National System Binaries – pages 25 to 32

Code Date Keying(s) Place(s) Type
25/01 Original HUsc, HULLL Hull, North Humberside Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) HULLL, HU1 Hull, North Humberside Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
25/02 Original BT54 Ballycastle, Co.Antrim Postcode
1996 (Apr) BT54, BALLE Ballycastle, Co.Antrim Postcode / extract
25/03 Original BT60, BT61 Armagh, Co.Armagh Shared postcode
NS2013 BT60 Armagh, Co.Armagh Postcode
25/04 Original BT62, BT63 Portadown, Co.Armagh Shared postcode
NS2013 BT62 Portadown, Co.Armagh Postcode
25/05 Original SHEET Shepton Mallet, Somerset Extract code
NS2013 Spare
NS2013 has this as DT9 and 25/06 (formerly SHENE/DT9 extract/postcode) as spare, but these appear to be typos?
25/06 Original SHENE, DT9 Sherbourne, Dorset Extract / postcode
NS2013 DT9 Sherbourne, Dorset Postcode
NS2013 has this as spare and 25/05 as DT9, but these appear to be typos?
25/07 Original SHEAM, NR26 Sheringham, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 NR26 Sheringham, Norfolk Postcode
25/08 Original SHEND, ZE2 Shetland Extract / postcode
NS2013 ZE2 Shetland Postcode
25/09 Original SHIAL Shifnal, Shropshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/10 Original SHION Shildon, Co.Durham
Shipston, Warwickshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
25/11 Original SHIEY Shipley, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) SHIEY, BD17 Shipley, West Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
25/12 Original SHIUR, CV36 Shipston on Stour, Worcestershire Extract / postcode
NS2013 CV36 Shipston on Stour, Worcestershire Postcode
25/13 Original SHIOR Shiremoor, Northumberland Extract code
1972 Spare
1976 L2sc Liverpool 2 District code
NS2013 Spare
25/14 Original SHOEA Shoreham-by-Sea, East Sussex Extract code
1988 SHOEA, BN43 Shoreham-by-Sea, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 BN43 Shoreham-by-Sea, East Sussex Postcode
25/15 Original SHOTS Shotts, Lanarkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/16 Original SIDUP Sidcup, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) SIDUP, DA14 Sidcup, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
25/17 Original SIDTH Sidmouth, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/18 Original SITNE Sittingbourne, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) ME9 Sittingbourne, Kent Postcode
NS2013 Spare
PU1996 has ME9 at both 14/36 and 25/18. Since the latter is apparently shared with the SITNE extract, it appears to be the correct allocation
25/19 Original SKESS Skegness, Lincolnshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) SKESS, PE24 Skegness, Lincolnshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
25/20 Original SKELE Skelmersdale, Lancashire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/21 Original SKEIE Skelmorlie, Ayrshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/22 Original SKENE Skene, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) SKENE, AB32 Skene, Aberdeenshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB32 Skene, Aberdeenshire Postcode
Aberdeen recoded in 1990
25/23 Original SKION Skipton, North Yorkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/24 Original SLERD, NG34 Sleaford, Lincolnshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 NG34 Sleaford, Lincolnshire Postcode
25/25 Original SLOGH Slough, Berkshire Extract code
197X? Spare
1976 L3sc Liverpool 3 District code
NS2013 NG70 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
NG70 allocated for Special Business Reply Service
25/26 Original SMECK Smethwick, Staffordshire Extract code
1976 Spare
19XX G59 Glasgow
G59 allocated for large user Littlewoods
25/27 Original SNOND Snodland, Kent Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/28 Original SOLLL Solihull, West Midlands Extract code
1996 (Apr) SOULL, B90 Solihull, West Midlands Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
25/29 Original SOMON, TA11 Somerton, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA11 Somerton, Somerset Postcode
25/30 Original SOULL Southall, Middlesex
Southwell, Nottinghamshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
25/31 Original SOUNT South Brent, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/32 Original SOUON South Croydon, Surrey
South Molton, Devon
South Petherton, Somerset
South Ockendon, Essex
Southampton, Hampshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
SOsc (42/01) preferred for Southampton
25/33 Original SOUER Southminster, Essex Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/34 Original ?
197X G79 Glasgow
Possibly originally meant for SOUET (South Benfleet, Essex, a post town in 1959) or another abandoned allocation. G79 was allocated for the Inland Revenue office
25/35 Original ?
