National System Binaries – pages 09 to 16

Code Date Keying(s) Place(s) Type
09/01 Original TQsc, TORAY Torquay, Devon Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) TORAY, TQ1 Torquay, Devon Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
09/02 Original ST21 Stafford, Staffordshire Postcode
09/03 Original TN1, TN2, TN4 Tunbridge Wells, Kent Shared postcode
NS2013 TN1? Tunbridge Wells, Kent Postcode
Recorded as spare in NS2013, but TN1 not otherwise listed although TN2 and TN4 were allocated separate binaries?
09/04 Original TN3 Tunbridge Wells, Kent Postcode
09/05 Original EGHAM Egham, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) TW14 Feltham, Middlesex Postcode
09/06 Original EGRNT, CA22 Egremont, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 CA22 Egremont, Cumbria Postcode
09/07 Original EIGGG, PH42 Eigg, Isle of Eigg Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH42 Eigg, Isle of Eigg Postcode
09/08 Original ELGIN, IV30 Elgin, Morayshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV30 Elgin, Morayshire Postcode
09/09 Original ELIIE Elie, Fife Extract code
199? KT14 West Byfleet, Surrey Postcode
09/10 Original ELLND Elland, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) TW19 Staines, Middlesex Postcode
09/11 Original ELLRE Ellesmere, Shropshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WF2 Wakefield, West Yorkshire Postcode
09/12 Original ELLON Ellon, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) ELLON, AB41 Ellon, Aberdeenshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB41 Ellon, Aberdeenshire Postcode
09/13 Original ELYLY Ely, Cambridgeshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) ELYLY, CB6 Ely, Cambridgeshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
09/14 Original EMSTH Emsworth, Hampshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WF13 Pontefract, West Yorkshire Postcode
09/15 Original ENFLD, ENsc Enfield, Middlesex Extract / shortcode
1978 ENFLD Enfield, Middlesex
Enfield, Co.Meath (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
ENsc moved to 24/15 when ENFLD became ambiguous
09/16 Original ENNEN Enniskillen, Co.Fermanagh Extract code
1996 (Apr) ENNEN, BT74 Enniskillen, Co.Fermanagh Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
09/17 Original EPPNG, CM16 Epping, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 CM16 Epping, Essex Postcode
09/18 Original EPSOM Epsom, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) EPSOM, KT17eP Epsom, Surrey
NS2013 Spare
09/19 Original ERITH Erith, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) DA8 Erith, Kent Postcode
NS2013 Spare
PU1996 has DA8 at both 09/19 and 09/26. Since the former is apparently shared with the ERITH extract, it appears to be the correct allocation
09/20 Original ESHER Esher, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) DA2 Dartford, Kent Postcode
09/21 Original ETCAM, TN19 Etchingham, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN19 Etchingham, East Sussex Postcode
09/22 Original EVAON, IV16 Evanton, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV16 Evanton, Ross-shire Postcode
09/23 Original EVEAM Evesham, Worcestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) DA4 Dartford, Kent Postcode
09/24 Original EXMTH Exmouth, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) DA7 Bexleyheath, Kent Postcode
09/25 Original EYEYE, IP23 Eye, Suffolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 IP23 Eye, Suffolk Postcode
09/26 Original EYETH Eyemouth, Berwickshire Extract code
NS2013 DA8 Erith, Kent Postcode
PU1996 has DA8 at both 09/19 and 09/26. Since the former is apparently shared with the ERITH extract, it appears to be the correct allocation
09/27 Original FAINE, LL38 Fairbourne, Gwynedd Extract code
NS2013 LL38 Fairbourne, Gwynedd Postcode
09/28 Original FAIRD Fairford, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
09/29 Original FAIIE Fairlie, Ayrshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
09/30 Original FAKAM, NR21 Fakenham, Norfolk Extract code
NS2013 NR21 Fakenham, Norfolk Postcode
09/31 Original FALRK, FKsc Falkirk, Stirlingshire Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) FALRK, FK1 Falkirk, Stirlingshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
09/32 Original FALND Falkland, Fife Extract code
197X ISLAY Isle of Ornsay
Isle of Skalpay
Isle of Colonsay
Isle of Islay?
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
09/33 Original FALTH, TR11 Falmouth, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 TR11 Falmouth, Cornwall Postcode
09/34 Original FARAM Fareham, Hampshire
Farnham, Surrey
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
09/35 Original FARON Faringdon, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) DA12 Gravesend, Kent Postcode
09/36 Original FARGH, GU14 Farnborough, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU14 Farnborough, Hampshire Postcode
09/37 Original FAVAM Faversham, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) DA15 Sidcup, Kent Postcode
09/38 Original FEARN, IV20 Fearn, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV20 Fearn, Ross-shire Postcode
09/39 Original FELWE Felixstowe, Suffolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) KT2 Kingston on Thames, Surrey Postcode
PU1996 has KT2 at both 09/39 and 14/08. The latter is apparently a typo for KT22, previously a shared postcode, which matches up with the LEAHD extract
09/40 Original FELAM Feltham, Middlesex Extract code
1996 (Apr) FELAM, TW13 Feltham, Middlesex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
09/41 Original FERLE Ferndale, Mid Glamorgan Extract code
1996 (Apr) KT6 Surbiton, Surrey Postcode
09/42 Original FERLL Ferryhill, Co.Durham Extract code
1996 (Apr) WA2 Warrington, Cheshire Postcode
09/43 Original FERDE Ferryside, Dyfed Extract code
NS2013 Spare
09/44 Original FILEY Filey, North Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WA1 Warrington, Cheshire Postcode
NS2013 WA11 St.Helens, Merseyside Postcode
09/45 Original FINTY Findochty, Banffshire Extract code
1976 SE11sc London SE11 District code
1978 BLAWN Blanchardstown, Co.Dublin (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
09/46 Original FIORT, PA66 Fionnphort, Isle of Mull Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA66 Fionnphort, Isle of Mull Postcode
09/47 Original FISRD, SA65 Fishguard, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA65 Fishguard, Dyfed Postcode
09/48 Original FIVWN, BT75 Fivemiletown, Co.Tyrone Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT75 Fivemiletown, Co.Tyrone Postcode
09/49 Original FLEOD Fleetwood, Lancashire Extract code
1996 (Apr) WA15 Altrincham, Cheshire Postcode
09/50 Original FLINT Flint, Clwyd Extract code
NS2013 Spare
09/51 Original FOCRS, IV32 Fochabers, Morayshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV32 Fochabers, Morayshire Postcode
09/52 Original FOLNE Folkestone, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) FOLNE, CT18 Folkestone, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
09/53 Original FORRD Forsinard, Sutherland
[to 1972] Ford, Midlothian
Ambiguous extract
1972 FORRD Forsinard, Sutherland Extract code
1996 (Apr) SN15 Chippenham, Wiltshire Postcode
09/54 Original FORGE, SP6 Fordingbridge, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 SP6 Fordingbridge, Hampshire Postcode
09/55 Original FOROW Forest Row, East Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) KA2 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire Postcode
09/56 Original FORAR Forfar, Angus Extract code
NS2013 Spare
09/57 Original FORES, IV36 Forres, Morayshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV36 Forres, Morayshire Postcode
09/58 Original FORUS, PH32 Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH32 Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire Postcode
09/59 Original FORSE, IV10 Fortrose, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV10 Fortrose, Ross-shire Postcode
09/60 Original FORAM, PH33 Fort William, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH33 Fort William, Inverness-shire Postcode
09/61 Original FOWEY, PL23 Fowey, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 PL23 Fowey, Cornwall Postcode
09/62 Original FRAGH Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) FRAGH, AB43 Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB43 Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire Postcode
AB area recoded 1990
09/63 Original FREER, PO40 Freshwater, Isle of Wight Extract / postcode
NS2013 PO40 Freshwater, Isle of Wight Postcode
