National System Binaries – pages 41 to 48

Code Date Keying(s) Place(s) Type
41/01 Original SYsc, SHRRY Shrewsbury, Shropshire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) SHRRY, SY1 Shrewsbury, Shropshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/02 Original SM1, SM2, SM3 Sutton, Surrey Shared postcode
NS2013 SM1 Sutton, Surrey Postcode
41/03 Original SM5 Carshalton, Surrey Postcode
41/04 Original SM6 Wallington, Surrey Postcode
41/05 Original ULVVA Ulva [Ulva Ferry], Isle of Mull Alternative extract
199? CF64 Penarth, South Glamorgan Postcode
41/06 Original UPMGE Upminster Bridge [Upminster], Essex Alternative extract
NS2013 Spare
41/07 Original UXBON Uxbridge Common [Uxbridge], Middlesex False extract
NS2013 Spare
41/08 Original WALNE Wallsend on Tyne [Wallsend], Tyne and Wear Alternative extract
NS2013 Spare
41/09 Original CF38 Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
41/10 Original CASNT Cas-gwent [Chepstow], Gwent Welsh extract
1976 LS1sc Leeds 1 District code
NS2013 BS29 Banwell, Somerset Postcode
41/11 Original WEMRK Wembley Park [Wembley], Middlesex False extract
NS2013 BS30 Bristol Postcode
41/12 Original NOREY North Wembley [Wembley], Middlesex False extract
NS2013 BS31 Bristol Postcode
41/13 Original CF39 Porth, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
41/14 Original CASSG Casnewydd-ar-Wysg [Newport], Gwent Welsh extract
1976 LS2sc Leeds 2 District code
NS2013 BS32 Bristol Postcode
41/15 Original WESFF Westcliff [Westcliff on Sea], Essex Alternative extract
NS2013 BS34 Bristol Postcode
41/16 Original WESTE Westgate [Westgate on Sea], Kent Alternative extract
NS2013 BS35 Bristol Postcode
41/17 Original CASYN Castellnewydd Emlyn [Newcastle Emlyn], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 LS3sc Leeds 3 District code
NS2013 BS36 Bristol Postcode
41/18 Original WIMER Wimbourne Minster [Wimbourne], Dorset Alternative extract
NS2013 BS37 Bristol Postcode
41/19 Original YARES Yarm on Tees [Yarm], North Yorkshire Alternative extract
1996 (Apr) IP21 Diss, Norfolk Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/20 Original CASDD Casnewydd [Newport], Gwent
Castell-Nedd [Neath] AEW
Welsh extract
1976 LS4sc Leeds 4 District code
1996 (Apr) CA10 Penrith, Cumbria Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/21 Original CEIDD Cei Newydd [New Quay], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 LS5sc Leeds 5 District code
1996 (Apr) YO15 Bridlington, North Humberside Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/22 Original CF40 Tonypandy, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
1996 (Apr) CF40, TONDY Tonypandy, Mid Glamorgan Postcode / extract
41/23 Original COEON Coed Duon [Blackwood], Gwent Welsh extract
1976 LS6sc Leeds 6 District code
1996 (Apr) WD1 Watford, Hertfordshire Postcode
NS2013 BS39 Bristol Postcode
41/24 Original CROLT Croesowallt [Oswestry], Shropshire Welsh extract
1976 LS7sc Leeds 7 District code
1996 (Apr) WC2A London WC Postcode
NS2013 BS40 Bristol Postcode
41/25 Original CRUEL Crucywel [Crickhowell], Powys Welsh extract
1976 LS8sc Leeds 8 District code
1996 (Apr) WC1A London WC Postcode
NS2013 BS41 Bristol Postcode
41/26 Original CYDLI Cydweli [Kidwelly], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 M1sc Manchester 1 District code
1996 (Apr) W2 London W Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/27 Original CYFNO Cyffordd Llandudno [Llandudno Junction], Gwynedd Welsh extract
1976 M2sc Manchester 2 District code
1996 (Apr) W1A London W Postcode
NS2013 BS48 Bristol Postcode
41/28 Original DINCH Dinbych [Denbigh], Clwyd Welsh extract
1976 M3sc Manchester 3 District code
1996 (Apr) UB1 Southall, Middlesex Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/29 Original DINOD Dinbich y Pysgod [Tenby], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 M4sc Manchester 4 District code
1996 (Apr) TW9? Richmond, Surrey Postcode
NS2013 Spare
PU1996 has TW9 at both 08/63 and 41/29
41/30 Original DOCRO Doc Penfro [Pembroke Dock], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 M5sc Manchester 5 District code
1996 (Apr) TW18 Staines, Middlesex Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/31 Original DOLEY Dolgelley [Dolgellau], Gwynedd Welsh extract
1976 M6sc Manchester 6 District code
1996 (Apr) TR7 Newquay, Cornwall Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/32 Original FELLI Felinheli [Port Dinorwic], Gwynedd Welsh extract
1976 M7sc Manchester 7 District code
1996 (Apr) TR5 Truro, Cornwall Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/33 Original FFLNT Fflint [Flint], Clwyd Welsh extract
1976 M8sc Manchester 8 District code
1996 (Apr) TN23 Ashford, Kent Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/34 Original FRIOG Friog, Gwynedd Welsh extract
1976 M9sc Manchester 9 District code
1996 (Apr) SW2 London SW Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/35 Original GLAWY Glandyfrdwy [Deeside], Clwyd Welsh extract
1976 M10sc Manchester 10 District code
1996 (Apr) SW1A London SW Postcode
NS2013 BS49 Bristol Postcode
41/36 Original RM18 Tilbury, Essex Postcode
41/37 Original CLOOG Clog [Glogue], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 M11sc Manchester 11 District code
1996 (Apr) SS1 Southend on Sea, Essex Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/38 Original GLYWY Glynebwy [Ebbw Vale], Gwent Welsh extract
1976 M12sc Manchester 12 District code
1996 (Apr) SO14 Southampton, Hampshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/39 Original GWDIG Gwdig [Goodwick], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 M13sc Manchester 13 District code
1996 (Apr) SM1 Sutton, Surrey Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/40 Original GWRAM Gwrecsam [Wrexham], Clwyd Welsh extract
1976 M14sc Manchester 14 District code
1996 (Apr) SK1 Stockport,Cheshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/41 Original HENAF Hendygwyn-ar-Daf [Whitland], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 M15sc Manchester 15 District code
1996 (Apr) SG13 Hertford, Hertfordshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/42 Original HWLDD Hwlffordd [Haverfordwest], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 M16sc Manchester 16 District code