1970 CA10, CA11 Penrith, Cumbria Shared postcode
NS2013 CA10 Penrith, Cumbria Postcode
Possibly originally meant for SOUET (South Benfleet, Essex, a post town in 1959) or another abandoned allocation
25/36 Original SOURT Southport, Merseyside Extract code
1996 (Apr) SOURT, PR8 Southport, Merseyside Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
25/37 Original SOURY South Queensferry, West Lothian Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/38 Original SOUEA Southsea, Hampshire
Southend on Sea, Essex
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
25/39 Original SOUDS South Shields, Tyne and Wear Extract code
1996 (Apr) SOUDS, NE33 South Shields, Tyne and Wear Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
25/40 Original SOULD Southwold, Suffolk Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/41 Original SOWGE Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/42 Original SPANG Spalding, Lincolnshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) SPANG, PE11 Spalding, Lincolnshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
25/43 Original SPEGE, PH34 Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH34 Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire Postcode
25/44 Original SPEOR Spennymor, Co.Durham Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/45 Original SPIBY, PE23 Spilsby, Lincolnshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PE23 Spilsby, Lincolnshire Postcode
25/46 Original STARD Stafford, Staffordshire
Stamford, Lincolnshire
Ambiguous extract
1996 (Apr) STARD, ST16 Stafford, Staffordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
25/47 Original STAGE Stalybridge, Derbyshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/48 Original STAPE, SS17 Stanford le Hope, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 SS17 Stanford le Hope, Essex Postcode
25/49 Original STAEY Stanley, Co.Durham Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/50 Original STARE Stanmore, Middlesex Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/51 Original STAED, CM24 Stansted, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 CM24 Stansted, Essex Postcode
25/52 Original STEGE, SGsc Stevenage, Hertfordshire Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) STEGE, SG1 Stevenage, Hertfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
25/53 Original STEON Stevenston, Ayrshire Extract code
NS2013 SS22 Postcode
25/54 Original STENG Steyning, West Sussex Extract code
1988 STENG, BN44 Steyning, West Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 BN44 Steyning, West Sussex Postcode
BN4 area of Brighton recoded
25/55 Original STING Stirling, Stirlingshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) STING, FK7 Stirling, Stirlingshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
25/56 Original STOGE Stockbridge, Hampshire
Stourbridge, West Midlands
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
25/57 Original STOLD Stocksfield, Northumberland Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/58 Original STOON Stockton (-on-Tees), Co.Durham
Stoke Sub Hamdon, Somerset
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
25/59 Original STONE Stone, Staffordshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/60 Original STOEN Stonehaven, Kincardineshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/61 Original STOSE Stonehouse, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/62 Original STOAY, PA87 Stornaway, Isle of Lewis Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA87 Stornaway, Isle of Lewis Postcode
25/63 Original STORN Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
25/64 Original PHsc Perth, Perthshire Shortcode
NS2013 LE67? Coalville, Ibstock, and Markfield, Leicestershire Postcode
PERTH extract ambiguous with Perranporth. NS2013 has both 25/64 and 26/64 as LE67 - presumably one is a typo
26/01 Original IPsc, IPSCH Ipswich, Suffolk Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) IPSCH, IP1 Ipswich, Suffolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
26/02 Original BT64, BT65 Craigavon, Co.Armagh Shared postcode
NS2013 BT64 Craigavon, Co.Armagh Postcode
26/03 Original BT66, BT67 Lurgan, Co.Armagh Shared postcode
NS2013 BT66 Lurgan, Co.Armagh Postcode
26/04 Original BT70, BT71 Dungannon, Co.Tyrone Shared postcode
NS2013 BT70 Dungannon, Co.Tyrone Postcode
26/05 Original STOOW Stow, Midlothian Extract code
197X Spare
1978 WDsc Watford, Hertfordshire Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
WDsc separated from 48/01 WDsc/WATRD and moved to new code when WATRD became ambiguous with Waterford, Eire
26/06 Original STOET Stowmarket, Suffolk Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/07 Original STRNE, BT82 Strabane, Co.Tyrone Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT82 Strabane, Co.Tyrone Postcode
26/08 Original STRUR, PA27 Strachur, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA27 Strachur, Argyllshire Postcode
26/09 Original STRER Stranraer, Wigtownshire
Strathpeffer, Ross-shire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
26/10 Original STRON Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire
Strathdon, Aberdeenshire
Strathcarron, Ross-shire
[1978] Straffan Station, Co.Kildare (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
26/11 Original STREN Strathaven, Lanarkshire
Strichen, Aberdeenshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
26/12 Original STRLO Strathmiglo, Fife Extract code
NS2013 M46 Manchester Postcode
26/13 Original STRAY Strathtay, Perthshire Extract code
NS2013 BN99 Brighton, East Sussex
BN99 allocated for Equiniti Limited (formerly Lloyds TSB Registrars)
26/14 Original STRRE Strathyre, Perthshire Extract code
1976 Spare
1978 DB17sc Dublin 17 District code
NS2013 M38 Manchester Postcode
26/15 Original STRET, BA16 Street, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 BA16 Street, Somerset Postcode
26/16 Original STRRY, IV53 Strome Ferry, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV53 Strome Ferry, Ross-shire Postcode
26/17 Original STRSS, KW16 Stromness, Orkney Extract / postcode
NS2013 KW16 Stromness, Orkney Postcode
26/18 Original STRUD Stroud, Gloucestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) STRUD, GL5 Stroud, Gloucestershire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
26/19 Original STRAN Struan ??, Isle of Skye Extract code
1959 Spare
1976 L6sc Liverpool 6 District code
NS2013 Spare
Unclear what this code was used for originally
26/20 Original STUEY Studley, Warwickshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/21 Original STUON, DT10 Sturminster Newton, Dorset Extract / postcode
NS2013 DT10 Sturminster Newton, Dorset Postcode
26/22 Original SUDRY Sudbury, Suffolk Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/23 Original SUNES Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/24 Original SUNND Sunderland, Tyne and Wear Extract code
1970 CA13 Cockermouth Postcode
Late postcode - 53/01 short/extract code used for Sunderland
26/25 Original SURON Surbiton, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) SURON, KT5 Surbiton, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
26/26 Original SUTLD Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire
Sutton in Ashfield, Derbyshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
26/27 Original SWAAM, PE37 Swaffham, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 PE37 Swaffham, Norfolk Postcode
26/28 Original SWAGE Swanage, Dorset Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/29 Original SWAEY Swanley, Kent Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/30 Original SWABE Swanscombe, Kent Extract code
NS2013 BN88 Brighton, East Sussex
BN88 allocated for American Express
26/31 Original SWION, SNsc Swindon, Wiltshire Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) SWION, SN1 Swindon, Wiltshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
26/32 Original TADER Tadcaster, North Yorkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/33 Original TADTH, KT20 Tadworth, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 KT20 Tadworth, Surrey Postcode
26/34 Original TAIIN, IV19 Tain, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV19 Tain, Ross-shire Postcode
26/35 Original TALAU, LL47 Talsarnau, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL47 Talsarnau, Gwynedd Postcode
26/36 Original TALNT Talybont, Dyfed
Talybont, Gwynedd
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
26/37 Original TAMTH Tamworth, Staffordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) TAMTH, B77 Tamworth, Staffordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
26/38 Original TARRT Tarbert, Argyllshire Extract code
198X Spare?