09/64 Original Gsc, GLAOW Glasgow Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) GLAOW, G1 Glasgow Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/01 Original BRsc, BROEY Bromley, Kent Shortcode / extract
NS2013 Spare
10/02 Original TN7 Hartfield, Sussex Postcode
10/03 Original TN9, TN10 Tonbridge, Kent Shared postcode
NS2013 TN10 Tonbridge, Kent Postcode
10/04 Original TN11 Tonbridge, Kent Postcode
10/05 Original FREIE Freuchie, Fife Extract code
197X STRAN, IV56 Struan, Isle of Skye Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV56 Struan, Isle of Skye Postcode
10/06 Original FRIEA Frinton on Sea, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) KA12 Irvine, Ayrshire Postcode
10/07 Original FRION Frizington, Cumbria
Frinton (on Sea), Essex (Alternative)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
10/08 Original FROME Frome, Somerset Extract code
1996 (Apr) KA15 Beith, Ayrshire Postcode
10/09 Original FYVIE Fyvie, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976 SE12sc London SE12 District code
1978 BLEON Blessington, Co.Wicklow (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
10/10 Original GAEEN, LL60 Gaerwen, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL60 Gaerwen, Gwynedd Postcode
10/11 Original GAIGH Gainsborough, Lincolnshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) DG2 Dumfries, Dumfries-shire Postcode
10/12 Original GAICH, IV21 Gairloch, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV21 Gairloch, Ross-shire Postcode
10/13 Original GALLS, TDsc Galashiels, Selkirkshire Extract / shortcode
NS2013 IV63 Inverness, Inverness-shire Postcode
10/14 Original GALON Galston, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) S41 Chesterfield, Derbyshire Postcode
10/15 Original GAREN, LL51 Garn Dolbenmaen, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL51 Garn Dolbenmaen, Gwynedd Postcode
10/16 Original GARVE, IV23 Garve, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV23 Garve, Ross-shire Postcode
10/17 Original GERSS Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) S44 Chesterfield, Derbyshire Postcode
10/18 Original GIGHA, PA41 Gigha, Isle of Gigha Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA41 Gigha, Isle of Gigha Postcode
10/19 Original GILAM Gillingham, Kent
Gillingham, Dorset
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
10/20 Original GIRAN Girvan, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) S43 Chesterfield, Derbyshire Postcode
10/21 Original GLARY Glastonbury, Somerset Extract code
1996 (Apr) S45 Chesterfield, Derbyshire Postcode
10/22 Original GLELE Glenbrittle, Isle of Skye Extract code
1976 SE13sc London SE13 District code
1978 BORNE Borrisokane, Co.Tipperary (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
10/23 Original GLEAN, PH37 Glenfinnan, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH37 Glenfinnan, Inverness-shire Postcode
10/24 Original GLECK Glengarnock, Ayrshire Extract code
1978 NP44? Cwmbran, Gwent Postcode
1980 Spare
10/25 Original GLEIE Glenkindie, Aberdeenshire Extract code
197X Spare?
10/26 Original GLEES Glenrothes, Fife Extract code
1996 (Apr) GLEES, KY6 Glenrothes, Fife Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/27 Original GLOUE, SA36 Glogue, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA36 Glogue, Dyfed Postcode
10/28 Original GLOOP Glossop, Derbyshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) S63 Rotherham, South Yorkshire Postcode
10/29 Original GODNG Godalming, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) GODNG, GU7 Godalming, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/30 Original GODNE Godstone, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) S65 Rotherham, South Yorkshire Postcode
10/31 Original GOLLD Gollanfield, Inverness-shire Extract code
1976 SE14sc London SE14 District code
1978 BOYLE Boyle, Co.Roscommon (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
10/32 Original GOLIE, KW10 Golspie, Sutherland Extract / postcode
NS2013 KW10 Golspie, Sutherland Postcode
10/33 Original GOOCK, SA64 Goodwick, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA64 Goodwick, Dyfed Postcode
10/34 Original GOOLE Goole, North Humberside Extract code
1996 (Apr) S66 Rotherham, South Yorkshire Postcode
10/35 Original GORON Gordon, Berwick
[1978] Gormanston, Co.Meath (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
10/36 Original GORGE Gorbridge, Midlothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) S73 Barnsley, South Yorkshire Postcode
10/37 Original GOUCK Gourock, Renfrewshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) S72 Barnsley, South Yorkshire Postcode
10/38 Original GRATH Grangemouth, Stirlingshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) S75 Barnsley, South Yorkshire Postcode
10/39 Original GRADS, LA11 Grange over Sands, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 LA11 Grange over Sands, Cumbria Postcode
10/40 Original GRAAM Grantham, Lincolnshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GRAAM, NG31 Grantham, Lincolnshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/41 Original GRAEY, PH26 Grantown on Spey, Morayshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH26 Grantown on Spey, Morayshire Postcode
10/42 Original GRAND Gravesend, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) GRAND, DA11 Gravesend, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/43 Original GRAYS Grays, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) GRAYS, RM16 Grays, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/44 Original GRERN Great Malvern, Worcestershire Extract code
NS2013 S96 Sheffield, bulk users
10/45 Original GREEN, HP16 Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 HP16 Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire Postcode
10/46 Original GRETH Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) GRETH, NR29 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/47 Original GRERD, UB6 Greenford, Middlesex Extract / postcode
NS2013 UB6 Greenford, Middlesex Postcode
10/48 Original GREHE Greenhithe, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) S81 Worksop, Nottinghamshire Postcode
10/49 Original GREAW Greenlaw, Berwickshire Extract code
197X DUNAN Dunvegan, Isle of Skye
Dungarvan, Co.Waterford (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 S98 Sheffield, bulk users
10/50 Original GRECK Greenock, Renfrewshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GRECK, PA15 Greenock, Renfrewshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/51 Original GRIUN, PA68 Gribun, Renfrewshire Extract / postcode
197X PA68 Gribun, Renfrewshire Postcode
10/52 Original GRIBY Grimsby, South Humberside Extract code
1996 (Apr) GRIBY, DN31 Grimsby, South Humberside Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/53 Original GRUNE, PA71 Gruline, Isle of Mull Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA71 Gruline, Isle of Mull Postcode
10/54 Original GUAGE Guardbridge, Fife Extract code
19XX WESRT Westport, Co.Mayo (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
10/55 Original GUEEY Guernsey, Channel Islands Extract code
1996 (Apr) GUEEY, GY1 Guernsey, Channel Islands Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/56 Original GUIRD, GUsc Guildford, Surrey Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) GUIRD, GU1 Guildford, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/57 Original GUIGH Guisborough, North Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) HR2 Hereford, Herefordshire Postcode
10/58 Original GULNE Gullane, East Lothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) HR4 Hereford, Herefordshire Postcode
10/59 Original GUNKE Gunnislake, Cornwall Extract code
NS2013 Spare
10/60 Original HARGH Harbrough, South Humberside Extract code
1996 (Apr) DN37 Grimsby, South Humberside Postcode
NS2013 Spare
10/61 Original HADON Haddington, East Lothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) FK2 Falkirk, Stirlingshire Postcode
10/62 Original HAIAM Hailsham, East Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) FK9 Stirling, Stirlingshire Postcode
10/63 Original HALTH Halesworth, Suffolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) DE15 Burton on Trent, Staffordshire Postcode
10/64 Original Msc, MANER Manchester Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) MANER, M1 Manchester Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare?
NS2013 has L1 for this binary, but that was already allocated to 22/25?
11/01 Original CBsc, CAMGE Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) CAMGE, CB1 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare?
NS2013 has CB1 for this binary, but that was already allocated to 35/47?