1996 (Apr) SE1 London SE Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/43 Original LLAAS Llanandras [Prestigne], Powys Welsh extract
1976 M17sc Manchester 17 District code
1996 (Apr) RG14 Newbury, Berkshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/44 Original LLARI Llanddyfri [Llandovery], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 M18sc Manchester 18 District code
1996 (Apr) PO4 Southsea, Hampshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/45 Original LLAWR Llandeilo Fawr [Llandeilo], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 M19sc Manchester 19 District code
1996 (Apr) PO14 Fareham, Hampshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/46 Original LLAWY Llanelwy [St.Asaph], Clwyd Welsh extract
1976 M20sc Manchester 20 District code
1996 (Apr) PO1 Portsmouth, Hampshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/47 Original LLALT Llanfair ym Muallt [Builth Wells], Powys Welsh extract
1976 M21sc Manchester 21 District code
1996 (Apr) PH1 Perth, Perthshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/48 Original CF41 Pentre, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
1996 (Apr) CF41, PENRE Pentre, Mid Glamorgan Postcode / extract
41/49 Original MYNWY Mynwy [Monmouth], Gwent Welsh extract
1976 M22sc Manchester 22 District code
1996 (Apr) PE17 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/50 Original PADRN Padarn [Aberystwyth?], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 M23sc Manchester 23 District code
1996 (Apr) PA62 Lochbuie, Isle of Mull Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/51 Original PENRO Penfro [Pembroke], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 LS9sc Leeds 9 District code
1996 (Apr) PA30 Ardrishaig, Argyllshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
PU1996 gives both BR1 and PA30 for 41/51 - the latter seems more likely as BR1 was already allocated to 33/28
41/52 Original PENAE Pen-y-cae [Ebbw Vale], Gwent Welsh extract
1976 LS10sc Leeds 10 District code
1996 (Apr) OX15 Banbury, Oxfordshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/53 Original PONEN Pont-faen [Cowbridge], South Glamorgan Welsh extract
1976 Spare
41/54 Original POROG Porthmadog [Portmadoc], Gwynedd Welsh extract
1976 LS11sc Leeds 11 District code
1996 (Apr) OL5 Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
See also 19/06
41/55 Original PRUNE Prudhoe on Tyne [Prudhoe], Northumberland Alternative extract
1996 (Apr) NW1 London NW Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/56 Original RHUUN Rhuthun [Ruthin], Clwyd Welsh extract
1976 LS12sc Leeds 12 District code
1996 (Apr) NR1 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/57 Original RHYAN Rhydaman [Ammanford], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 LS13sc Leeds 13 District code
1996 (Apr) B72 Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/58 Original CF42 Treorchy, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
1996 (Apr) CF42, TREHY Treorchy, Mid Glamorgan Postcode / extract
41/59 Original RHYNI Rhymni [Rhymney], Gwent Welsh extract
1976 LS14sc Leeds 14 District code
1996 (Apr) BN1 Brighton, East Sussex Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/60 Original TRACH Traeth Coch [Red Wharf Bay], Gwynedd Welsh extract
1976 LS15sc Leeds 15 District code
1996 (Apr) BL1 Bolton, Lancashire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/61 Original TRANG Trallwng [Welshpool], Powys Welsh extract
1976 LS16sc Leeds 16 District code
NS2013 Spare
41/62 Original TREDD Tredegar Newydd [New Tredegar], Gwent Welsh extract
1976 LS17sc Leeds 17 District code
1996 (Apr) BT19 Bangor, Co.Down Postcode
NS2013 Spare
41/63 Original TREYN Trefaldwyn [Montgomery], Powys Welsh extract
1976 Spare
41/64 Original NN17, NN18 Corby, Northamptonshire Shared postcode
NS2013 CV34 Warwick, Warwickshire Postcode
42/01 Original SOsc Southampton, Hampshire Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
SOUON extract 25/32 ambiguous
42/02 Original CV10, CV11 Nuneaton, Warwickshire Shared postcode
NS2013 CV10 Nuneaton, Warwickshire Postcode
42/03 Original CV21, CV22, CV23 Rugby, Warwickshire Shared postcode
NS2013 CV21 Rugby, Warwickshire Postcode
42/04 Original CV31, CV32, CV33 Leamington Spa, Warwickshire Shared postcode
NS2013 CV31 Leamington Spa, Warwickshire Postcode
42/05 Original TRETH Trefdraeth [Newport], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 SE4sc London SE4 District code
1978 DB13sc Dublin 13 District code
NS2013 IM8 Ramsay, Isle of Man Postcode
42/06 Original CF43 Ferndale, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
1996 (Apr) CF43, FERLE Ferndale, Mid Glamorgan Postcode / extract
42/07 Original TREWY Trefynwy [Monmouth], Gwent Welsh extract
1976 SE10sc London SE10 District code
1978 DB14sc Dublin 14 District code
NS2013 IM2 Isle of Man Postcode
42/08 Original TYGAF Ty-Gwyn-ar-Daf [Whitland], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 N10sc London N10 District code
1978 EDERY Edenderry, Co.Offaly (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 IM3 Isle of Man Postcode
42/09 Original WYDUG Wyddgrug [Mold], Clwyd Welsh extract
1976 N14sc London N14 District code
1978 EDGWN Edgeworthstown, Co.Longford (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 IM4 Isle of Man Postcode
42/10 Original YBARI Y Barri [Barry], South Glamorgan Welsh extract
1976 SE3sc London SE3 District code
1978 ENNIS Ennis, Co.Clare (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
42/11 Original YBECH Y Benllech [Benllech], Gwynedd Welsh extract
1976 SE15sc London SE15 District code
1978 ENNHY Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
42/12 Original YBEMO Y Bermo [Barmouth], Gwynedd Welsh extract
1976 B1sc Birmingham B1 District code
1978 ENNON Ennistymon, Co.Clare (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 NR11 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
42/13 Original YBOEN Y Bont Faen [Cowbridge], South Glamorgan Welsh extract
1976 B12sc Birmingham B12 District code
1978 FEROY Fermoy, Co.Cork (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 NR13 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
