1955-1968 Castle High Values

2s 6d, Plate 3B, R8/1, re-entry (Spens) [M] 27(5)84, (Smith) [N] 28(5)101

Plate 4, R3/4 re-entry (Spens) [M] 28(1)5

Plate 5, study (Spens) [M] 28(4)90

Book review, Queen Elizabeth II Waterlow Castle High Values 1955-1958, Bater and Spens (Harman) [R] 28(4)89

Book review: The First Elizabeth II Castle High Value Definitives (Jackson) [R] 43(3)58

Die proof of head (Jackson) [N] 30(2)32

Display, 21 Oct. 1989, by The Lord Spens and Gerry Bater (Kirk) [S] 28(1)2

General account (SWL90) [M] 28(2)52

Overprinting contract (Bater) [S] 34(2)39

Sorting (Bater) [M] 32(5)88

Telegraph forms, stamps punched for use on (Wilkinson) [L] 41(6)120

Watermark, inverted (Spens) [M] 28(5)102, (Spens) [S] 29(2)38, (Wilson) [N] 29(2)38