41 Original CWMAN, NP44 Cumbran, Gwent Extract / postcode
NS2013 NP44 Cumbran, Gwent Postcode
07/42 Original DALIE Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire
Dalwhinnie, Inverness-shire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 GU51 Fleet, Hampshire Postcode
07/43 Original DALTH Dalkeith, Midlothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) NN18 Corby, Northamptonshire Postcode
07/44 Original DALLY, PA33 Dalmally, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA33 Dalmally, Argyllshire Postcode
07/45 Original DALRY Dalry, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CV11 Nuneaton, Warwickshire Postcode
07/46 Original DALSS, LA15 Dalton in Furness, Cumbria Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) DALSS, DALON, LA15 Dalton in Furness, Cumbria Postcode
NS2013 LA15 Dalton in Furness, Cumbria Postcode
DALON is a false extract (formerly 39/42)
07/47 Original DARON, DLsc Darlington, Co.Durham Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) DARON, DL1 Darlington, Co.Durham Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
07/48 Original DARTH Dartmouth, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) CV22 Rugby, Warwickshire Postcode
07/49 Original DAREL Darvel, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CV23 Rugby, Warwickshire Postcode
07/50 Original DAREN Darwen, Lancashire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CV32 Leamington Spa, Warwickshire Postcode
07/51 Original DAVRY Daventry, Northamptonshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CV33 Leamington Spa, Warwickshire Postcode
07/52 Original DAVOT Daviot, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976 N20sc London N20 District code
1978 BALRE Ballymore, Co.Sligo (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 NG90 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
NG90 was allocated for Boots, the chain pharmacy
07/53 Original DAWSH Dawlish, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) CV35 Warwick, Warwickshire Postcode
07/54 Original DEAAL, CT14 Deal, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 CT14 Deal, Kent Postcode
07/55 Original DEEDE Deeside, Clwyd Extract code
1996 (Apr) KT18 Epsom, Surrey Postcode
07/56 Original DELLE, PL33 Delabole, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 PL33 Delabole, Cornwall Postcode
07/57 Original DELNY Delny, Ross-shire Extract code
1976 N21sc London N21 District code
1978 BALET Ballyragget, Co.Kilkenny (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 GU52 Fleet, Hampshire Postcode
07/58 Original DENGH Denbigh, Clwyd Extract code
1996 (Apr) KT19 Epsom, Surrey Postcode
07/59 Original DENNY Denny, Stirlingshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) KT23 Leatherhead, Surrey Postcode
07/60 Original DERAM Dereham, Norfolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) DERAM, NR19 Dereham, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
07/61 Original DEVES Devizes, Wiltshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) KT24 Leatherhead, Surrey Postcode
07/62 Original DEWRY Dewsbury, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) DEWRY, WF12 Dewsbury, West Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
07/63 Original DIDOT, OX11 Didcot, Oxfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 OX11 Didcot, Oxfordshire Postcode
07/64 Original ECsc London EC Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
08/01 Original BNsc Brighton, East Sussex Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
Shortcode only - extract BRION (04/34) ambiguous
08/02 Original ST16, ST17 Stafford, Staffordshire Shared postcode
NS2013 ST16 Stafford, Staffordshire Postcode
08/03 Original ST18 Stafford, Staffordshire Postcode
08/04 Original ST19, ST20 Stafford, Staffordshire Shared postcode
NS2013 ST19 Stafford, Staffordshire Postcode
08/05 Original DINIS Dinas Powis, South Glamorgan Extract code
NS2013 Spare
08/06 Original DINLL, IV15 Dingwall, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV15 Dingwall, Ross-shire Postcode
08/07 Original DINET Dinnet, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976 N22sc London N22 District code
1978 BALON Ballyshannon, Co.Donegal (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 NN29 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire Postcode
08/08 Original DISSS, IP22 Diss, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 IP22 Diss, Norfolk Postcode
08/09 Original DOLAU, LL40 Dolgellau, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL40 Dolgellau, Gwynedd Postcode
08/10 Original DOLAR Dollar, Clackmannanshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NR7 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
08/11 Original DOLAN, LL25 Dolwyddelan, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL25 Dolwyddelan, Gwynedd Postcode
08/12 Original DONEE, BT21 Donaghadee, Co.Down Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT21 Donaghadee, Co.Down Postcode
08/13 Original DONRE Donaghmore, Co.Down Extract code
197X GIR National Giro, Bootle, Merseyside Postcode
NS2013 GIR National Giro, Donaghmore, Co.Down Postcode
The special GIR postcode applied to the National Girobank, originally a post office banking service founded in 1966. It was privatised in 1989 and the name changed to Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank in 2003. The postcode followed the location of the offices
08/14 Original DORER, DTsc Dorchester, Dorset Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) DORER, DT1 Dorchester, DorSET Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
08/15 Original DORNG Dorking, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) DORNG, RH4 Dorking, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
08/16 Original DORCH, IV25 Dornoch, Sutherland Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV25 Dornoch, Sutherland Postcode
08/17 Original DOUAS Douglas, Isle of Man Extract code
1996 (Apr) DOUAS, IM1 Douglas, isle of Man Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
08/18 Original DOUNE Doune, Perthshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NR6 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
08/19 Original DOVER Dover, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) DOVER, CT15 Dover, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
08/20 Original DOWET, PE38 Downham Market, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 PE38 Downham Market, Norfolk Postcode