42/14 Original YFELI Y Felinheli [Port Dinorwic], Gwynedd Welsh extract
1976 B15sc Birmingham B15 District code
1978 FERNS Ferns, Co.Wexford (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 NR14 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
42/15 Original YFENI Y Fenni [Abergavenny], Gwent Welsh extract
1976 B25sc Birmingham B25 District code
1978 FETRD Fethard, Co.Tipperary (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 NR15 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
42/16 Original YFROG Y Friog [Fairbourne], Gwynedd Welsh extract
1976 B29sc Birmingham B29 District code
1978 FOXRD Foxford, Co.Mayo (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 NR16 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
42/17 Original YGLOG Y Glog [Glogue], Dyfed Welsh extract
1976 E15sc London E15 District code
1978 ENNAN Enniskean, Co.Cork (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 AB14 Peterculter, Aberdeenshire Postcode
42/18 Original YRWUG Yr Wyddgrug [Mold], Clwyd Welsh extract
1976 Spare
1990 (Feb) SR88 Sunderland, large users Postcode
42/19 Original BL1 Bolton, Lancashire Postcode
42/20 Original BL2 Bolton, Lancashire Postcode
42/21 Original BL3 Bolton, Lancashire Postcode
42/22 Original BL4 Bolton, Lancashire Postcode
42/23 Original BL5 Bolton, Lancashire Postcode
42/24 Original BL6 Bolton, Lancashire Postcode
42/25 Original BL7 Bolton, Lancashire Postcode
42/26 Original BL8 Bury, Lancashire Postcode
42/27 Original BL9 Bury, Lancashire Postcode
42/28 Original BL0 Bury, Lancashire Postcode
42/29 Original HU1 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/30 Original HU2 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/31 Original HU3 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/32 Original HU4 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/33 Original HU5 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/34 Original HU6 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/35 Original HU7 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/36 Original HU8 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/37 Original HU9 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/38 Original HU10 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/39 Original HU11 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/40 Original HU12 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/41 Original HU13 Hessle, North Humberside Postcode
1996 (Apr) HU13, HESLE Hessle, North Humberside Postcode / extract
42/42 Original HU14 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
197X XY2 TEST CODE 2 Engineering test code
All even pins fired. Originally used for HU14 (now 12/27)?
42/43 Original HU15 Brough, North Humberside Postcode
1996 (Apr) HU15, BROGH Brough, North Humberside Postcode / extract
42/44 Original HU16 Cottingham, North Humberside Postcode
42/45 Original HU17 Beverley, North Humberside Postcode
1996 (Apr) HU17, BEVEY Beverley, North Humberside Postcode / extract
42/46 Original HU18 Hornsea, North Humberside Postcode
1996 (Apr) HU18, HOREA Hornsea, North Humberside Postcode / extract
42/47 Original HU19 Withernsea, North Humberside Postcode
1996 (Apr) HU19, WITEA Withernsea, North Humberside Postcode / extract
42/48 Original HU20 Hull, North Humberside Postcode
42/49 Original PE1 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Postcode
42/50 Original PE2 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Postcode
42/51 Original PE3 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Postcode
42/52 Original PE4 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Postcode
42/53 Original PE5 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Postcode
42/54 Original PE6 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Postcode
42/55 Original PE7 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Postcode
42/56 Original PE8 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Postcode
42/57 Original PE9 Stamford, Lincolnshire Postcode
42/58 Original PE10 Bourne, Lincolnshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) PE10, BOUNE Bourne, Lincolnshire Postcode / extract
42/59 Original PE11 Spalding, Lincolnshire Postcode
42/60 Original PE12 Spalding, Lincolnshire Postcode
42/61 Original PE13 Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Postcode
42/62 Original PE14 Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Postcode
42/63 Original PE15 March, Cambridgeshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) PE15, MARCH March, Cambridgeshire Postcode / extract
42/64 Original CV34, CV35 Warwick, Warwickshire Shared postcode
NS2013 CV37 Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire Postcode
43/01 Original SAsc, SWAEA Swansea, West Glamorgan Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) SWAEA, SA1 Swansea, West Glamorgan Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
43/02 Original KT17, KT18, KT19 Epsom, Surrey Shared postcode
NS2013 KT17 Epsom, Surrey Postcode
43/03 Original KT22, KT23, KT24 Leatherhead, Surrey Shared postcode
NS2013 KT22 Leatherhead, Surrey Postcode
43/04 Original TA14 Stoke Sub Hamdon, Somerset Postcode
43/05 Original PE16 Chatteris, Cambridgeshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) PE16, CHAIS Chatteris, Cambridgeshire Postcode / extract
43/06 Original PE17 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire Postcode
43/07 Original PE18 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire Postcode
43/08 Original PE19 Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire Postcode
43/09 Original WV1 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Postcode
43/10 Original WV2 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Postcode
43/11 Original WV3 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Postcode
43/12 Original WV4 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Postcode
43/13 Original WV5 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Postcode
43/14 Original WV6 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Postcode
43/15 Original WV7 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Postcode
43/16 Original WV8 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Postcode
