1935 Silver Jubilee

1d, booklet panes (Russell) [M] 52(3)70

1d, booklet stamp, No. 1, variety, mark on final E of HALFPENCE (Candlish) [N] 30(2)35

varieties on booklet stamps (Candlish) [N] 26(1)20

2d, Cyl. 34 dot, Control W35, variety on R20/2 (Bird) [N] 33(2)40

Prussian Blue, control copy (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)44

Prussian blue (McBride) [M] 43(1)5

Booklet interleaf numbers (Ramsay) [L] 51(1)1

Booklets, error of make-up (Ramsay) [M] 51(3)55

Cylinders (Russell) [M] 45(4)96

Display, 15 May 1993, Penny Lilac and Silver Jubilee (Gilbert) [L] 31(4)68

Essay for 2d (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)44

Quantities printed and sold (Russell) [M] 45(1)6

Sheet numbers (Russell) [M] 23(5)66, (Gilbert) [M] 24(4)60

Varieties on sheet-printed stamps (Russell) [M] 51(6)127