08/21 Original DOWCK, BT30 Downpatrick, Co.Down Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT30 Downpatrick, Co.Down Postcode
08/22 Original DRAWN Draperstown, Co.Londonderry Extract code
1976 SE1sc London SE1 District code
1978 BALSS Baltinglass. Co.Wicklow (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 GU95 Camberley, Surrey
GU95 postcode was allocated for British Gas
08/23 Original DRILD Driffield, N.Humbs Extract code
1996 (Apr) NR4 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
08/24 Original DROCH Droitwich, Worcestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NR5 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
08/25 Original DRORA Dromara, Co.Down Extract code
1976 SE2sc London SE2 District code
1978 BANON Bandon, Co.Cork (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
08/26 Original DRORE, BT25 Dromore, Co.Down Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT25 Dromore, Co.Down Postcode
08/27 Original DRUAK Drumoak, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NR20 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
08/28 Original DRYOK Drybrook, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
08/29 Original DUDEY, DYsc Dudley, West Midlands Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) DUDEY, DY1 Dudley, West Midlands Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
08/30 Original DUFWN Dufftown, Banffshire Extract code
1976 SE5sc London SE5 District code
1978 BATWN Batterstown, Co.Meath (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 WR78 Worcester, Worcestershire
WR78 postcode was allocated for Kays Ltd mail order catalogue firm
08/31 Original DUKLD Dukinfield, Cheshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NR31 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
08/32 Original DULAS, LL70 Dulas, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL70 Dulas, Gwynedd Postcode
08/33 Original DULON, TA22 Dulverton, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA22 Dulverton, Somerset Postcode
08/34 Original DUMON Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NR33 Lowestoft, Suffolk Postcode
08/35 Original DUMES, DGsc Dumfries, Dumfries-shire Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) DUMES, DG1 Dumfries, Dumfries-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
08/36 Original DUNAR Dunbar, East Lothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) CM99 Chelmsford, Essex
CM99 postcode allocated for Selectapost, International Financial Data Services Group
08/37 Original DUNTH, KW6 Dunbeath, Caithness Extract / postcode
NS2013 KW6 Dunbeath, Caithness Postcode
08/38 Original DUNNE Dunblane, Perthshire
Dunfermline, Fife
[1978] Dunboyne, Co.Meath (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
08/39 Original DUNHT Dunecht, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976 SE6sc London SE6 District code
1978 BELET Belturbet, Co.Cavan (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
08/40 Original DUNON Dungannon, Co.Tyrone
Dunoon, Argyllshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
08/41 Original DUNLD, PH8 Dunkeld, Perthshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH8 Dunkeld, Perthshire Postcode
08/42 Original DUNOW Dunmow, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) BS23 Weston-super-Mare, Somerset Postcode
08/43 Original DUNIL Dunphail, Morayshire Extract code
198? ISLNA Isle of Canna
Isle of Iona
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
08/44 Original DUNNS Duns, Berwickshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) DUNNS, TD10 Duns, Berwickshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
08/45 Original DUNLE Dunstable, Bedfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) DUNLE, LU5 Dunstable, Bedfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
08/46 Original DUNAN Dunvegan, Isle of Skye Extract code
1976 SE7sc London SE7 District code
1978 BIRRR Birr, Co.Offaly (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 PO16 Fareham, Hampshire Postcode
08/47 Original DURAM, DHsc Durham, Co.Durham Extract / shortcode
1983 (Apr) DURAM Durham, Co.Durham Extract code
1996 (Apr) DURAM, DH1 Durham, Co.Durham Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
08/48 Original DUREY Dursley, Gloucestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) TW2 Twickenham, Middlesex Postcode
08/49 Original DYFWY, LL44 Dyffryn Ardudwy, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL44 Dyffryn Ardudwy, Gwynedd Postcode
08/50 Original DYMCK Dymock, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
08/51 Original DYSRT Dysart, Fife Extract code
1976 SE8sc London SE8 District code
1978 Spare
1986 SEsc London SE Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
08/52 Original EARON Earlston, Berwick Extract code
1996 (Apr) TW4 Hounslow, Middlesex Postcode
08/53 Original EASON East Boldon, Tyne and Wear
East Linton, East Lothian
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
08/54 Original EASNE Eastbourne, East Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) EASNE, BN20 Eastbourne, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
08/55 Original EASES, PO32 East Cowes, Isle of Wight Extract / postcode
NS2013 PO32 East Cowes, Isle of Wight Postcode
08/56 Original EASAD East Grinstead, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) TW5 Hounslow, Middlesex Postcode
08/57 Original EASGH Eastleigh, Hampshire Extract code
1993? EASGH, SO53 Eastleigh, Hampshire Extract / postcode
BLSC gives this as SO43 in 1983, and NS2013 as SO5, but all appear to be typos - SO43 is Lydhurst, and the SO5 postcode area was split in 1993
08/58 Original EASEY East Molesey, Surrey Extract code
NS2013 Spare
08/59 Original EASSS East Wemyss, Fife Extract code
198? ISLLL Isle of Coll
Isle of Mull
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
08/60 Original EBBLE Ebbw Vale, Gwent Extract code
NS2013 Spare
08/61 Original ECHHT Echt, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976 SE9sc London SE9 District code
1978 BLACK Blackrock, Co.Dublin (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
08/62 Original EDEGE, TN8 Edenbridge, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN8 Edenbridge, Kent Postcode
08/63 Original EDGRE Edgeware, Middlesex Extract code
1996 (Apr) TW9? Richmond, Surrey Postcode
NS2013 TW9 Richmond, Surrey Postcode
PU1996 has TW9 at both 08/63 and 41/29
08/64 Original WCsc London WC Shortcode
NS2013 Spare