43/17 Original WV9 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Postcode
43/18 Original WV10 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Postcode
43/19 Original WV11 Wolverhampton, West Midlands Postcode
43/20 Original WV12 Willenhall, West Midlands Postcode
43/21 Original WV13 Willenhall, West Midlands Postcode
43/22 Original WV14 Bilston, West Midlands Postcode
1996 (Apr) WV14, BILON Bilston, West Midlands Postcode / extract
43/23 Original PL1 Plymouth, Devon Postcode
43/24 Original PL2 Plymouth, Devon Postcode
43/25 Original PL3 Plymouth, Devon Postcode
43/26 Original PL4 Plymouth, Devon Postcode
43/27 Original PL5 Plymouth, Devon Postcode
43/28 Original PL6 Plymouth, Devon Postcode
43/29 Original PL7 Plymouth, Devon Postcode
43/30 Original PL8 Plymouth, Devon Postcode
43/31 Original PL9 Plymouth, Devon Postcode
43/32 Original PL10 Torpoint, Cornwall Postcode
43/33 Original PL11 Torpoint, Cornwall Postcode
43/34 Original PL12 Saltash, Cornwall Postcode
1996 (Apr) PL12, SALSH Saltash, Cornwall Postcode / extract
43/35 Original PL13 Looe, Cornwall Postcode
1996 (Apr) PL13, LOOOE Looe, Cornwall Postcode / extract
43/36 Original PL14 Liskeard, Cornwall Postcode
1996 (Apr) PL14, LISRD Liskeard, Cornwall Postcode / extract
43/37 Original PL15 Launceston, Cornwall Postcode
1996 (Apr) PL15, LAUON Launceston, Cornwall Postcode / extract
43/38 Original PL16 Lifton, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) PL16, LIFON Lifton, Devon Postcode / extract
43/39 Original PL17 Callington, Cornwall Postcode
43/40 Original PL18 Calstock, Cornwall Postcode
43/41 Original PL19 Tavistock, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) PL19, TAVCK Tavistock, Devon Postcode / extract
43/42 Original PL20 Yelverton, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) PL20, YELON Yelverton, Devon Postcode / extract
43/43 Original PL21 Ivybridge, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) PL21, IVYGE Ivybridge, Devon Postcode / extract
43/44 Original HA1 Harrow, Middlesex Postcode
43/45 Original HA2 Harrow, Middlesex Postcode
43/46 Original HA3 Harrow, Middlesex Postcode
43/47 Original HA4 Ruislip, Middlesex Postcode
1996 (Apr) HA4, SOUIP, RUIOR, RUINS, RUIIP Ruislip, Middlesex Postcode / extract
PU1996 includes false extracts for South Ruislip, Ruislip Manor, and Ruislip Gardens
43/48 Original HA5 Pinner, Middlesex Postcode
1996 (Apr) HA5, PINEN, PINER Pinner, Middlesex Postcode / extract
PU1996 includes false extract for Pinner Green
43/49 Original HA6 Northwood, Middlesex Postcode
1996 (Apr) HA6, NOROD, NORLS Northwood, Middlesex Postcode / extract
PU1996 includes false extract for Northwood Hills
43/50 Original HA7 Stanmore, Middlesex Postcode
1996 (Apr) HA7, STARE Stanmore, Middlesex Postcode / extract
43/51 Original HA8 Edgeware, Middlesex Postcode
1996 (Apr) HA8, EDGRE Edgeware, Middlesex Postcode / extract
43/52 Original HA9 Wembley, Middlesex Postcode
43/53 Original HA10 Wembley, Middlesex Postcode
NS2013 HA0 Wembley, Middlesex Postcode
43/54 Original SS1 Southend on Sea, Essex Postcode
43/55 Original SS2 Southend on Sea, Essex Postcode
43/56 Original SS3 G.Wakering, Essex Postcode
43/57 Original SS4 Rochford, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) SS4, ROCRD Rochford, Essex Postcode / extract
43/58 Original SS5 Hockley, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) SS5, HOCEY Hockley, Essex Postcode / extract
43/59 Original SS6 Rayleigh, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) SS6, RAYGH Rayleigh, Essex Postcode / extract
43/60 Original SS7 Benfleet, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) SS7, BENET Benfleet, Essex Postcode / extract
43/61 Original SS8 Canvey Island, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) SS8, CANEY Canvey Island, Essex Postcode / extract
43/62 Original SS9 Leigh on Sea, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) SS9, LEIEA Leigh on Sea, Essex Postcode / extract
43/63 Original SS0 Westcliff on Sea, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) SS0, WESFF Westcliff (on Sea), Essex Postcode / extract
43/64 Original CV37 Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) CV37, STRRD Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire Postcode / extract
NS2013 TA13 South Petherton, Somerset Postcode
44/01 Original TFsc, TELRD Telford, Shropshire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) TELRD, TF1 Telford, Shropshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
44/02 Original CV12 Nuneaton, Warwickshire Postcode
44/03 Original CV13 Nuneaton, Warwickshire Postcode
44/04 Original LE17, LUTTH Lutterworth, Warwickshire Postcode / extract
NS2013 LE17 Lutterworth, Warwickshire Postcode
44/05 Original CA1 Carlisle, Cumbria Postcode
44/06 Original CA2 Carlisle, Cumbria Postcode
44/07 Original CA3 Carlisle, Cumbria Postcode
44/08 Original CA4 Carlisle, Cumbria Postcode
44/09 Original CA5 Carlisle, Cumbria Postcode
44/10 Original CA6 Carlisle, Cumbria Postcode
44/11 Original CA7 Wigton, Cumbria Postcode
44/12 Original CA8 Brampton, Cumbria Postcode
44/13 Original CA9 Alston, Cumbria Postcode
1996 (Apr) CA9, ALSON Alston, Cumbria Postcode / extract
44/14 Original LE10 Hinckley, Leicestershire Postcode
1996 (Apr) LE10, HINEY Hinckley, Leicestershire Postcode / extract
44/15 Original LE11 Loughborough, Leicestershire Postcode
44/16 Original LE12 Loughborough, Leicestershire Postcode
44/17 Original LE13 Melton Mowbrey, Leicestershire Postcode
44/18 Original LE14 Melton Mowbrey, Leicestershire Postcode
44/19 Original LE15 Oakham, Rutland Postcode
1996 (Apr) LE15, OAKAM Oakham, Rutland Postcode / extract
44/20 Original LE16 Market Harborough, Leicestershire Postcode
44/21 Original SR1 Sunderland, Tyne and Wear Postcode
44/22 Original SR2 Sunderland, Tyne and Wear Postcode
44/23 Original SR3 Sunderland, Tyne and Wear Postcode
44/24 Original SR4 Sunderland, Tyne and Wear Postcode
44/25 Original SR5 Sunderland, Tyne and Wear Postcode
44/26 Original SR6 Sunderland, Tyne and Wear Postcode
44/27 Original SR7 Seaham, Co.Durham Postcode
1996 (Apr) SR7, SEAAM Seaham, Co.Durham Postcode / extract
44/28 Original SR8 Peterlee, Co.Durham Postcode
44/29 Original SR9 Sunderland X, Tyne and Wear Postcode
Business users?