11/02 Original TN12 Tonbridge, Kent Postcode
11/03 Original TN13, TN15 Sevenoaks, Kent Shared postcode
NS2013 TN13 Sevenoaks, Kent Postcode
11/04 Original TN14 Sevenoaks, Kent Postcode
11/05 Original HALAX, HXsc Halifax, West Yorkshire Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) HALAX, HX1 Halifax, West Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
11/06 Original HALRK, KW12 Halkirk, Caithness Extract / postcode
NS2013 KW12 Halkirk, Caithness Postcode
11/07 Original HALAD Halstead, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) DL3 Darlington, Co.Durham Postcode
11/08 Original HALLE Haltwhistle, Northumberland Extract code
1996 (Apr) DL7 Northallerton, North Yorkshire Postcode
11/09 Original HAMON Hamilton, Lanarkshire
Hampton, Middlesex
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
11/10 Original HARCH Harlech, Gwynedd
Harwich, Essex
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
11/11 Original HARON, IP20 Harleston, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 IP20 Harleston, Norfolk Postcode
11/12 Original HAROW Harlow, Essex
Harrow, Middlesex
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
HAsc preferred to extract for Harrow
11/13 Original HAREN Harpenden, Hertfordshire Extract code
NS2013 AL4 St Albans, Hertfordshire Postcode
11/14 Original HARIS, PA85 Harris, Isle of Harris Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA85 Harris, Isle of Harris Postcode
11/15 Original HARTE Harrogate, North Yorkshire Extract code
197X ERSNE Erskine, Renfrewshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) DL14 Bishop Auckland, Co.Durham Postcode
HOsc/HARTE SE is 22/01
11/16 Original HARLD Hartfield, East Sussex
Harrow Weald, Middlesex (False)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
11/17 Original HARLL Harthill, Lanarkshire Extract code
1971 Spare?
197X HARLL Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex False extract
NS2013 Spare
Harthill ceased to be a post town in 1971. Code appears to have been used as a false extract for Harrow-on-the-Hill (not the name of an actual post town) at some point
11/18 Original HAROL Hartlepool, Co.Durham Extract code
1996 (Apr) HAROL, TS24 Hartlepool, Co.Durham Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
11/19 Original HASRE, GU27 Haslemere, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU27 Haslemere, Surrey Postcode
11/20 Original HASKS Hassocks, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) DH5 Houghton-le-Spring, Co.Durham Postcode
11/21 Original HASGS Hastings, East Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) HASGS, TN34 Hastings, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
11/22 Original HATLD Hatfield, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) AL9 Hatfield, Hertfordshire Postcode
NS2013 Spare
PU1996 has AL9 at both 03/25 and 11/22. Since the latter is apparently shared with the HATLD extract, it appears to be the correct allocation
11/23 Original HATON, SE16sc Hatton, Aberdeenshire Extract / shortcode
1976 SE16sc London SE16 District code
1978 BRAAY Bray, Co.Wicklow (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 IM86 Isle of Man, PO Boxes and large users Postcode
11/24 Original HAVNT Havant, Hampshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
11/25 Original HAVST Haverfordwest, Dyfed Extract code
1996 (Apr) HAVST, SA61 Haverfordwest, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
11/26 Original HAVLL Haverhill, Suffolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) DH7 Durham, Co.Durham Postcode
11/27 Original HAWES Hawes, North Yorkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
11/28 Original HAWCK Hawick, Roxburghshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
11/29 Original HAWST, TN18 Hawkshurst, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN18 Hawkshurst, Kent Postcode
11/30 Original HAWRN Hawthorn, Wiltshire Extract code
NS2013 SN42 Swindon, Wiltshire
11/31 Original HAYES Hayes, Middlesex Extract code
1996 (Apr) HAYES, UB3 Hayes, Middlesex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
11/32 Original HAYLE, TR27 Hayle, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 TR27 Hayle, Cornwall Postcode
11/33 Original HAYND Hayling Island, Hampshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) EH48 Bathgate, West Lothian Postcode
11/34 Original HAYTH Haywards Heath, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) HAYTH, RH16 Haywards Heath, West Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
11/35 Original HEAOR Heanor, Derbyshire Extract code
NS2013 DE75 Heanor, Derbyshire Postcode
11/36 Original HEALD, TN21 Heathfield, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN21 Heathfield, East Sussex Postcode
11/37 Original HEBRN Hebburn, Tyne and Wear Extract code
1996 (Apr) LL12 Wrexham, Clwyd Postcode
11/38 Original HEBGE Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) LL14 Wrexham, Clwyd Postcode
11/39 Original HECKE Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
11/40 Original HEDRD Hednesford, Staffordshire Extract code
1976 SE17sc London SE17 District code
1978 BRIAS Brittas, Co.Dublin (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 DG16 Gretna, Dumfries-shire Postcode
11/41 Original HELGH Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) DY2 Dudley, West Midlands Postcode
11/42 Original HELLE, KW8 Helmsdale, Sutherland Extract / postcode
NS2013 KW8 Helmsdale, Sutherland Postcode
11/43 Original HELON Helston, Cornwall Extract code
1996 (Apr) HELON, TR12 Helston, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
11/44 Original HEMAD, HPsc Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) HEMAD, HP1 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
11/45 Original HENLD Henfield, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) DY9 Stourbridge, West Midlands Postcode
11/46 Original HENED Hengoed, Mid Glamorgan Extract code
NS2013 Spare
11/47 Original HENES Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) DY11 Kidderminster, Worcestershire Postcode
11/48 Original HENOW, SG16 Henlow, Bedfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 SG16 Henlow, Bedfordshire Postcode
11/49 Original HERRD Hereford, Herefordshire
Hertford, Hertfordshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 IM87 Isle of Man, PO Boxes and large users Postcode
SNFCs were used for Hereford and Hertford in many MLOs as an alternative
11/50 Original HEROT Heriot, Midlothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) DY14 Kidderminster, Worcestershire Postcode
11/51 Original HERAY, CT6 Herne Bay, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 CT6 Herne Bay, Kent Postcode
11/52 Original HESLE Hessle, North Humberside Extract code
1996 (Apr) YO12 Scarborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
11/53 Original HETLE Hetton le Hole, Co.Durham Extract code
1976 SE18sc London SE18 District code
1978 BUNNA Buncrana, Co.Donegal (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 TR93 Penzance, Cornwall Postcode
11/54 Original HEXAM Hexham, Northumberland Extract code
1996 (Apr) HEXAM, NE46 Hexham, Northumberland Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
11/55 Original HEYOD Heywood, Lancashire Extract code
1996 (Apr) YO13 Scarborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
11/56 Original HIGGE, TA9 Highbridge, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA9 Highbridge, Somerset Postcode
11/57 Original HIGBE High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) HIGBE, HP10 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
11/58 Original HILGH, BT26 Hillsborough, Co.Down Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT26 Hillsborough, Co.Down Postcode
11/59 Original HINEY Hinckley, Leicestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) YO16 Bridlington, North Humberside Postcode
11/60 Original HINAD, GU26 Hindhead, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU26 Hindhead, Surrey Postcode
11/61 Original HINGE, TA17 Hinton St.George, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA17 Hinton St.George, Somerset Postcode
11/62 Original HITIN Hitchin, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) HITIN, SG4 Hitchin, Hertfordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
11/63 Original HOCEY Hockley, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) YO22 Whitby, North Yorkshire Postcode
11/64 Original Lsc, LIVOL Liverpool Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) LIVOL, L1 Liverpool Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
12/01 Original CFsc, CARFF Cardiff Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) CARFF, CF1 Cardiff Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
12/02 Original TN16 Westerham, Kent Postcode
12/03 Original TN23, TN24, TN25 Ashford, Kent Shared postcode
NS2013 TN23 Ashford, Kent Postcode
12/04 Original TN26, TN27 Ashford, Kent Shared postcode
NS2013 TN26 Ashford, Kent Postcode
12/05 Original HODON Hoddeston, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) PH2 Perth, Perthshire Postcode
12/06 Original HOLCK, CA19 Holmrock, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 CA19 Holmrock, Cumbria Postcode
12/07 Original HOLHY Holsworthy, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) EN2 Enfield, Middlesex Postcode
12/08 Original HOLLT, NR25 Holt, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 NR25 Holt, Norfolk Postcode
12/09 Original HOLAD, LL65 Holyhead, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL65 Holyhead, Gwynedd Postcode
12/10 Original HOLLL Holywell, Clwyd Extract code
1996 (Apr) EN5 Barnet, Hertfordshire Postcode
12/11 Original HOLOD, BT18 Holywood, Co.Down Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT18 Holywood, Co.Down Postcode
12/12 Original HONON Honiton, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) EN8 Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire Postcode
12/13 Original HORAM Horsham, West Sussex
[to 1972] Horam, East Sussex
Ambiguous extract
1972 HORAM Horsham, West Sussex Extract code
NS2013 Spare
12/14 Original HOREY Horley, Surrey Extract code
NS2013 Spare
12/15 Original HORLE Horncastle, Lincolnshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) RG23 Basingstoke, Hampshire Postcode