NS2013 Spare
26/39 Original TARND Tarland, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1974 Spare
1976 L8sc Liverpool 8 District code
NS2013 Spare
26/40 Original TAREY Tarporley, Cheshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/41 Original TARIG, IV46 Tarskavaig, Isle of Skye Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV46 Tarskavaig, Isle of Skye Postcode
26/42 Original TARES, L8sc Tarves, Aberdeenshire Extract / shortcode
NS2013 Spare
26/43 Original TAUON, TAsc Taunton, Somerset Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) TAUON, TA1 Taunton, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
26/44 Original TAVCK Tavistock, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/45 Original TAYLT, PA35 Taynuilt, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA35 Taynuilt, Argyllshire Postcode
26/46 Original TAYRT Tayport, Fife Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/47 Original TEAUE, IV44 Teangue, Isle of Skye Extract / postcode
1983 IV44 Teangue, Isle of Skye Postcode
26/48 Original TEDON Teddington, Middlesex Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/49 Original TEITH Teignmouth, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/50 Original TEMBE Templecombe, Somerset Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/51 Original TENLS Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/52 Original TENBY, SA70 Tenby, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA70 Tenby, Dyfed Postcode
26/53 Original TENEN, TN30 Tenterden, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN30 Tenterden, Kent Postcode
26/54 Original TETRY Tetbury, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/55 Original TEWRY Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/56 Original THAME Thame, Oxfordshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/57 Original THAON Thames Ditton, Surrey Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/58 Original THERD Thetford, Norfolk Extract code
1978 THERD Thetford, Norfolk
The Ward, Co.Dublin (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
26/59 Original THISK Thirsk, North Yorkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/60 Original THOLL Thornhill, Dumfries-shire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/61 Original THOON Thornton, Fife Extract code
1978 DB18sc Dublin 18 District code
NS2013 M41 Postcode
26/62 Original THOTH Thornton Heath, Surrey Extract code
1989 THOTH, CR7 Thornton Heath, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 CR7 Thornton Heath, Surrey Postcode
CR4 area split 1989, Thornton Heath part became CR7 and shared binary with THOTH extract
26/63 Original THUSO Thurso, Caithness Extract code
NS2013 Spare
26/64 Original UBsc Southall, Middlesex Shortcode
NS2013 LE67? Coalville, Ibstock, and Markfield, Leicestershire Postcode
SOULL (25/30) ambiguous so not combined with shortcode. NS2013 has both 25/64 and 26/64 as LE67 - presumably one is a typo
27/01 Original KTsc, KINES Kingston upon Thames, Surrey Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) KINES, KT1 Kingston upon Thames, Surry Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
27/02 Original BT72, BT73, BT74 Enniskillen, Co.Fermanagh Shared postcode
NS2013 Spare
27/03 Original BT78, BT79 Omagh, Co.Tyrone Shared postcode
NS2013 BT78 Omagh, Co.Tyrone Postcode
27/04 Original PE36 Hunstanton, Norfolk Postcode
27/05 Original TIDTH, SP9 Tidworth, Hampshire Extract code
NS2013 SP9 Tidworth, Hampshire Postcode
27/06 Original TIGCH Tighnabruaich, Argyllshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/07 Original TILRY Tilbury, Essex
Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
27/08 Original TINEL, PL34 Tintagel, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 PL34 Tintagel, Cornwall Postcode
27/09 Original TIPON Tipton, West Midlands Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/10 Original TIRAN, PA69 Tiroran, Isle of Mull Extract / postcode
1983 PA69 Tiroran, Isle of Mull Postcode
27/11 Original TIVON Tiverton, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/12 Original TOBRY, PA75 Tobermory, Isle of Mull Extract / postcode
1983 PA75 Tobermory, Isle of Mull Postcode
27/13 Original TODEN Todmorden, Lancashire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/14 Original TOMIN, IV13 Tomatin, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV13 Tomatin, Inverness-shire Postcode
27/15 Original TONGE Tonbridge, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) TONGE, TN10 Tonbridge, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
27/16 Original TONDY Tonypandy, Mid Glamorgan Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/17 Original TOOGE Toomebridge, Co.Antrim Extract code
1973 Spare
1976 L9sc Liverpool 9 District code
NS2013 Spare
27/18 Original TORRE Tore, Ross-shire Extract code
1972? Spare
1976 L10sc Liverpool 10 District code
NS2013 Spare
27/19 Original TORSK, PA74 Torloisk, Isle of Mull Extract / postcode
1976 PA74 Torloisk, Isle of Mull Postcode
27/20 Original TORNS Torphins, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1978 DB19sc Dublin 19 District code
NS2013 M45 Manchester Postcode
27/21 Original TORNT Torpoint, Cornwall Extract code
1996 (Apr) TORNT, PL10 Torpoint, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
27/22 Original TORAY Torquay, Devon Extract code
1972 CA14 Workington, Cumbria Postcode
1996 (Apr) CA14, WORON Workington, Cumbria Postcode / extract
TORAY combined with TQsc at 09/01 from 1972
27/23 Original TORON Torrington, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/24 Original TOTAY, PO39 Totland Bay, Isle of Wight Extract / postcode
NS2013 PO39 Totland Bay, Isle of Wight Postcode
27/25 Original TOTES Totnes, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/26 Original TOWER Towcester, Northamptonshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/27 Original TOWYN Towyn, Gwynedd Extract code
1969 Spare
1976 W2sc London W2 District code
1978 CLOLA Clonsilla, Co.Dublin (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 M90 Manchester Postcode
M90 was allocated for Manchester Airport
27/28 Original TRANT Tranent, East Lothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) TRANT, EH33 Tranent, East Lothian Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
27/29 Original TREAR Tredegar, Gwent Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/30 Original TREIW, LL27 Trefriw, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL27 Trefriw, Gwynedd Postcode
27/31 Original TREON Tregaron, Dyfed Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/32 Original TREIS Treharris, Mid Glamorgan Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/33 Original TREHY Treorchy, Mid Glamorgan Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/34 Original TRECO, TR24 Tresco, Scilly Extract / postcode
NS2013 TR24 Tresco, Scilly Postcode
27/35 Original TRION Trimdon Station, Co.Durham Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/36 Original TRING, HP23 Tring, Hertfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 HP23 Tring, Hertfordshire Postcode
27/37 Original TROON Troon, Ayrshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/38 Original TROGE Trowbridge, Wiltshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/39 Original TRURO, TRsc Truro, Cornwall Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) TRURO, TR1 Truro, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
27/40 Original TULCK? Tullock, Inverness-shire Extract code
1960? Spare
1976 L12sc Liverpool 12 District code
NS2013 Spare
Unclear what this code was used for originally
27/41 Original TUNLS, TNsc Tunbridge Wells, Kent Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) TUNLS, TN1 Tunbridge Wells, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