44/30 Original Bsc, BIRAM Birmingham Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) BIRAM, B1 Birmingham Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
44/31 Original DE55 Derby, Derbyshire Postcode
New area created by dividing DE55
44/32 Original IP1 Ipswich, Suffolk Postcode
44/33 Original IP2 Ipswich, Suffolk Postcode
44/34 Original IP3 Ipswich, Suffolk Postcode
44/35 Original IP4 Ipswich, Suffolk Postcode
44/36 Original IP5 Ipswich, Suffolk Postcode
44/37 Original IP6 Ipswich, Suffolk Postcode
44/38 Original IP7 Ipswich, Suffolk Postcode
44/39 Original IP8 Ipswich, Suffolk Postcode
44/40 Original IP9 Ipswich, Suffolk Postcode
44/41 Original IP10 Ipswich, Suffolk Postcode
44/42 Original IP11 Felixstowe, Suffolk Postcode
1996 (Apr) IP10, FELWE Felixstowe, Suffolk Postcode / extract
44/43 Original IP12 Woodbridge, Suffolk Postcode
44/44 Original IP13 Woodbridge, Suffolk Postcode
44/45 Original IP14 Stowmarket, Suffolk Postcode
1996 (Apr) IP14, STOET Stowmarket, Suffolk Postcode / extract
44/46 Original IP15 Aldeburgh, Suffolk Postcode
1996 (Apr) IP15, ALDGH Aldeburgh, Suffolk Postcode / extract
44/47 Original IP16 Leiston, Suffolk Postcode
1996 (Apr) IP16, LEION Leiston, Suffolk Postcode / extract
44/48 Original IP17 Saxmundham, Suffolk Postcode
1996 (Apr) IP17, SAXAM Saxmundham, Suffolk Postcode / extract
44/49 Original IP18 Southwold, Suffolk Postcode
1996 (Apr) IP18, SOULD Southwold, Suffolk Postcode / extract
44/50 Original IP19 Halesworth, Suffolk Postcode
1996 (Apr) IP19, HALTH Halesworth, Suffolk Postcode / extract
44/51 Original WR1 Worcester, Worcestershire Postcode
44/52 Original WR2 Worcester, Worcestershire Postcode
44/53 Original WR3 Worcester, Worcestershire Postcode
44/54 Original WR4 Worcester, Worcestershire Postcode
44/55 Original WR5 Worcester, Worcestershire Postcode
44/56 Original WR6 Worcester, Worcestershire Postcode
44/57 Original WR7 Worcester, Worcestershire Postcode
44/58 Original WR8 Worcester, Worcestershire Postcode
44/59 Original WR9 Droitwich, Worcestershire Postcode
1996 (Apr) WR9, DROCH, DROPA Droitwich [Spa], Worcestershire Postcode / extract
44/60 Original WR10 Pershore, Worcestershire Postcode
1996 (Apr) WR10, PERRE Pershore, Worcestershire Postcode / extract
44/61 Original WR11 Evesham, Worcestershire Postcode
1996 (Apr) WR11, EVEAM Evesham, Worcestershire Postcode / extract
44/62 Original WR12 Broadway, Worcestershire Postcode
1996 (Apr) WR12, BROAY Malvern, Worcestershire Postcode / extract
44/63 Original WR13 Malvern, Worcestershire Postcode
44/64 Original TA13 South Petherton, Somerset Postcode
NS2013 NR8 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
45/01 Original STsc, STONT Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) STONT, ST1 Stoke on Trent, Stafforshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
45/02 Original NR1, NR7 Norwich, Norfolk Shared postcode
NS2013 NR1 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
45/03 Original NR3, NR6 Norwich, Norfolk Shared postcode
NS2013 NR3 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
45/04 Original NR2, NR4, NR5 Norwich, Norfolk Shared postcode
NS2013 NR2 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
45/05 Original WR14 Malvern, Worcestershire Postcode
45/06 Original WR15 Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire Postcode
1996 (Apr) WR15,TENLS, TENRY Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire Postcode / extract
45/07 Original WS1 Walsall, West Midlands Postcode
45/08 Original WS2 Walsall, West Midlands Postcode
45/09 Original WS3 Walsall, West Midlands Postcode
45/10 Original WS4 Walsall, West Midlands Postcode
45/11 Original WS5 Walsall, West Midlands Postcode
45/12 Original WS6 Walsall, West Midlands Postcode
45/13 Original WS7 Walsall, West Midlands Postcode
45/14 Original WS8 Walsall, West Midlands Postcode
45/15 Original WS9 Walsall, West Midlands Postcode
45/16 Original WS10 Wednesbury, West Midlands Postcode
1996 (Apr) WS10, WEDRY Wednesbury, West Midlands Postcode / extract
45/17 Original WS11 Cannock, Staffordshire Postcode
45/18 Original WS12 Cannock, Staffordshire Postcode
45/19 Original WS13 Lichfield, Staffordshire Postcode
45/20 Original WS14 Lichfield, Staffordshire Postcode
45/21 Original WS15 Rugeley, Staffordshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) WS15, RUGEY Rugeley, Staffordshire Postcode / extract
45/22 Original BD10 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/23 Original BD11 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
45/24 Original BD12 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/25 Original BD13 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/26 Original BD14 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/27 Original BD15 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/28 Original BD16 Bingley, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/29 Original BD17 Shipley, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/30 Original BD18 Shipley, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/31 Original BD19 Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/32 Original BD20 Keighley, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/33 Original BD21 Keighley, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/34 Original BD22 Keighley, West Yorkshire Postcode
