The Post Office and the Colleges

Vincent West

Now out of print

This book describes the relationship between the Post Office and the Oxford and Cambridge colleges from 1871 to 1887, the period when the colleges issued their own stamps and postal stationery.

Initially the Post Office were tolerant of the college posts and their stamps, but eventually suppressed them. This untold postal history tale of conflict between establishments, revealing the personalities of the individuals on both sides, is based upon unpublished material in the Post Office archives.

The people depicted on the front cover are (clockwise from top-left): LORD JOHN MANNERS (Postmaster General 1874–80 and 1885–86); SIR ARTHUR BLACKWOOD (Post Office Secretary 1880–93); and GEORGE BRODRICK (Head of the Oxford Deputation).

"University challenge . . . a labour of love . . . top class research and an intriguing tale . . . something akin to an episode of a highly rated TV detective show, such as 'Morse'"

Stamp Magazine, March 2005

". . . an intriguing story, the petty bureaucracy of both parties being worthy of 'Yes Minister'"

British Philatelic Bulletin, March 2005

ISBN 0-907630-19-7.

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