27/42 Original TURFF Turriff, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) TURFF, AB53 Turriff, Aberdeenshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB53 Turriff, Aberdeenshire Postcode
Aberdeen recoded in 1990
27/43 Original TWIAM, TWsc Twickenham, Middlesex Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) TWIAM, TW1 Twickenham, Middlesex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
27/44 Original TYCES, LL63 Tycroes, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL63 Tycroes, Gwynedd Postcode
27/45 Original TYNAD Tynehead, Midlothian Extract code
1971? Spare
1976 L13sc Liverpool 13 District code
NS2013 Spare
27/46 Original TYNGL, LL74 Tynygongl, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL74 Tynygongl, Gwynedd Postcode
27/47 Original UCKLD, TN22 Uckfield, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN22 Uckfield, East Sussex Postcode
27/48 Original UDNNY Udny, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1974 Spare
1976 L14sc Liverpool 14 District code
NS2013 Spare
27/49 Original ULBER, KW2 Ulbster, Caithness Extract / postcode
1976 KW2 Ulbster, Caithness Postcode
27/50 Original ULCBY Ulceby, South Humberside Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/51 Original ULLOL, IV26 Ullapool, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV26 Ullapool, Ross-shire Postcode
27/52 Original ULVRY, PA73 Ulva Ferry, Isle of Mull Extract / postcode
1976 PA73 Ulva Ferry, Isle of Mull Postcode
27/53 Original ULVON, LA12 Ulverston, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 LA12 Ulverston, Cumbria Postcode
27/54 Original UMBGH Umberleigh, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/55 Original UPMER Upminster, Essex Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/56 Original UPPDS Upperlands, Co.Londonderry Extract code
1973 Spare
1976 L16sc Liverpool 16 District code
NS2013 Spare
27/57 Original UPPAM Uppingham, Leicestershire Extract code
1978 DB20sc Dublin 20 District code
NS2013 HP21 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Postcode
27/58 Original USKSK Usk, Gwent Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/59 Original UTTER Uttoxeter, Staffordshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
27/60 Original UXBGE Uxbridge, Middlesex Extract code
1996 (Apr) UXBGE, UB8 Uxbridge, Middlesex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
PU1996 has UB8 at both 03/29 and 27/60. Since the latter is apparently shared with the UXBGE extract, it appears to be the correct allocation
27/61 Original VENOR, PO38 Ventnor, Isle of Wight Extract / postcode
NS2013 PO38 Ventnor, Isle of Wight Postcode
27/62 Original VIRER, GU25 Virginia Water, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU25 Virginia Water, Surrey Postcode
27/63 Original WADGE, PL27 Wadebridge, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 PL27 Wadebridge, Cornwall Postcode
27/64 Original SP8 Gillingham, Dorset Postcode
NS2013 SP10 Andover, Hampshire Postcode
28/01 Original LEsc, LEIER Leicester, Leicestershire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) LEIER, LE1 Leicester, Leicestershire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/02 Original SO20 Southampton, Hampshire Postcode
28/03 Original SO21, SO22, SO23 Winchester, Hampshire Shared postcode
NS2013 SO21 Winchester, Hampshire Postcode
28/04 Original NG25 Southwell, Nottinghamshire Postcode
28/05 Original WADST, TN5 Wadhurst, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN5 Wadhurst, East Sussex Postcode
28/06 Original WAKLD, WFsc Wakefield, West Yorkshire Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) WAKLD, WF1 Wakefield, West Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/07 Original WALRN Walkerburn, Peebles-shire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/08 Original WALEY Wallasey, Merseyside
Waltham Abbey, Essex
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
28/09 Original WALRD, OX10 Wallingford, Oxfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 OX10 Wallingford, Oxfordshire Postcode
28/10 Original WALON Wallington, Surrey
Walton, Essex
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
28/11 Original WALND Wallsend, Tyne and Wear Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/12 Original WALLL Walsall, Staffordshire Extract code
1971 Spare
1972 CA23 Cleator, Cumbria Postcode
Code became surplus when WALLL was combined with 06/01 WSsc
28/13 Original WALAM, NR22 Walsingham, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 NR22 Walsingham, Norfolk Postcode
28/14 Original WALSS Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WALSS, EN7 Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/15 Original WALES Walton on Thames, Surrey Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/16 Original WALZE Walton on the Naze, Essex Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/17 Original WANGE, OX12 Wantage, Berkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 OX12 Wantage, Berkshire Postcode
28/18 Original WARRE Ware, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WARRE, SG11 Ware, Hertfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/19 Original WARAM Wareham, Dorset
Warlingham, Surrey
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
28/20 Original WARER Warminster, Wiltshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/21 Original WARON Warrington, Lancashire Extract code
1972 CA25 Cleator Moor, Cumbria Postcode
Code became surplus when WARON was combined with 46/64 WAsc
28/22 Original WARCK Warwick, Warwickshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WARCK, CV34 Warwick, Warwickshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/23 Original WASON Washington, Tyne and Wear Extract code
1996 (Apr) WASON, NE37 Washington, Tyne and Wear Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/24 Original WATET, TA23 Watchet, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA23 Watchet, Somerset Postcode
28/25 Original WEDRE Wedmore, Somerset Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/26 Original WEDRY Wednesbury, West Midlands Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/27 Original WELNG Welling, Kent Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/28 Original WELGH Wellingborough, Northamptonshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WELGH, NN8 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/29 Original WELON Wellington, Somerset
[to 1972] Wellington, Shropshire
Ambiguous extract
1972 WELON Wellington, Somerset Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/30 Original WELEA Wells next the Sea, Norfolk Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/31 Original WELLS Wells, Norfolk
Wells, Somerset
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
28/32 Original WELOL Welshpool, Powys Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/33 Original WELYN, AL6 Welwyn, Hertfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AL6 Welwyn, Hertfordshire Postcode
28/34 Original WELTY Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WELTY, AL7 Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/35 Original WEMAY Wemyss Bay, Renfrewshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/36 Original WESCH West Bromwich, West Midlands Extract code
1996 (Apr) WESCH, B70 West Bromwich, West Midlands Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/37 Original WESRY Westbury, Wiltshire
Westbury [Westbury-on-Severn], Gloucestershire (False)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
28/38 Original WESEN Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 BA13 Westbury, Wiltshire Postcode
BA13 originally allocated to 53/13. As 28/37 was the (ambiguous) extract for Westbury, possibly NS2013 entry for BA13 at 28/38 is a typo?