45/35 Original BD23 Skipton, North Yorkshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) BD23, SKION Skipton, North Yorkshire Postcode / extract
45/36 Original BD24 Settle, North Yorkshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) BD24, SETLE Settle, North Yorkshire Postcode / extract
45/37 Original BD98 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
Inland Revenue office
45/38 Original BD99 Bradford, West Yorkshire Postcode
Empire Stores, Grattan et al
45/39 Original SY1 Shrewsbury, Shropshire Postcode
45/40 Original SY2 Shrewsbury, Shropshire Postcode
45/41 Original SY3 Shrewsbury, Shropshire Postcode
45/42 Original SY4 Shrewsbury, Shropshire Postcode
45/43 Original SY5 Shrewsbury, Shropshire Postcode
45/44 Original SY6 Church Stretton, Shropshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SY6, CHUON Church Stretton, Shropshire Postcode / extract
45/45 Original SY7 Bucknall, Shropshire Postcode
45/46 Original SY8 Ludlow, Shropshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SY8, LUDOW Ludlow, Shropshire Postcode / extract
45/47 Original SY9 Bishops Castle, Shropshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SY9, BISLE Bishops Castle, Shropshire Postcode / extract
45/48 Original SY10 Oswestry, Shropshire Postcode
45/49 Original SY11 Oswestry, Shropshire Postcode
45/50 Original SY12 Ellesmere, Shropshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SY12, ELLRE Ellesmere, Shropshire Postcode / extract
45/51 Original SY13 Whitchurch, Shropshire Postcode
45/52 Original SY14 Malpas, Cheshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SY14, MALAS Malpas, Cheshire Postcode / extract
45/53 Original SY15 Montgomery, Powys Postcode
1996 (Apr) SY15, MONRY Montgomery, Powys Postcode / extract
45/54 Original SY16 Newtown, Powys Postcode
1996 (Apr) SY16, NEWWN Newtown, Powys Postcode / extract
45/55 Original SY17 Caersws, Powys Postcode
45/56 Original SY18 Llanidloes, Powys Postcode
1996 (Apr) SY18, LLAES Llanidloes, Powys Postcode / extract
45/57 Original SY19 Llanbrynmair, Powys Postcode
1996 (Apr) SY19, LLAIR Llanbrynmair, Powys Postcode / extract
45/58 Original SY20 Machynlleth, Powys Postcode
1996 (Apr) SY20, MACTH Machynlleth, Powys Postcode / extract
45/59 Original SY21 Welshpool, Powys Postcode
1996 (Apr) SY21, WELOL Welshpool, Powys Postcode / extract
45/60 Original SY22 Llanfyllin, Powys Postcode
45/61 Original SY23 Aberystwyth, Dyfed Postcode
45/62 Original SY24 Borth, Dyfed Postcode
45/63 Original SY25 Tregaron, Dyfed Postcode
45/64 Original NR8 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
NS2013 Spare
46/01 Original SMsc, SUTON Sutton (and Morden), Surrey Shortcode / extract
198X SUTON Sutton, Surrey Extract code
NS2013 CV47 Southam, Warwickshire Postcode
SMsc moved to 24/40
46/02 Original NR9, NR14 Norwich, Norfolk Shared postcode
NS2013 NR9 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
46/03 Original NR10, NR11, NR15 Norwich, Norfolk Shared postcode
NS2013 NR10 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
46/04 Original NR12, NR13, NR16 Norwich, Norfolk Shared postcode
NS2013 NR12 Norwich, Norfolk Postcode
46/05 Original TF1 Telford, Shropshire Postcode
46/06 Original TF2 Telford, Shropshire Postcode
46/07 Original TF3 Telford, Shropshire Postcode
46/08 Original TF4 Telford, Shropshire Postcode
46/09 Original TF5 Telford, Shropshire Postcode
46/10 Original TF6 Telford, Shropshire Postcode
46/11 Original TF7 Telford, Shropshire Postcode
46/12 Original TF8 Telford, Shropshire Postcode
46/13 Original TF9 Market Drayton, Shropshire Postcode
46/14 Original TF10 Newport, Shropshire Postcode
46/15 Original TF11 Shifnal, Shropshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) TF11, SHIAL Shifnal, Shropshire Postcode / extract
46/16 Original TF12 Broseley, Shropshire Postcode
46/17 Original TF13 Much Wenlock, Shropshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) TF13, MUCCK Much Wenlock, Shropshire Postcode / extract
46/18 Original LU1 Luton, Bedfordshire Postcode
46/19 Original LU2 Luton, Bedfordshire Postcode
46/20 Original LU3 Luton, Bedfordshire Postcode
46/21 Original LU4 Luton, Bedfordshire Postcode
NS2013 LU6 Postcode
BLSC gives LU4-6 as binaries 46/21-23 as part of a contiguous sequence for LU1-7. NS2013 gives LU6 46/21, LU4 46/22, LU5 46/23 - as there seems to be no obvious reason why the binaries would have been changed around these may be typos?
46/22 Original LU5 Dunstable, Bedfordshire Postcode
NS2013 LU4 Postcode
BLSC gives LU4-6 as binaries 46/21-23 as part of a contiguous sequence for LU1-7. NS2013 gives LU6 46/21, LU4 46/22, LU5 46/23 - as there seems to be no obvious reason why the binaries would have been changed around these may be typos?
46/23 Original LU6 Dunstable, Bedfordshire Postcode
NS2013 LU5 Postcode
BLSC gives LU4-6 as binaries 46/21-23 as part of a contiguous sequence for LU1-7. NS2013 gives LU6 46/21, LU4 46/22, LU5 46/23 - as there seems to be no obvious reason why the binaries would have been changed around these may be typos?