12/16 Original HORCH Hornchurch, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) HORCH, RM11 Hornchurch, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
12/17 Original HOREA Hornsea, North Humberside Extract code
1996 (Apr) RG29 Hook, Hampshire Postcode
12/18 Original HOUNG Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear Extract code
1996 (Apr) HOUNG, DH4 Houghton-le-Spring, Co.Durham Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
12/19 Original HOUOW Hounslow, Middlesex Extract code
197X G58 National Savings Bank, Glasgow Postcode
HOUOW became 51/01 (see note for that binary for further details)
12/20 Original HOWOD Howwood, Renfrewshire Extract code
1979 GATCK Gatwick, West Sussex Extract code
NS2013 Spare
12/21 Original HUMIE Humbie, East Lothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) OL8 Oldham, Lancashire Postcode
12/22 Original HUNRD Hungerford, Berkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) OL9 Oldham, Lancashire Postcode
12/23 Original HUNON Hunstanton, Norfolk
Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
12/24 Original HUNLY Huntly, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) HUNLY, AB54 Huntly, Aberdeenshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB54 Huntly, Aberdeenshire Postcode
AB area recoded 1990
12/25 Original HYDDE Hyde, Cheshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) OL12 Rochdale, Lancashire Postcode
12/26 Original HYTHE, CT21 Hythe, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 CT21 Hythe, Kent Postcode
12/27 Original ILFRD Ilford, Essex Extract code
197X HU14 North Ferriby, Hull Postcode
1996 (Apr) HU14, NORBY North Ferriby, Hull Postcode / extract
HU14 apparently 42/42 originally (became test code)
12/28 Original ILFBE Ilfracombe, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
12/29 Original ILKON Ilkeston, Derbyshire Extract code
NS2013 DE74 Derby, Derbyshire Postcode
12/30 Original ILKEY Ilkley, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) IM98 Isle of Man
IM98 reserved for large users?
12/31 Original ILMER, TA19 Ilminster, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA19 Ilminster, Somerset Postcode
12/32 Original INCRE, PH14 Inchture, Perthshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH14 Inchture, Perthshire Postcode
12/33 Original INGNE Ingatestone, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) LE99 Leicester, Leicestershire
LE99 postcode was reserved for large users
12/34 Original INNAN, SE19sc Innellan, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
1971 Spare
1976 SE19sc London SE19 District code
1978 BUNAN Bundoran, Co.Donegal (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 TN25 Ashford, Kent Postcode
12/35 Original INNEN Innerleithen, Peebles-shire Extract code
1996 (Apr) SA11 Neath, West Glamorgan Postcode
PU1996 has this as SA1, NS2013 as SA11, Since SA1 was already allocated to 33/55 and SA11 was a shared postcode, this appears to be a typo in PU1996
12/36 Original INSCH Insch, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) INSCH, AB52 Insch, Aberdeenshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB52 Insch, Aberdeenshire Postcode
AB area recoded 1990
12/37 Original INVAY, PA32 Inveraray, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA32 Inveraray, Argyllshire Postcode
12/38 Original INVRY, PH35 Invergarry, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH35 Invergarry, Inverness-shire Postcode
12/39 Original INVON, IV18 Invergordon, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV18 Invergordon, Ross-shire Postcode
12/40 Original INVNG Inverkeithing, Fife Extract code
NS2013 Spare
12/41 Original INVSS, IVsc Inverness, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) INVSS, IV1 Inverness, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
12/42 Original INVIN Invershin, Sutherland Extract code
1972 Spare
1976 SE20sc London SE20 District code
1978 BUTNT Buttevant, Co.Cork (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
12/43 Original INVIE Inverurie, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) INVIE, AB51 Inverurie, Aberdeenshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB51 Inverurie, Aberdeenshire Postcode
AB area recoded 1990
12/44 Original IONNA, PA76 Iona, Isle of Iona Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA76 Iona, Isle of Iona Postcode
12/45 Original IROGE Ironbridge, Shropshire Extract code
1970 Spare
1976 SE21sc London SE21 District code
1978 CABLY Cabinteely, Co.Dublin (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
12/46 Original IRVNE Irvine, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) IRVNE, KA11 Irvine, Ayrshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
12/47 Original ISLIS, PA86 Isle of Lewis Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) ISLIS, LEWIS, PA86 Isle of Lewis Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA86 Isle of Lewis Postcode
LEWIS is a false extract
12/48 Original ISLAY, IV43 Isle of Ornsay, Isle of Skye Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV43 Isle of Ornsay, Isle of Skye Postcode
12/49 Original ISLTH Isleworth, Middlesex Extract code
1996 (Apr) SA13 Port Talbot, West Glamorgan Postcode
12/50 Original IVEER Iver, Buckinghamshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) SA15 Llanelli, Dyfed Postcode
12/51 Original IVYGE Ivybridge, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) HX2 Halifax, West Yorkshire Postcode
12/52 Original JAROW Jarrow, Tyne and Wear Extract code
1996 (Apr) OX44 Oxford, Oxfordshire Postcode
12/53 Original JEDGH, PA2 Jedburgh, Roxburghshire Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) PA2 Jedburgh, Roxburghshire Postcode
12/54 Original JEREY Jersey, Channel Islands Extract code
NS2013 Spare
12/55 Original JOHNE Johnstone, Renfrewshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) JOHNE, PA5 Johnstone, Renfrewshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
12/56 Original JUNEN Juniper Green, Midlothian Extract code
NS2013 Spare
12/57 Original KEIEY Keighley, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) KEIEY, BD20 Keighley, West Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
12/58 Original KEITH Keith, Banffshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) KEITH, AB55 Keith, Banffshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB55 Keith, Banffshire Postcode
AB area recoded 1990
12/59 Original KELSO Kelso, Roxburghshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) PA6 Johnstone, Renfrewshire Postcode
12/60 Original KELTY Kelty, Fife Extract code
NS2013 Spare
12/61 Original KENAL Kendal, Cumbria Extract code
1996 (Apr) KENAL, LA8 Kendal, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
12/62 Original KENTH Kenilworth, Warwickshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) PA9 Howwood, Renfrewshire Postcode
For PA9 see also notes for 59/16 and 59/17
12/63 Original KENEY Kenley, Surrey Extract code
NS2013 Spare
12/64 Original LSsc, LEEDS Leeds Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) LEEDS, LS1 Leeds, West Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
13/01 Original CAsc, CARLE Carlisle, Cumbria Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) CARLE, CA1 Carlisle, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
13/02 Original TN28 New Romney, Kent Postcode
13/03 Original TN34, TN35 Hastings, East Sussex Shared postcode
NS2013 TN34 Hastings, East Sussex Postcode
13/04 Original TN37, TN38 St.Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex Shared postcode
NS2013 TN37 St.Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex Postcode
13/05 Original KESON Keston, Kent Extract code
NS2013 OX39 Chinnor, Oxfordshire Postcode
13/06 Original KESCK, CA12 Keswick, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 CA12 Keswick, Cumbria Postcode
13/07 Original KETNG Kettering, Northamptonshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) KETNG, NN14 Kettering, Northamptonshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
13/08 Original KIDER Kidderminster, Worcestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) KIDER, DY10 Kidderminster, Worcestershire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
13/09 Original KIDLY Kidwelly, Dyfed Extract code
NS2013 Spare
13/10 Original KILAN Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire Extract code
1978 KILAN Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire
Kilsallaghan, Co.Dublin (Eire)
Kilternan, Co.Dublin (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 OX49 Watlington, Oxfordshire Postcode
13/11 Original KILIE Kilbirnie, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) PA16 Greenock, Renfrewshire Postcode
13/12 Original KILRY Kildary, Ross-shire Extract code
1976 SE22sc London SE22 District code
1978 CAHIR Cahir, Co.Tipperary (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
13/13 Original KILTY, SA68 Kilgetty, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA68 Kilgetty, Dyfed Postcode
13/14 Original KILIN Killin, Perthshire Extract code
1978 KILIN Killin, Perthshire
Killorglin, Co.Kerry (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
13/15 Original KILLM Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NE17 Newcastle on Tyne, Tyne and Wear Postcode
13/16 Original KILCK, KAsc Kilmarnock, Ayrshire Extract / shortcode
1978 KILCK Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
Kilcock, Co.Kildare (Eire)
Kilmallock, Co.Limerick (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
KAsc moved to 24/15 when KILCK extract became ambiguous
13/17 Original KILNG Kilwinning, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NE18 Newcastle on Tyne, Tyne and Wear Postcode
13/18 Original KINCE, KW11 Kinbrace, Sutherland Extract / postcode
NS2013 KW11 Kinbrace, Sutherland Postcode
13/19 Original KINIL Kincardine o' Neil, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1974 Spare
1976 B1sc? Birmingham B1sc? District code
1978 WEXRD Wexford, Co.Wexford (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 ME8 Gillingham, Kent Postcode
13/20 Original KINAR, B2sc Kinellar, Aberdeenshire Extract / shortcode
1976 B2sc Birmingham B2 District code
1978 CAHEN Cahirciveen, Co.Kerry (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 SN86 Swindon, Wiltshire
SN86 large users?