28/39 Original WESER West Calder, Midlothian Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/40 Original WESEA Westcliff on Sea, Essex
Westgate on Sea, Kent
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
28/41 Original WESON West Drayton, Middlesex
West Linton, Peebles-shire
Weston (-super-Mare), Somerset (Alternative)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
28/42 Original WESAM Westerham, Kent
West Wickham, Kent
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
28/43 Original WESOL West Hartlepool, Co.Durham Extract code
197X Spare
1976 L17sc Liverpool 17 District code
NS2013 Spare
Alternative for Hartlepool (11/18) no longer used
28/44 Original WESDE West Kilbride, Ayrshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/45 Original WESRE Weston-super-Mare, Somerset Extract code
1996 (Apr) WESRE, BS22 Weston-super-Mare, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/46 Original WETBY Wetherby, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WETBY, LS22 Wetherby, West Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/47 Original WEYGE Weybridge, Surrey Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/48 Original WEYTH Weymouth, Dorset Extract code
1996 (Apr) WEYTH, DT3 Weymouth, Dorset Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/49 Original WHIBY Whitby, North Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WHIBY, YO21 Whitby, North Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/50 Original WHICH Whitchurch, Hampshire
Whitchurch, Shropshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
28/51 Original WHINS Whitecairns, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976 Spare
1976 L18sc Liverpool 18 District code
NS2013 Spare
28/52 Original WHIEN, CA28 Whitehaven, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 CA28 Whitehaven, Cumbria Postcode
28/53 Original WHIAD Whitehead, Co.Antrim Extract code
1973 Spare
1976 L19sc Liverpool 19 District code
NS2013 Spare
28/54 Original WHIND, SA34 Whitland, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA34 Whitland, Dyfed Postcode
28/55 Original WHIAY Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear Extract code
1996 (Apr) WHIAY, NE25 Whitley Bay, Northumberland Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/56 Original WHILE, CT5 Whitstable, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 CT5 Whitstable, Kent Postcode
28/57 Original WHYFE Whyteleafe, Surrey Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/58 Original WICCK, KW1, KWsc Wick, Caithness Extract / postcode / shortcode
NS2013 KW1 Wick, Caithness Postcode
28/59 Original WICRD Wickford, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) WICRD, SS11 Wickford, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/60 Original WIDES Widnes, Cheshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/61 Original WIGAN, WNsc Wigan, Lancashire Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) WIGAN, WN1 Wigan, Lancashire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
28/62 Original WIGON Wigton, Cumbria Extract code
NS2013 Spare
28/63 Original WIGWN Wigtown, Wigtownshire Extract code
1976 Spare
1976 HMSsc HM Ships Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
28/64 Original SP10, SP11 Andover, Hampshire Shared postcode
NS2013 TA8 Burnham on Sea, Somerset Postcode
TA8 originally allocated to 29/64
29/01 Original TSsc, MIDGH Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) MIDGH TS1 Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/02 Original TA1, TA2 Taunton, Somerset Shared postcode
NS2013 TA1 Taunton, Somerset Postcode
29/03 Original TA3, TA4 Taunton, Somerset Shared postcode
NS2013 TA3 Taunton, Somerset Postcode
29/04 Original TA21 Wellington, Somerset Postcode
1996 (Apr) TA21, WELON Wellington, Somerset Postcode / extract
29/05 Original WILLL Willenhall, West Midlands Extract code
1996 (Apr) WILLL, WV12 Willenhall, West Midlands Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/06 Original WILOW Wilmslow, Cheshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/07 Original WIMNE Wimborne, Dorset Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/08 Original WINON Wincanton, Somerset Extract code
NS2013 XY98 TEST CODE Engineering test code
29/09 Original WINGH Winkleigh, Devon
[to 1977] Winchburgh, West Lothian
Ambiguous extract
1977 WINGH Winkleigh, Devon Extract code
NS2013 XY99 TEST CODE Engineering test code
29/10 Original WINEA, TN36 Winchelsea, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN36 Winchelsea, East Sussex Postcode
29/11 Original WINER Winchester, Hampshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WINER, SO21 Winchester, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/12 Original WINRE, LA23 Windermere, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 LA23 Windermere, Cumbria Postcode
29/13 Original WINAM, GU20 Windlesham, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU20 Windlesham, Surrey Postcode
29/14 Original WINOR Windsor, Berkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/15 Original WINTE Wingate, Co.Durham Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/16 Original WINBE Winscombe, Somerset Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/17 Original WINRD Winsford, Cheshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/18 Original WIRAL Wirral, Merseyside Extract code
1996 (Apr) WIRAL, L46 Wirral, Merseyside Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/19 Original ? Extract code
1972 CA26 Frizington, Cumbria Postcode
Original assignation unknown
29/20 Original WISCH Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WISCH, PE13 Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IG8 Woodford Green, Essex Postcode
WOOEN/IG8 was previously 29/29 which is on NS2013 as spare
29/21 Original WISAW Wishaw, Lanarkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/22 Original WITAM Witham, Essex Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/23 Original WITEA Withernsea, North Humberside Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/24 Original WITEY Witney, Oxfordshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/25 Original WOKNG Woking, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) WOKNG, GU21 Woking, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/26 Original WOKAM Wokingham, Berkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WOKAM, RG40 Wokingham, Berkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/27 Original WOLON Wolverhampton, West Midlands
[to 1973] Wolverton, Buckinghamshire
Ambiguous extract
1973? WOLON, WVsc Wolverhampton, West Midlands Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) WOLON, WV1 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
WOLON extract (29/27) was ambiguous until 1973, after which WVsc (originally 50/01) was moved to that code
29/28 Original WOOGE Woodbridge, Suffolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) WOOGE, IP12 Woodbridge, Suffolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/29 Original WOOEN, IG8 Woodford Green, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/30 Original WOOPA Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/31 Original WOOBE Woolacombe, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/32 Original WOOER, NE71 Wooler, Northumberland Extract / postcode