46/24 Original LU7 Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) LU7, LEIRD Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Postcode / extract
46/25 Original B35 Birmingham Postcode
46/26 Original B36 Birmingham Postcode
46/27 Original B37 Birmingham Postcode
46/28 Original B38 Birmingham Postcode
46/29 Original B42 Birmingham Postcode
46/30 Original B43 Birmingham Postcode
46/31 Original B44 Birmingham Postcode
46/32 Original B45 Birmingham Postcode
46/33 Original B46 Birmingham Postcode
46/34 Original B47 Birmingham Postcode
46/35 Original B48 Birmingham Postcode
46/36 Original TS1 Middlesborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/37 Original TS2 Middlesborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/38 Original TS3 Middlesborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/39 Original TS4 Middlesborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/40 Original TS5 Middlesborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/41 Original TS6 Middlesborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/42 Original TS7 Middlesborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/43 Original TS8 Middlesborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/44 Original TS9 Middlesborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/45 Original TS10 Redcar, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/46 Original TS11 Redcar, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/47 Original TS12 Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/48 Original TS13 Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire Postcode
46/49 Original TS14 Guisborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) TS14, GUIGH Guisborough, North Yorkshire Postcode / extract
46/50 Original TS15 Yarm on Tees, North Yorkshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) TS15, YARRM, YARES Yarm on Tees, North Yorkshire Postcode / extract
46/51 Original TS16 Stockton on Tees, Co.Durham Postcode
46/52 Original TS17 Stockton on Tees, Co.Durham Postcode
46/53 Original TS18 Stockton on Tees, Co.Durham Postcode
46/54 Original TS19 Stockton on Tees, Co.Durham Postcode
46/55 Original TS20 Stockton on Tees, Co.Durham Postcode
46/56 Original TS21 Stockton on Tees, Co.Durham Postcode
46/57 Original TS22 Billingham, Co.Durham Postcode
46/58 Original TS23 Billingham, Co.Durham Postcode
46/59 Original WC1A London Postcode
46/60 Original WC1B London Postcode
46/61 Original WC1E London Postcode
46/62 Original WC1H London Postcode
46/63 Original WC1N London Postcode
46/64 Original WARON, WAsc Warrington, Lancashire Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) WARON, WA1 Warrington, Lancashire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
47/01 Original SSsc Southend on Sea, Essex Shortcode
NS2013 Spare
47/02 Original NR19, NR20 Dereham, Norfolk Shared postcode
NS2013 NR19 Dereham, Norfolk Postcode
47/03 Original NR29 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Postcode
47/04 Original NR30, NR31 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Shared postcode
NS2013 NR30 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Postcode
47/05 Original WC1R London Postcode
47/06 Original WC1V London Postcode
47/07 Original WC1X London Postcode
47/08 Original WC2A London Postcode
47/09 Original WC2B London Postcode
47/10 Original WC2E London Postcode
47/11 Original WC2H London Postcode
47/12 Original WC2N London Postcode
47/13 Original WC2R London Postcode
47/14 Original PR6 Chorley, Lancashire Postcode
47/15 Original PR7 Chorley, Lancashire Postcode
47/16 Original PR8 Southport, Merseyside Postcode
47/17 Original PR9 Southport, Merseyside Postcode
47/18 Original TQ1 Torquay, Devon Postcode
47/19 Original TQ2 Torquay, Devon Postcode
47/20 Original TQ3 Paignton, Devon Postcode
47/21 Original TQ4 Paignton, Devon Postcode
47/22 Original TQ5 Brixham, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) TQ5, BRIAM Brixham, Devon Postcode / extract
47/23 Original TQ6 Dartmouth, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) TQ6, DARTH Dartmouth, Devon Postcode / extract
NS2013 Spare
47/24 Original TQ7 Kingsbridge, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) TQ7, KINGE Kingsbridge, Devon Postcode / extract
47/25 Original TQ8 Salcombe, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) TQ8, SALBE Salcombe, Devon Postcode / extract
47/26 Original TQ9 Totnes, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) TQ9, TOTES Totnes, Devon Postcode / extract
47/27 Original TQ10 South Brent, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) TQ10, SOUNT South Brent, Devon Postcode / extract
47/28 Original TQ11 Buckfastleigh, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) TQ11, BUCGH Buckfastleigh, Devon Postcode / extract
47/29 Original TQ12 Newton Abbot, Devon Postcode
47/30 Original TQ13 Newton Abbot, Devon Postcode
47/31 Original TQ14 Teignmouth, Devon Postcode
1996 (Apr) TQ14, TEITH Teignmouth, Devon Postcode / extract
47/32 Original SL1 Slough, Berkshire Postcode
47/33 Original SL2 Slough, Berkshire Postcode
47/34 Original SL3 Slough, Berkshire Postcode
47/35 Original SL4 Windsor, Berkshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SL4, WINOR Windsor, Berkshire Postcode / extract
47/36 Original SL5 Ascot, Berkshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SL5, ASCOT Ascot, Berkshire Postcode / extract
47/37 Original SL6 Maidenhead, Berkshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SL6, MAIAD Maidenhead, Berkshire Postcode / extract
47/38 Original SL7 Marlow, Buckinghamshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SL7, MAROW Marlow, Buckinghamshire Postcode / extract
47/39 Original SL8 Bourne End, Buckinghamshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SL8, BOUND Bourne End, Buckinghamshire Postcode / extract
47/40 Original SL9 Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SL9, GERSS Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire Postcode / extract
47/41 Original SL0 Iver, Buckinghamshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) SL0, IVEER Iver, Buckinghamshire Postcode / extract
47/42 Original HG1 Harrogate, North Yorkshire Postcode
47/43 Original HG2 Harrogate, North Yorkshire Postcode
47/44 Original HG3 Harrogate, North Yorkshire Postcode