13/21 Original KINRN Kinghorn, Fife Extract code
1976 Spare
1978 DB15sc Dublin 15 District code
NS2013 SN87 Swindon, Wiltshire
SN87 large users?
13/22 Original KINGE Kingsbridge, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) NE19 Newcastle on Tyne, Tyne and Wear Postcode
13/23 Original KINEY Kings Langley, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NE26 Whitley Bay, Northumberland Postcode
13/24 Original KINNN Kings Lynn, Norfolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) KINNN, PE30 Kings Lynn, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
13/25 Original KINON Kingston, Surrey
Kington, Herefordshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
13/26 Original KINIE, PH21 Kingussie, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH21 Kingussie, Inverness-shire Postcode
13/27 Original KINEN, PA40 Kinlochleven, Argyllshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA40 Kinlochleven, Argyllshire Postcode
13/28 Original KINSS Kinross, Kinross-shire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NE65 Morpeth, Northumberland Postcode
13/29 Original KINRE Kintore, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976 B3sc Birmingham B3 District code
1978 CAPGH Cappagh, Co.Waterford (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
13/30 Original KIRSS, LA17 Kirkby in Furness, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 LA17 Kirkby in Furness, Cumbria Postcode
13/31 Original KIREN, CA17 Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 CA17 Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria Postcode
13/32 Original KIRDY, KYsc Kirkcaldy, Fife Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) KIRDY, KY1 Kirkcaldy, Fife Extract / postcode
NS2013 ?
NS2013 gives this as KY1 (Kirkaldy, Fife), but this was already allocated to 54/15 - probably this extract/shortcode binary simply became spare?
13/33 Original KIRHT Kirkcudbright, Kirkcudbrightshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NE30 North Shields, Tyne and Wear Postcode
13/34 Original KIRLL Kirkwall, Orkney
[to 197X] Kirkhill, Inverness-shire
Ambiguous extract
197X KIRLL Kirkwall, Orkney Extract code
1996 (Apr) NE34 South Shields, Tyne and Wear Postcode
13/35 Original KIRON Kirkliston, West Lothian
Kirknewton, Midlothian
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
13/36 Original KIREL Kirkmichael, Isle of Man Extract code
1996 (Apr) NE38 Washington, Tyne and Wear Postcode
13/37 Original KIRIR Kirriemuir, Angus Extract code
1996 (Apr) Spare
13/38 Original KNAGH Knaresborough, North Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) NE48 Hexham, Northumberland Postcode
13/39 Original KNETH Knebworth, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) TS25 Hartlepool, Co.Durham Postcode
13/40 Original KNION Knighton, Powys Extract code
1996 (Apr) TS27 Hartlepool, Co.Durham Postcode
13/41 Original KNODO, IV35 Knockando, Morayshire Extract / postcode
1990 (Mar) BAMRY, AB31 Bamchory, Aberdeenshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB31 Knockando, Morayshire Postcode
AB area recoded 1990, Knockando became part of AB38. Bamchory an alternative spelling of Banchory?
13/42 Original KNOIM, B4sc Knockcloghrim, Co.Londonderry Extract / shortcode
NS2013 Spare
13/43 Original KNOEY Knottingley, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BN8 Lewes, East Sussex Postcode
13/44 Original KNURD, BN14 Knutsford, Cheshire Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) BN14 Knutsford, Cheshire Postcode
13/45 Original KYLLE, IV40 Kyle, Ross-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV40 Kyle, Ross-shire Postcode
aka Kyle of Lochalsh
13/46 Original KYLIN, IV41 Kyleakin, Isle of Skye Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV41 Kyleakin, Isle of Skye Postcode
13/47 Original LADNK Ladybank, Fife Extract code
NS2013 MK1 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
13/48 Original LAIRG, IV27 Lairg, Sutherland Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV27 Lairg, Sutherland Postcode
13/49 Original LAMER, SA48 Lampeter, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA48 Lampeter, Dyfed Postcode
13/50 Original LANRK Lanark, Lanarkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) BN17 Littlehampton, West Sussex Postcode
13/51 Original LANER, LAsc Lancaster, Lancashire Extract / postcode
1996 (Apr) LANER, LA1 Lancaster, Lancashire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
13/52 Original LANNG Lancing, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) BN22 Eastbourne, East Sussex Postcode
13/53 Original LANLM Langholm, Dumfries-shire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CF48 Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan Postcode
13/54 Original LANRT, TA10 Langport, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA10 Langport, Somerset Postcode
13/55 Original LARRT Larbert, Stirlingshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CB7 Ely, Cambridgeshire Postcode
13/56 Original LARGS Largs, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) KA29 Postcode
NS2013 Spare
13/57 Original LARLL Larkhall, Lanarkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) CB11 Saffron Walden, Essex Postcode
13/58 Original LARNE, BT40 Larne, Co.Antrim Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT40 Larne, Co.Antrim Postcode
13/59 Original LASDE Lasswade, Midlothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) DN32 Grimsby, South Humberside Postcode
13/60 Original LATON, KW5 Latheron, Caithness Extract / postcode
NS2013 KW5 Latheron, Caithness Postcode
13/61 Original LAUER Lauder, Berwickshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) DN34 Grimsby, South Humberside Postcode
13/62 Original LAUON Launceston, Cornwall Extract code
1996 (Apr) IV2 Inverness, Inverness-shire Postcode
13/63 Original LAURK Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) LAURK, AB30 Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB30 Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire Postcode
AB area recoded 1990
13/64 Original EHsc, EDIGH Edinburgh Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) EDIGH, EH1 Edinburgh Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
14/01 Original CHsc, CHEER Chester, Cheshire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) CHEER, CH1 Chester, Cheshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
14/02 Original TN39, TN40 Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex Shared postcode
NS2013 TN39 Bexhill, Kent Postcode
14/03 Original WV15 Bridgnorth, Shropshire Postcode
14/04 Original WV16 Bridgnorth, Shropshire Postcode
14/05 Original LAXEY Laxey, Isle of Man Extract code
NS2013 Spare
14/06 Original LEAON Leamington, Warwickshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
14/07 Original LEAPA Leamington Spa, Warwickshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) LEAPA, CV31 Leamington Spa, Warwickshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
14/08 Original LEAAD Leatherhead, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) LEAHD, KT22 Leatherhead, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
PU1996 has KT2 at both 09/39 and 14/08. The latter is apparently a typo for KT22, previously a shared postcode, which matches up with the LEAHD extract
14/09 Original LECDE Lechlade, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
14/10 Original LEDRY Ledbury, Herefordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) IV3 Inverness, Inverness-shire Postcode
14/11 Original LEEEK Leek, Staffordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) LL29 Colwyn Bay, Clwyd Postcode
14/12 Original LEENT Lee on Solent, Hampshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
14/13 Original LEIGH Leigh, Lancashire
Leigh, Essex
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
14/14 Original LEIEA Leigh on Sea, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) LL55 Caernarvon, Gwynedd Postcode