NS2013 NE71 Wooler, Northumberland Postcode
29/33 Original WORER Worcester, Worcestershire Extract code
1972 CF33 Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
WORER extract combined with WRsc 56/01 in 1972
29/34 Original WORRK Worcester Park, Surrey Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/35 Original WORON Workington, Cumbria Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/36 Original WOROP Worksop, Nottinghamshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WOROP, S80 Worksop, Nottinghamshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/37 Original WORNG Worthing, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) WORNG, BN11 Worthing, West Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/38 Original WOTGE Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 CA95 Workington, Cumbria
29/39 Original WREAM Wrexham, Clwyd Extract code
1996 (Apr) WREAM, LL11 Wrexham, Clwyd Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/40 Original WYLAM Wylam, Northumberland Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/41 Original WYMAM, NR18 Wymondham, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 NR18 Wymondham, Norfolk Postcode
29/42 Original YARRM Yarm, North Yorkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/43 Original YARTH Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
(Great) Yarmouth, Norfolk (False)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
29/44 Original YELON Yelverton, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/45 Original YEOIL Yeovil, Somerset Extract code
1996 (Apr) YEOIL, BA20 Yeovil, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
29/46 Original YSTIG Ystrad Meurig, Dyfed Extract code
NS2013 Spare
29/47 Original YTHNK Ythanbank, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1971? Spare
1976 L22sc Liverpool 22 District code
NS2013 Spare
29/48 Original N1, N1sc London N1 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N1 London N1 Postcode
29/49 Original N2, N2sc London N2 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N2 London N2 Postcode
29/50 Original N3, N3sc London N3 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N3 London N3 Postcode
29/51 Original N4, N4sc London N4 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N4 London N4 Postcode
29/52 Original N5, N5sc London N5 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N5 London N5 Postcode
29/53 Original N6, N6sc London N6 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N6 London N6 Postcode
29/54 Original N7, N7sc London N7 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N7 London N7 Postcode
29/55 Original N8, N8sc London N8 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N8 London N8 Postcode
29/56 Original N9, N9sc London N9 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N9 London N9 Postcode
29/57 Original N10, N10sc London N10 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N10 London N10 Postcode
29/58 Original N11, N11sc London N11 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N11 London N11 Postcode
29/59 Original N12, N12sc London N12 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N12 London N12 Postcode
29/60 Original N13, N13sc London N13 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N13 London N13 Postcode
29/61 Original N14, N14sc London N14 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N14 London N14 Postcode
29/62 Original N15, N15sc London N15 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N15 London N15 Postcode
29/63 Original N16, N16sc London N16 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N16 London N16 Postcode
29/64 Original TA8 Burnham on Sea, Somerset Postcode
1996 (Apr) TA8, BUREA Burnham on Sea, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA5 Bridgwater, Somerset Postcode
30/01 Original NPsc Newport, Gwent Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
NEWRT extract 17/36 ambiguous
30/02 Original BT27, BT28 Lisburn, Co.Antrim Shared postcode
NS2013 BT27 Lisburn, Co.Antrim Postcode
30/03 Original NG22, NG23, NG24 Newark, Nottinghamshire Shared postcode
NS2013 NG22 Newark, Nottinghamshire Postcode
30/04 Original NG31, NG32, NG33 Grantham, Lincolnshire Shared postcode
NS2013 NG31 Grantham, Lincolnshire Postcode
30/05 Original N17, N17sc London N17 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N17 London N17 Postcode
30/06 Original N18, N18sc London N18 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N18 London N18 Postcode
30/07 Original N19, N19sc London N19 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N19 London N19 Postcode
30/08 Original N20, N20sc London N20 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N20 London N20 Postcode
30/09 Original N21, N21sc London N21 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N21 London N21 Postcode
30/10 Original N22, N22sc London N22 Postcode / district code
NS2013 N22 London N22 Postcode
30/11 Original NW1, NW1sc London NW1 Postcode / district code
NS2013 NW1 London NW1 Postcode
30/12 Original NW2, NW2sc London NW2 Postcode / district code
NS2013 NW2 London NW2 Postcode
30/13 Original NW3, NW3sc London NW3 Postcode / district code
NS2013 NW3 London NW3 Postcode
30/14 Original NW4, NW4sc London NW4 Postcode / district code
NS2013 NW4 London NW4 Postcode
30/15 Original NW5, NW5sc London NW5 Postcode / district code
NS2013 NW5 London NW5 Postcode
30/16 Original NW6, NW6sc London NW6 Postcode / district code
NS2013 NW6 London NW6 Postcode
30/17 Original NW7, NW7sc London NW7 Postcode / district code
NS2013 NW7 London NW7 Postcode
30/18 Original NW8, NW8sc London NW8 Postcode / district code
NS2013 NW8 London NW8 Postcode
30/19 Original NW9, NW9sc London NW9 Postcode / district code
NS2013 NW9 London NW9 Postcode
30/20 Original NW10, NW10sc London NW10 Postcode / district code
NS2013 NW10 London NW10 Postcode
30/21 Original NW11, NW11sc London NW11 Postcode / district code
NS2013 NW11 London NW11 Postcode
30/22 Original SE1, SE1sc London SE1 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE1 London SE1 Postcode
30/23 Original SE2, SE2sc London SE2 Postcode / district code
NS2013 Spare
30/24 Original SE3, SE3sc London SE3 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE3 London SE3 Postcode
30/25 Original SE4, SE4sc London SE4 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE4 London SE4 Postcode
30/26 Original SE5, SE5sc London SE5 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE5 London SE5 Postcode
30/27 Original SE6, SE6sc London SE6 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE6 London SE6 Postcode
30/28 Original SE7, SE7sc London SE7 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE7 London SE7 Postcode
30/29 Original SE8, SE8sc London SE8 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE8 London SE8 Postcode
30/30 Original SE9, SE9sc London SE9 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE9 London SE9 Postcode
30/31 Original SE10, SE10sc London SE10 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE10 London SE10 Postcode
30/32 Original SE11, SE11sc London SE11 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE11 London SE11 Postcode
