The Dollis Hill Find

Edward Klempka

This is a record of phosphor trials made by the Post Office between 1958 and 1972 based on material in the public domain in 2010.

When these stamps first turned up at a major London auction, they created a lot of interest; the stamp world had not seen 2d and 3d Wildings on unwatermarked paper before, nor the 2d light red-brown with Crowns watermark sideways to the right and the 2d with Crowns to left in the deeper red-brown shade. The majority had been treated with various types of phosphors which created a new range of specialised Wilding trial stamps.

Edward Klempka has taken a particular interest in the postal history side. For him the treasures are mainly in the used stamps, especially those used on cover showing the date of the trials, and the mint cylinder blocks.

These important trial stamps are now firmly in the public domain and Edward’s book is an important study of the Charles Forster archive.

With a Foreword by the late Mike Holt.

Price £20 (GBPS members £18). Size A4, 48 pages plus advertisements.