The Telegraph Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain

Peter Langmead and Alan Huggins

Now out of print

This book presents for the first time a comprehensive account of all of the telegraph issues of Great Britain, their background and their usage.

Peter Langmead's renowned collections form the basis for the sections on the Private Telegraph Stamps and Forms, Post Office Telegraph Stamps, and Military & Army Telegraph Stamps and Forms. Alan Huggins has extensively revised and expanded the Telegraph Forms listing in his British Postal Stationery to produce the section on Post Office Stamped Stationery. Check-lists and rarity guides are included for the Private and Post Office Telegraph stamps, and the Military and Army Telegraph stamps.

Hardback, size 17 x 24cm; x + 190 pages; over 250 illustrations and eight colour plates. ISBN 0-907630-14-6.