14/15 Original LEIRD Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) PO15 Fareham, Hampshire Postcode
14/16 Original LEION Leiston, Suffolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) PO20 Chichester, West Sussex Postcode
14/17 Original LENAN Lentran, Inverness-shire Extract code
1976 B5sc Birmingham B5 District code
1978 CARRY Carbury, Co.Kildare (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
14/18 Original LEOER Leominster, Herefordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) PO22 Bognor Regis, West Sussex Postcode
14/19 Original LERCK, ZE1, ZEsc Lerwick, Shetland Extract / postcode / shortcode
NS2013 ZE1 Lerwick, Shetland Postcode
14/20 Original LESIE Leslie, Fife Extract code
1976 Spare
1978 WICOW Wicklow, Co.Wicklow (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 CW98 Crewe, Cheshire
14/21 Original LETTH Letchworth, Hertfordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) ME3 Rochester, Kent Postcode
14/22 Original LEURS Leuchars, Fife Extract code
1976 Spare
1978 YOUAL Youghal, Co.Cork (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
14/23 Original LEVEN Leven, Fife Extract code
1996 (Apr) LEVEN, KY8 Leven, Fife Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
14/24 Original LEVGH, PA83 Leverburgh, Isle of Harris Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA83 Leverburgh, Isle of Harris Postcode
14/25 Original LEWES Lewes, East Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) LEWES, BN7 Lewes, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
14/26 Original LEYRN Leyburn, North Yorkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
14/27 Original LICLD Lichfield, Staffordshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) LICLD, WS13 Lichfield, Staffordshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
14/28 Original LIFON Lifton, Devon Extract code
1996 (Apr) ME5 Chatham, Kent Postcode
14/29 Original LIGER, GU18 Lightwater, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU18 Lightwater, Surrey Postcode
14/30 Original LIMDY, BT49 Limavady, Co.Londonderry Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT49 Limavady, Co.Londonderry Postcode
14/31 Original LINLN, LNsc Lincoln, Lincolnshire Extract / shortcode
1996 (Apr) LINLN, LN1 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
14/32 Original LINLD Lingfield, Surrey Extract code
1996 (Apr) RH5 Dorking, Surrey Postcode
14/33 Original LINOW Linlithgow, West Lothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) RH17 Haywards Heath, West Sussex Postcode
14/34 Original LIPOK, GU30 Liphook, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU30 Liphook, Hampshire Postcode
14/35 Original LISRN Lisburn, Co.Antrim Extract code
1996 (Apr) LISRN, BT27 Lisburn, Co.Antrim Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
14/36 Original LISRD Liskeard, Cornwall Extract code
NS2013 ME9 Sittingbourne, Kent Postcode
PU1996 has ME9 at both 14/36 and 25/18. Since the latter is apparently shared with the SITNE extract, it appears to be the correct allocation
14/37 Original LISSS, GU33 Liss, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU33 Liss, Hampshire Postcode
14/38 Original LITGH Littleborough, Lancashire Extract code
1996 (Apr) ME15 Maidstone, Kent Postcode
14/39 Original LITON Littlehampton, West Sussex Extract code
1996 (Apr) LITON, BN16 Littlehampton, West Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
14/40 Original LIVGE Liversedge, West Yorkshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
14/41 Original LIVON Livingston, West Lothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) LIVON, EH53 Livingston, West Lothian Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
14/42 Original LLATH, SA47 Llanarth, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA47 Llanarth, Dyfed Postcode
14/43 Original LLADR, LL45 Llanbedr, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL45 Llanbedr, Gwynedd Postcode
14/44 Original LLACH Llanbedrgoch, Gwynedd
Llanfyrnach, Dyfed
Llanymynech, Powys
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
14/45 Original LLAIR Llanbrynmair, Powys Extract code
1996 (Apr) ME17 Maidstone, Kent Postcode
14/46 Original LLALO Llandeilo, Dyfed Extract code
NS2013 Spare
14/47 Original LLAAM Llandinam, Powys Extract code
NS2013 Spare
14/48 Original LLARY Llandovery, Dyfed Extract code
1996 (Apr) BB12 Burnley, Lancashire Postcode
14/49 Original LLALS Llandrindod Wells, Powys
Llangammarch Wells, Powys
Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
14/50 Original LLANO, LL30, LLsc Llandudno, Gwynedd Extract / postcode / shortcode
NS2013 LL30 Llandudno, Gwynedd Postcode
14/51 Original LLAON Llandudno Junction, Gwynedd
Llanon, Dyfed
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 BB18 Barnoldswick, Lancashire Postcode
14/52 Original LLAUL Llandyssul, Dyfed Extract code
1976 B6sc Birmingham B6 District code
1978 CAROW Carlow, Co.Carlow (Eire) Irish extract
1996 (Apr) BA21 Yeovil, Somerset Postcode
14/53 Original LLALI Llanelli, Dyfed Extract code
1996 (Apr) LLALI, SA14 Llanelli, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
14/54 Original LLADD, LL71 Llanerchymedd, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL71 Llanerchymedd, Gwynedd Postcode
14/55 Original LLAAN Llanfairfechan, Gwynedd Extract code
1996 (Apr) BA22 Yeovil, Somerset Postcode
14/56 Original LLAPG, LL61 Llanfair p.Goch, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL61 Llanfair p.Goch, Gwynedd Postcode
14/57 Original LLAIN Llanfechain, Powys
Llanfyllin, Powys
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
14/58 Original LLAOG Llangadog, Dyfed Extract code
NS2013 Spare
14/59 Original LLANI, LL77 Llangefni, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL77 Llangefni, Gwynedd Postcode
14/60 Original LLAEN Llangollen, Clwyd Extract code
1996 (Apr) B61 Bromsgrove, Worcestershire Postcode
14/61 Original LLAES Llanidloes, Powys Extract code
1996 (Apr) B63 Halsowen, West Midlands Postcode
14/62 Original LLAYD Llanrhystyd, Dyfed Extract code
NS2013 Spare
14/63 Original LLAST, LL26 Llanrwst, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL26 Llanrwst, Gwynedd Postcode
14/64 Original BTsc, BELST Belfast Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) BELST, BT1 Belfast, Co.Antrim Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
15/01 Original CVsc, COVRY Coventry, Warwickshire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) COVRY, CV1 Coventry, Warwickshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
15/02 Original MK1, MK2, MK3, MK17 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Shared postcode
NS2013 MK2 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
15/03 Original MK4, MK5, MK8 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Shared postcode
NS2013 MK4 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
15/04 Original MK6, MK7 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Shared postcode
NS2013 MK6 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
15/05 Original LLAID Llantsantffraid, Powys Extract code
NS2013 Spare
15/06 Original LLAOR Llantwit Major, South Glamorgan Extract code
1994 LLAOR, CF61 Llantwit Major, South Glamorgan Extract / postcode
NS2013 CF61 Llantwit Major, South Glamorgan Postcode
15/07 Original LLADA Llanwrda, Dyfed Extract code
NS2013 Spare
15/08 Original LLAER Llanybyther, Dyfed Extract code
1976 B7sc Birmingham B7 District code
1978 CARGH Carndonagh, Co.Donegal (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
LLAER omitted in error when Welsh extracts scrapped in 1976, moved to 53/64
15/09 Original LLWIL, LL37 Llwyngwril, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL37 Llwyngwril, Gwynedd Postcode
15/10 Original LOAAD Loanhead, Midlothian Extract code
1996 (Apr) B71 West Bromwich, West Midlands Postcode
15/11 Original LOCRT Lochailort, Inverness-shire
[to 1972] Lochluichart?