47/45 Original HG4 Ripon, North Yorkshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) HG4, RIPON Ripon, North Yorkshire Postcode / extract
47/46 Original HG5 Knaresborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) HG5, KNAGH Knaresboough, North Yorkshire Postcode / extract
47/47 Original EC1A London EC Postcode
47/48 Original EC1B London EC Postcode
Reply paid and Freepost
47/49 Original EC1M London EC Postcode
47/50 Original EC1N London EC Postcode
47/51 Original EC1P London EC Postcode
Post Office boxes
47/52 Original EC1R London EC Postcode
47/53 Original EC1V London EC Postcode
47/54 Original EC1Y London EC Postcode
47/55 Original EC2A London EC Postcode
47/56 Original EC2B London EC Postcode
Reply paid and Freepost
47/57 Original EC2M London EC Postcode
47/58 Original EC2N London EC Postcode
47/59 Original EC2P London EC Postcode
Post Office boxes
47/60 Original EC2R London EC Postcode
47/61 Original EC2V London EC Postcode
47/62 Original EC2Y London EC Postcode
47/63 Original EC3A London EC Postcode
47/64 Original CMsc, CHERD Chelmsford, Essex Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) CHERD, CM1 Chelmsford, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 DE24 Derby, Derbyshire Postcode
48/01 Original WDsc, WATRD Watford, Hertfordshire Shortcode / extract
1978 WATRD Watford, Hertfordshire
Waterford, Co.Waterford (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 PR11 Preston, Lancashire
In 1978 extract became ambiguous with new Irish extract for Waterford, so WDsc was reassigned to 26/05. PR11 was allocated for Great Universal Stores/Department for Work and Pensions (delivering to address in PR1)
48/02 Original NR23 Wells next the Sea, Norfolk Postcode
1996 (Apr) NR23, WELEA Wells next the Sea, Norfolk Postcode / extract
48/03 Original NR32, NR33 Lowestoft, Suffolk Shared postcode
NS2013 NR32 Lowestoft, Suffolk Postcode
48/04 Original NE88 Washington, Tyne and Wear Postcode
Department of Health and Social Security
48/05 Original EC3B London EC Postcode
Reply paid and Freepost
48/06 Original EC3M London EC Postcode
48/07 Original EC3N London EC Postcode
48/08 Original EC3P London EC Postcode
Post Office boxes
48/09 Original EC3R London EC Postcode
48/10 Original EC3V London EC Postcode
48/11 Original EC4A London EC Postcode
48/12 Original EC4B London EC Postcode
Reply paid and Freepost
48/13 Original EC4E London EC Postcode
1977 ?
NS2013 DE22 Derby, Derbyshire Postcode
48/14 Original EC4H London EC Postcode
1977 ?
NS2013 DE23 Derby, Derbyshire Postcode
48/15 Original EC4M London EC Postcode
48/16 Original EC4N London EC Postcode
48/17 Original EC4P London EC Postcode
Post Office boxes
48/18 Original EC4R London EC Postcode
48/19 Original EC4V London EC Postcode
48/20 Original EC4Y London EC Postcode
48/21 Original W44 Savings Bank Division, London W Postcode
1985 SO52 Southampton, Hampshire Postcode
Savings Bank Division moved 1985
48/22 Original NP7 Abergavenny, Gwent Postcode
1996 (Apr) NP7, ABENY Abergavenny, Gwent Postcode / extract
48/23 Original NP8 Crickhowell, Powys Postcode
1996 (Apr) NP8, CRILL Crickhowell, Powys Postcode / extract
NS2013 Spare
48/24 Original CM1 Chelmsford, Essex Postcode
48/25 Original CM2 Chelmsford, Essex Postcode
48/26 Original CM3 Chelmsford, Essex Postcode
48/27 Original CM4 Ingatestone, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) CM4, INGNE Ingatestone, Essex Postcode / extract
48/28 Original CM5 Ongar, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) CM5, ONGAR, CHIAR [Chipping] Ongar, Essex Postcode / extract
48/29 Original CM6 Dunmow, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) CM6, DONOW Dunmow, Essex Postcode / extract
48/30 Original CM7 Braintree, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) CM7, BRAEE Braintree, Essex Postcode / extract
48/31 Original CM8 Witham, Essex Postcode
1996 (Apr) CM8, WITAM Witham, Essex Postcode / extract
48/32 Original CM9 Maldon, Essex Postcode
48/33 Original CM0 Burnham on Crouch, Essex Postcode
48/34 Original CW1 Crewe, Cheshire Postcode
48/35 Original CW2 Crewe, Cheshire Postcode
48/36 Original CW3 Crewe, Cheshire Postcode
48/37 Original CW4 Crewe, Cheshire Postcode
48/38 Original CW5 Nantwich, Cheshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) CW5, NANCH Nantwich, Cheshire Postcode / extract
48/39 Original CW6 Tarporley, Cheshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) CW6, TAREY Tarporley, Cheshire Postcode / extract
48/40 Original CW7 Winsford, Cheshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) CW7, WINRD Winsford, Cheshire Postcode / extract
48/41 Original CW8 Northwich, Cheshire Postcode
48/42 Original CW9 Northwich, Cheshire Postcode
48/43 Original CW10 Middlewich, Cheshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) CW10, MIDCH Middlewich, Cheshire Postcode / extract
48/44 Original CW11 Sandbach, Cheshire Postcode
48/45 Original CW12 Congleton, Cheshire Postcode
48/46 Original DN1 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/47 Original DN2 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/48 Original DN3 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/49 Original DN4 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/50 Original DN5 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/51 Original DN6 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/52 Original DN7 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/53 Original DN8 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/54 Original DN9 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/55 Original DN10 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/56 Original DN11 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/57 Original DN12 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
48/58 Original DN14 Doncaster, South Yorkshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) GOOLE Goole, North Humberside Extract code
48/59 Original DN15 Scunthorpe, North Humberside Postcode
48/60 Original DN16 Scunthorpe, South Humberside Postcode
48/61 Original DN17 Scunthorpe, South Humberside Postcode
48/62 Original DN18 Barton upon Humber, South Humberside Postcode
48/63 Original DN19 Barton upon Humber, South Humberside Postcode
48/64 Original Spare
NS2013 LE87 Leicester, Leicestershire
Large users