Books of Stamps with Invalidated Panes 1904-1943

Ian Harvey

This record is an illustrated listing and commentary on the invalidated panes of GB stamp books, from the first book issued in 1904 to the cessation of commercial advertising in 1943. It covers the SPECIMEN and CANCELLED overprints, punch holes, and precancelled panes from "advertiser's voucher copies".

It is an amplification of the series British Stamp Booklets by Jean Alexander and Leonard F. Newbery, which was published in nine parts by The GB Journal over an extended period from 1987-97. These comprised a separate publication to take the place of a journal within its normal run of issues to members. Additional copies of the parts were printed for separate purchase individually or as a whole.

In drafting this manuscript, the author's intention was that the record, following the original, would be contained within issues of the Journal over a period. However, the editor had sufficient submissions of articles that there was no requirement for a series. Accordingly, this monograph was prepared and, with the agreement of the Council of the Society, was distributed to all members, as was the original series.

Essentially, this record derives from the work of Col. J.B.M. Stanton, who in the 1940s-50s recorded information on cards for each stamp book he had seen, some 1,300 books. Many years ago, these cards were passed to the author and have been updated whenever he has had additional information. Subsequently, these cards were scanned and they reside on the Society website.

Price £15 (GBPS members £13.50). Soft covers, 60 pages, size 170 x 240 mm. Published 2022.