Ambiguous extract
1972 LOCRT, PH38 Lochailort, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH38 Lochailort, Inverness-shire Postcode
15/12 Original LOCLE, PA81 Lochboisdale, Isle of Uist Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA81 Lochboisdale, Isle of Uist Postcode
15/13 Original LOCIE Lockerbie, Dumfries-shire
[to 1976] Lochbuie, Isle of Mull
Ambiguous extract
1976 LOCIE Lockerbie, Dumfries-shire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
15/14 Original LOCON, PA64 Lochdon, Isle of Mull Extract / postcode
1976 PA64 Lochdon, Isle of Mull Postcode
15/15 Original ?
1976 B8sc Birmingham B8 District code
1978 CARSS Carrickmacross, Co.Monaghan (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
Listed by Henry Morgan as LOCAD extract (possibly because Lochearnhead appears to be the only post town that would fit the alphabetical sequence), but if so this must have been allocated in error as LOCAD is also the (ambiguous) extract at 15/17
15/16 Original LOCLY Lochgelly, Fife Extract code
1996 (Apr) B73 Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands Postcode
15/17 Original LOCAD Lochgilphead, Argyllshire
Lochgoilhead, Argyllshire
Lochearnhead, Perthshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
See 15/15 for note regarding Lochearnhead
15/18 Original LOCDY, PA82 Lochmaddy, Isle of Uist Extract / postcode
NS2013 PA82 Lochmaddy, Isle of Uist Postcode
15/19 Original LOCCH Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) B74 Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands Postcode
15/20 Original LONRY Londonderry, Co.Londonderry
Longniddry, East Lothian
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
15/21 Original LONPE Longhope, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
15/22 Original LONDE Longside, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976 B9sc Birmingham B9 District code
1978 CARIR Carrick on Suir, Co.Tipperary (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
15/23 Original LONAY Lonmay, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1972 Spare
1976 B10sc Birmingham B10 District code
1978 CARLL Carrigtwohill, Co.Cork (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
15/24 Original LOOOE Looe, Cornwall Extract code
1996 (Apr) B76 Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands Postcode
15/25 Original LOSTH, IV31 Lossiemouth, Morayshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 IV31 Lossiemouth, Morayshire Postcode
15/26 Original LOSEL, PL22 Lostwithiel, Cornwall Extract / postcode
NS2013 PL22 Lostwithiel, Cornwall Postcode
15/27 Original LOUGH Loughborough, Leicestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) LOUGH, LE11 Loughborough, Leicestershire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
15/28 Original LOUON, IG10 Loughton, Essex Extract / postcode
NS2013 IG10 Loughton, Essex Postcode
15/29 Original LOUTH Louth, Lincolnshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) B79 Tamworth, Staffordshire Postcode
15/30 Original LOWGO Lower Largo, Fife Extract code
1976 Spare
1978 BALEN Ballineen, Co.Cork (Eire)
Ballaghadereen, Co.Roscommon (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
15/31 Original LOWFT Lowestoft, Suffolk Extract code
1996 (Apr) LOWFT, NR32 Lowestoft, Suffolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
15/32 Original LUDOW Ludlow, Shropshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GU2 Guildford, Surrey Postcode
15/33 Original LUIIB Luib, Perthshire Extract code
1972 Spare
1976 B11sc Birmingham B11 District code
1978 CASEL Cashel, Co.Tipperary (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
15/34 Original LUMAN Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1976+ WF99 Wakefield, West Yorkshire
NS2013 Spare
WF99 allocated for Empire Stores
15/35 Original LURAN Lurgan, Co.Armagh Extract code
NS2013 MK11 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
15/36 Original LUTON Luton, Bedfordshire Extract code
197X LS29 Ikley, West Yorkshire Postcode
1996 (Apr) LS29, ILKEY Ikley, West Yorkshire Postcode / extract
For LUsc/LUTON SE see 58/01
15/37 Original LYBER, KW3 Lybster, Caithness Extract / postcode
NS2013 KW3 Lybster, Caithness Postcode
15/38 Original LYDOK Lydbrook, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
15/39 Original LYDTH Lydbury North, Shropshire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
15/40 Original LYDEY Lydney, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
15/41 Original LYMIS, DT7 Lyme Regis, Dorset Extract / postcode
NS2013 DT7 Lyme Regis, Dorset Postcode
15/42 Original LYMON Lymington, Hampshire Extract code
1983 LYMON, SO41 Lymington, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 SO41 Lymington, Hampshire Postcode
SO area first recoding
15/43 Original LYMMM Lymm, Cheshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GU4 Guildford, Surrey Postcode
15/44 Original LYNST Lyndhurst, Hampshire Extract code
1983 LYNST, SO43 Lyndhurst, Hampshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 SO43 Lyndhurst, Hampshire Postcode
SO area first recoding
15/45 Original LYNTH Lynmouth, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
15/46 Original LYNON Lynton, Devon Extract code
NS2013 Spare
15/47 Original LYTES Lytham St.Annes, Lancashire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
15/48 Original MABPE Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GU5 Guildford, Surrey Postcode
15/49 Original MACLD Macclesfield, Cheshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) MACLD, SK10 Macclesfield, Cheshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
15/50 Original MACFF Macduff, Banffshire Extract code
1990 (Mar) MACFF, AB44 Macduff, Banffshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 AB44 Macduff, Banffshire Postcode
AB area recoded 1990
15/51 Original MACTH Machynlleth, Powys Extract code
NS2013 GU8 Godalming, Surrey Postcode
15/52 Original MAGRA, BT46 Maghera, Co.Londonderry Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT46 Maghera, Co.Londonderry Postcode
15/53 Original MAGLT, BT45 Magherafelt, Co.Londonderry Extract / postcode
NS2013 BT45 Magherafelt, Co.Londonderry Postcode
15/54 Original MAIAD Maidenhead, Berkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GU9? Farnham, Surrey Postcode
NS2013 GU9 Farnham, Surrey Postcode
PU1996 has GU9 at both 15/54 and 51/43 - it is not clear which is correct
15/55 Original MAINE Maidstone, Kent Extract code
1996 (Apr) MAINE, ME14 Maidstone, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
15/56 Original MALON Maldon, Essex
Malton, North Yorkshire
Ambiguous extract
1996 (Apr) GU8 Godalming, Surrey Postcode
NS2013 Spare
GU8 is 15/51 in NS2013
15/57 Original MALIG, PH41 Mallaig, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH41 Mallaig, Inverness-shire Postcode
15/58 Original MALRY Malmesbury, Wiltshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GU12 Aldershot, Hampshire Postcode
15/59 Original MALAS Malpas, Cheshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GU16 Camberley, Surrey Postcode
15/60 Original MALRN Malvern, Worcestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) MALRN, WR13 Malvern, Worcestershire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
15/61 Original MANEE Manningtree, Essex Extract code
1996 (Apr) GU17 Camberley, Surrey Postcode
15/62 Original MANLD Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) MANLD, NG18 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
15/63 Original MARON Marazion, Cornwall
Market Drayton, Shropshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
15/64 Original Ssc, SHELD Sheffield Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) SHELD, S1 Sheffield, South Yorkshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
16/01 Original CWsc, CREWE Crewe, Cheshire Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) CREWE, CW1 Crewe, Cheshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
16/02 Original MK10 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
16/03 Original MK9 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
16/04 Original MK14, MK15 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Shared postcode
NS2013 MK14 Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire Postcode
16/05 Original MARCH March, Cambridgeshire
Markinch, Fife
Ambiguous extract
1996 (Apr) GU22 Woking, Surrey Postcode
16/06 Original MARTE, CT9 Margate, Kent Extract / postcode
NS2013 CT9 Margate, Kent Postcode
16/07 Original MARAS, LL73 Marianglas, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL73 Marianglas, Gwynedd Postcode
16/08 Original MARGH Market Harborough, Leicestershire
Marlborough, Wiltshire
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
16/09 Original MAREN Market Rasen, Lincolnshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GU24 Woking, Surrey Postcode
16/10 Original MAROW Marlow, Buckinghamshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) EX32 Barnstaple, Devon Postcode
16/11 Original MARCK, TA12 Martock, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA12 Martock, Somerset Postcode
16/12 Original MARRT, CA15 Maryport, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 CA15 Maryport, Cumbria Postcode
16/13 Original MATCK, DE56 Matlock, Derbyshire Extract / postcode
NS2013 DE56 Matlock, Derbyshire Postcode
16/14 Original MAUNE Mauchline, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) GU32 Petersfield, Hampshire Postcode
16/15 Original MAUUD Maud, East Sussex Extract code
1974 Spare
1976 B13sc Birmingham B13 District code
1978 CASAR Castlebar, Co.Mayo (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 YO40 York, North Yorkshire? Postcode
YO40 status uncertain - possibly in error?