30/33 Original SE12, SE12sc London SE12 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE12 London SE12 Postcode
30/34 Original SE13, SE13sc London SE13 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE13 London SE13 Postcode
30/35 Original SE14, SE14sc London SE14 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE14 London SE14 Postcode
30/36 Original SE15, SE15sc London SE15 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE15 London SE15 Postcode
30/37 Original SE16, SE16sc London SE16 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE16 London SE16 Postcode
30/38 Original SE17, SE17sc London SE17 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE17 London SE17 Postcode
30/39 Original SE18, SE18sc London SE18 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE18 London SE18 Postcode
30/40 Original SE19, SE19sc London SE19 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE19 London SE19 Postcode
30/41 Original SE20, SE20sc London SE20 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE20 London SE20 Postcode
30/42 Original SE21, SE21sc London SE21 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE21 London SE21 Postcode
30/43 Original SE22, SE22sc London SE22 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE22 London SE22 Postcode
30/44 Original SE23, SE23sc London SE23 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE23 London SE23 Postcode
30/45 Original SE24, SE24sc London SE24 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE24 London SE24 Postcode
30/46 Original SE25, SE25sc London SE25 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE25 London SE25 Postcode
30/47 Original SE26, SE26sc London SE26 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE26 London SE26 Postcode
30/48 Original SE27, SE27sc London SE27 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE27 London SE27 Postcode
30/49 Original SE99 London SE Postcode
Large user
30/50 Original SW1, SW1sc London SW1 Postcode / district code
NS2013 Spare
30/51 Original SW2, SW2sc London SW2 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW2 London SW2 Postcode
30/52 Original SW3, SW3sc London SW3 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW3 London SW3 Postcode
30/53 Original SW4, SW4sc London SW4 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW4 London SW4 Postcode
30/54 Original SW5, SW5sc London SW5 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW5 London SW5 Postcode
30/55 Original SW6, SW6sc London SW6 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW6 London SW6 Postcode
30/56 Original SW7, SW7sc London SW7 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW7 London SW7 Postcode
30/57 Original SW8, SW8sc London SW8 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW8 London SW8 Postcode
30/58 Original SW9, SW9sc London SW9 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW9 London SW9 Postcode
30/59 Original SW10, SW10sc London SW10 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW10 London SW10 Postcode
30/60 Original SW11, SW11sc London SW11 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW11 London SW11 Postcode
30/61 Original SW12, SW12sc London SW12 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW12 London SW12 Postcode
30/62 Original SW13, SW13sc London SW13 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW13 London SW13 Postcode
30/63 Original SW14, SW14sc London SW14 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW14 London SW14 Postcode
30/64 Original TA5, TA6, TA7 Bridgwater, Somerset Shared postcode
NS2013 BT68 Caledon, Co.Tyrone Postcode
BT68 was originally 31/64
31/01 Original NNsc Northampton, Northamptonshire Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
NORON extract (17/45) multiply ambiguous
31/02 Original NG18, NG19 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Shared postcode
NS2013 NG18 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Postcode
31/03 Original NG20 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Postcode
31/04 Original NG21 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Postcode
31/05 Original SW15, SW15sc London SW15 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW15 London SW15 Postcode
31/06 Original SW16, SW16sc London SW16 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW16 London SW16 Postcode
31/07 Original SW17, SW17sc London SW17 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW17 London SW17 Postcode
31/08 Original SW18, SW18sc London SW18 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW18 London SW18 Postcode
31/09 Original SW19, SW19sc London SW19 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW19 London SW19 Postcode
31/10 Original SW20, SW20sc London SW20 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SW20 London SW20 Postcode
31/11 Original E1, E1sc London E1 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E1 London E1 Postcode
31/12 Original E2, E2sc London E2 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E2 London E2 Postcode
31/13 Original E3, E3sc London E3 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E3 London E3 Postcode
31/14 Original E4, E4sc London E4 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E4 London E4 Postcode
31/15 Original E5, E5sc London E5 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E5 London E5 Postcode
31/16 Original E6, E6sc London E6 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E6 London E6 Postcode
31/17 Original E7, E7sc London E7 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E7 London E7 Postcode
31/18 Original E8, E8sc London E8 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E8 London E8 Postcode
31/19 Original E9, E9sc London E9 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E9 London E9 Postcode
31/20 Original E10, E10sc London E10 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E10 London E10 Postcode
31/21 Original E11, E11sc London E11 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E11 London E11 Postcode
31/22 Original E12, E12sc London E12 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E12 London E12 Postcode
31/23 Original E13, E13sc London E13 Postcode / district code
NS2013 Spare
31/24 Original E14, E14sc London E14 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E14 London E14 Postcode
31/25 Original E15, E15sc London E15 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E15 London E15 Postcode
31/26 Original E16, E16sc London E16 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E16 London E16 Postcode
31/27 Original E17, E17sc London E17 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E17 London E17 Postcode
31/28 Original E18, E18sc London E18 Postcode / district code
NS2013 E18 London E18 Postcode
31/29 Original EC1sc, EC1 London EC1
NS2013 Spare
31/30 Original EC2sc, EC2 London EC2
NS2013 Spare
31/31 Original EC3sc, EC3 London EC3
NS2013 Spare
31/32 Original EC4sc, EC4 London EC4
NS2013 Spare
31/33 Original EC99, EC9sc London EC Postcode / district code
NS2013 CF10 Cardiff Postcode
EC99 was allocated for Readers' Digest
31/34 Original EC4X, ECCsc, EC88 London EC Postcode / shortcode
NS2013 EC88 London EC
EC Competitions
31/35 Original SE28, SE28sc London SE28 Postcode / district code
NS2013 SE28 London SE28 Postcode
