English and Welsh Spoon Cancels 1853–70

Richard Arundel, revised edition edited by Russell Taylor

A Comprehensive Study of these Distinctive Experimental Duplexes

The Society has been given permission to update and reprint the Richard Arundel series of books on duplex postmarks. This is the second in the series, updated by Russell Taylor.

In 1992 Richard Arundel (RA) published a comprehensive book on the English and Welsh Spoon cancels which were the product of an experiment in Great Britain from 1853 onwards, intended to speed up the stamping process of letters by the use of double stamps (one unit incorporating both a dater and an obliterator). The book included Proof Book Dates, Earliest/Latest Known Dates (EKD/LKDs), Time Codes and a Valuation Guide. Over the next few years it was reprinted twice and updated with supplementary data.

Russell has used Arundel's information as a base and then added to it based on images and information from various known sources.

Price £35 (to members of the GBPS £31.50). Soft covers, size 170 x 240 mm, vi + 174 + A12 pages.

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