16/16 Original MAYLE Maybole, Ayrshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) HP2 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Postcode
16/17 Original MAYLD, TN20 Mayfield, East Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 TN20 Mayfield, East Sussex Postcode
16/18 Original MEIOD Meifod, Powys Extract code
NS2013 Spare
16/19 Original MEILE Meigle, Perthshire
[to 1974] Meikle Wartle, Aberdeenshire
Ambiguous extract
1974 MEILE Meigle, Perthshire Extract code
198? SN6 Swindon rural, Wiltshire Postcode
16/20 Original MELAM Melksham, Wiltshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) HP3 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Postcode
16/21 Original MELSE Melrose, Roxburghshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) HP7 Amersham, Buckinghamshire Postcode
16/22 Original MELLE, NR24 Melton Constable, Norfolk Extract / postcode
NS2013 NR24 Melton Constable, Norfolk Postcode
16/23 Original MELAY Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) MELAY, LE13 Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
16/24 Original MENGE, LL59 Menai Bridge, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL59 Menai Bridge, Gwynedd Postcode
16/25 Original MENIE Menstrie, Clackmannanshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) HP11 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Postcode
PU1996 has this as HP1, NS2013 as HP11. As HP1/HP2 was allocated to 64/39 and HP2 split out, and HP11 was a shared postcode not otherwise split out, this appears to be a typo in PU1996
16/26 Original MERTT, TA16 Merriott, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA16 Merriott, Somerset Postcode
16/27 Original MERIL Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan Extract code
1996 (Apr) MERIL, CF47 Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
16/28 Original METIL Methil, Fife Extract code
1976 Spare
1978 BALFF Ballyjamesduff, Co.Cavan (Eire) AEI
Ballyduff Co.Waterford (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
16/29 Original METCK Methlick, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1974 Spare
1976 B14sc Birmingham B14 District code
1978 CASEY Castleblayney, Co.Monaghan (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
16/30 Original MEXGH Mexborough, South Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) HP12 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Postcode
16/31 Original MIDER Mid Calder, Midlothian Extract code
1976 Spare
1978 COLAN Cloghran, Co.Dublin (Eire) AEI
Cloughjordan, Co.Tipperary (Eire)
Ambiguous extract
NS2013 Spare
16/32 Original MIDTH Midclyth, Caithness Extract code
1972 Spare
1976 B16sc Birmingham B16 District code
1978 CASER Castlecomer, Co.Kilkenny (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
16/33 Original MIDGH, LS17 Middlesborough, North Yorkshire Extract / postcode
1972 LS17 Middlesborough, North Yorkshire Postcode
MIDGH extract became TSsc/MIDGH, 29/01
16/34 Original MIDCH Middlewich, Cheshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) HP13 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Postcode
16/35 Original MIDST, GU39 Midhurst, West Sussex Extract / postcode
NS2013 GU29 Midhurst, West Sussex Postcode
16/36 Original MILEN, SA73 Milford Haven, Dyfed Extract / postcode
NS2013 SA73 Milford Haven, Dyfed Postcode
16/37 Original MILLE Millisle?, Co.Down Extract code
1976 B17sc Birmingham B17 District code
1978 CASND Castleisland, Co.Kerry (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
16/38 Original MILOM, LA18, LA19 Millom, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 LA18 Millom, Cumbria Postcode
16/39 Original MILRT Millport, Isle of Cumbrae Extract code
1996 (Apr) HP15 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Postcode
16/40 Original MILPE, LA7 Milnthorpe, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 LA7 Milnthorpe, Cumbria Postcode
16/41 Original MINUM Mindrum, Northumberland Extract code
NS2013 Spare
16/42 Original MINAD, TA24 Minehead, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA24 Minehead, Somerset Postcode
16/43 Original MINON Mintlaw Station, Aberdeenshire Extract code
1972 Spare
1976 B18sc Birmingham B18 District code
1978 CASCK Castleknock, Co.Dublin (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 BB94 Barnoldswick, Lancashire
BB94 used for the Holiday Cottages Group, Earby
16/44 Original MIRLD Mirfield, West Yorkshire Extract code
1996 (Apr) HP19 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Postcode
16/45 Original MITAM Mitcham, Surrey Extract code
1989 CR8 Purley and Kenley, Surrey Postcode
Due to Croydon area recoding 1989
16/46 Original MITAN Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire Extract code
NS2013 Spare
16/47 Original MOERE, LL72 Moelfre, Gwynedd Extract / postcode
NS2013 LL72 Moelfre, Gwynedd Postcode
16/48 Original MOFAT Moffat, Dumfries-shire Extract code
1996 (Apr) HP20 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Postcode
16/49 Original MOLLD Mold, Clwyd Extract code
NS2013 Spare
16/50 Original MONRE Moneymore, Co.Londonderry Extract code
1973 Spare
1976 B19sc Birmingham B19 District code
1978 CASYR Castlemartyr, Co.Cork (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 RM50 Romford, Essex
16/51 Original MONTH Monmouth, Gwent Extract code
NS2013 Spare
16/52 Original MONTE, TA15 Montacute, Somerset Extract / postcode
NS2013 TA15 Montacute, Somerset Postcode
16/53 Original MONRY Montgomery, Powys Extract code
1996 (Apr) IG2 Ilford, Essex Postcode
16/54 Original MONSE Montrose, Angus Extract code
1996 (Apr) IG3 Ilford, Essex Postcode
16/55 Original MOOOW, CA24 Moor Row, Cumbria Extract / postcode
NS2013 CA24 Moor Row, Cumbria Postcode
16/56 Original MORAR, PH40 Morar, Inverness-shire Extract / postcode
NS2013 PH40 Morar, Inverness-shire Postcode
16/57 Original MOREN, SM4 Morden, Surrey Extract / postcode
NS2013 SM4 Morden, Surrey Postcode
16/58 Original MORBE Morecambe, Lancashire Extract code
1996 (Apr) MORBE, LA3 Morecambe, Lancashire Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
16/59 Original MORSH Moreton in the Marsh, Gloucestershire Extract code
1996 (Apr) IG4 Ilford, Essex Postcode
16/60 Original MORTH Morpeth, Northumberland Extract code
1996 (Apr) MORTH, NE61 Morpeth, Northumberland Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare
16/61 Original MOTLL, MLsc Motherwell, Lanarkshire Extract / shortcode
NS2013 Spare
16/62 Original MOUSH Mountain Ash, Mid Glamorgan Extract code
1996 (Apr) IG5 Ilford, Essex Postcode
16/63 Original MOYOY Moy?, Co.Tyrone Extract code
1972 Spare
1976 B21sc Birmingham B21 District code
1978 CASEA Castlerea, Co.Roscommon (Eire) Irish extract
NS2013 Spare
16/64 Original NEsc, NEWNE Newcastle-on-Tyne, Tyne and Wear Shortcode / extract
1996 (Apr) NEWNE, NE1 Newcastle-on-Tyne Extract / postcode
NS2013 Spare