31/36 Original W2, W2sc London W2 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W2 London W2 Postcode
31/37 Original W3, W3sc London W3 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W3 London W3 Postcode
31/38 Original W4, W4sc London W4 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W4 London W4 Postcode
31/39 Original W5, W5sc London W5 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W5 London W5 Postcode
31/40 Original W6, W6sc London W6 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W6 London W6 Postcode
31/41 Original W7, W7sc London W7 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W7 London W7 Postcode
31/42 Original W8, W8sc London W8 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W8 London W8 Postcode
31/43 Original W9, W9sc London W9 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W9 London W9 Postcode
31/44 Original W10, W10sc London W10 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W10 London W10 Postcode
31/45 Original W11, W11sc London W11 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W11 London W11 Postcode
31/46 Original W12, W12sc London W12 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W12 London W12 Postcode
31/47 Original W13, W13sc London W13 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W13 London W13 Postcode
31/48 Original W14, W14sc London W14 Postcode / district code
NS2013 W14 London W14 Postcode
31/49 Original WC1, WC1sc London WC1 Postcode / district code
NS2013 Spare
31/50 Original WC2, WC2sc London WC2 Postcode / district code
NS2013 Spare
31/51 Original WC99 London WC Postcode
Large users
31/52 Original CF1 Cardiff Postcode
31/53 Original CF2 Cardiff Postcode
31/54 Original CF3 Cardiff Postcode
31/55 Original CF4 Cardiff Postcode
31/56 Original CF5 Cardiff Postcode
31/57 Original CF6 Barry, Penarth, South Glamorgan Postcode
31/58 Original CF7 Pontyclun, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
31/59 Original CF8 Caerphilly, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
31/60 Original NPT Newport, Gwent Postcode
198X NP9 Newport, Gwent Postcode
Old-style three-letter code originally
31/61 Original NP1 Newport, Gwent Postcode
31/62 Original NP2 Tredegar, Blackwood, Gwent Postcode
31/63 Original NP3 Abertillery, Ebbw V., Gwent Postcode
31/64 Original BT68 Caledon, Co.Tyrone Postcode
NS2013 CM11 Billericay, Essex Postcode
32/01 Original NRsc Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
NS2013 Spare
NORCH extract 17/51 ambiguous with Northwich
32/02 Original PE20, PE21 Boston, Lincolnshire Shared postcode
NS2013 PE20 Boston, Lincolnshire Postcode
32/03 Original PE22 Boston, Lincolnshire Postcode
32/04 Original PE24, PE25 Skegness, Lincolnshire Shared postcode
NS2013 PE24 Skegness, Lincolnshire Postcode
32/05 Original NP4 Pontypool, Gwent Postcode
32/06 Original NP5 Monmouth, Gwent Postcode
32/07 Original NP6 Chepstow, Gwent Postcode
1996 (Apr) NP6, CHEOW Chepstow, Gwent Postcode / extract
32/08 Original ACCON Accrington, Lancashire Extract code
NS2013 CF11 Cardiff Postcode
32/09 Original POOLE Poole, Dorset Extract code
1996 (Apr) POOLE, BH12 Poole, Dorset Extract / postcode
NS2013 CF14 Cardiff Postcode
32/10 Original HOVVE Hove, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 CF15 Cardiff Postcode
32/11 Original BECAM Beckenham, Kent Extract code
NS2013 Spare
32/12 Original WEMEY Wembley, Middlesex Extract code
1996 (Apr) WEMEY, HA0 Wembley, Middlesex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
32/13 Original STOES Stockton-on-Tees, Co.Durham Extract code
1996 (Apr) STOES, TS16 Stockton-on-Tees, Co.Durham Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
32/14 Original GOSRT Gosport, Hampshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GOSRT, PO12 Gosport, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
32/15 Original REITE Reigate, Surrey Extract code
NS2013 Spare
32/16 Original DAGAM Dagenham, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) DAGAM, RM8 Dagenham, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
32/17 Original AB9 Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire Postcode
Businesses & Large users
32/18 Original NG1 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/19 Original NG2 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/20 Original NG3 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/21 Original NG4 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/22 Original NG5 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/23 Original NG6 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/24 Original NG7 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/25 Original NG8 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/26 Original NG9 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/27 Original NG10 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/28 Original NG11 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/29 Original NG12 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/30 Original NG13 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/31 Original NG14 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/32 Original NG15 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/33 Original NG16 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/34 Original NG17 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Postcode
32/35 Original S17 Sheffield Postcode
32/36 Original S18 Sheffield Postcode
32/37 Original S19 Sheffield Postcode
32/38 Original CHAAM Chatham, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) CHAAM, ME4 Chatham, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
32/39 Original CV1 Coventry, Warwickshire Postcode
32/40 Original CV2 Coventry, Warwickshire Postcode
32/41 Original CV3 Coventry, Warwickshire Postcode
32/42 Original CV4 Coventry, Warwickshire Postcode
32/43 Original CV5 Coventry, Warwickshire Postcode
32/44 Original CV6 Coventry, Warwickshire Postcode
32/45 Original CV7 Coventry, Warwickshire Postcode
32/46 Original CV8 Kenilworth, Warwickshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) CV8, KENTH Kenilworth, Warwickshire Postcode / extract
32/47 Original LE1 Leicester, Leicestershire Postcode
32/48 Original LE2 Leicester, Leicestershire Postcode
32/49 Original LE3 Leicester, Leicestershire Postcode
32/50 Original LE4 Leicester, Leicestershire Postcode
32/51 Original LE5 Leicester, Leicestershire Postcode
32/52 Original LE6 Leicester, Leicestershire Postcode
32/53 Original LE7 Leicester, Leicestershire Postcode
32/54 Original LE8 Leicester, Leicestershire Postcode
32/55 Original LE9 Leicester, Leicestershire Postcode
32/56 Original NE13 Newcastle-on-Tyne, Tyne and Wear Postcode
32/57 Original NE14 Newcastle-on-Tyne, Tyne and Wear Postcode
NS2013 NE15 Postcode
32/58 Original BD1 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
32/59 Original BD2 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
32/60 Original BD3 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
32/61 Original BD4 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
32/62 Original BD5 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
32/63 Original BD6 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
32/64 Original CM11, CM12 Billericay, Essex Shared postcode
NS2013 CM17 Harlow, Essex Postcode