1887-1900 'Jubilee' Issue

2d, printing flaw, dirt on the plate (Young) [M] 41(2)38

5d, printing flaw, dirt on the plate (Young) [M] 41(2)38

10d, Pane E, R4/5, dot in O (Hazell) [M] 41(2)25

Pane H, R1/1, distorted lower ornament (Lewis) [S] 41(1)18, (Hazell) [M] 41(2)25

R1/1, distorted lower ornament (Louis) [N] 41(2)24

Book review, Queen Victoria 1887 Jubilee Year 2003 Price List, Harris (Jackson) [R] 41(1)7

Colour trials (Young) [M] 25(2)26

Controls, 1887 and 1900 (Wiseman) [N] 32(3)55

Display, 10 Jan. 1987, QV Jubilee by Ernest Good, supported by Gordon Millson (Good) [M] 25(2)21

Multiple franking, 93 stamps on 1900 Telegram (Sussex) [M] 35(2)36

Office of Works, issue dates (Mollett) [L] 37(4)61

Sheet sizes (Wiseman) [N] 29(2)28

Trial cancellation, barred oval (Young) [M] 41(2)38, (Lewis) [M] 43(5)119


Colour trial (Young) [S] 25(2)28

Controls, Q/R controls of 1887 and 1900 (Wiseman) [L] 31(2)21

Fakes, bi-coloured (Young) [M] 29(2)26

Pillars, inserted in plate (Powell & Young) [M] 24(1)8

Plates and plate lives (Wiseman) [M] 23(2)18

Thorpe, Dr Thomas Edward, chemist at Somerset House (Dagnall) [M] 34(5)91

Variety, flaw behind head (Blank) [N] 28(5)101

Watermark, 480-Crown, varieties of (Pusterla) [N] 45(4)95

dandy roll letter F (Pusterla) [S] 43(2)27

inverted (Pusterla) [S] 43(2)27


Varieties (Wlodarczyk) [S] 29(2)32

Variety, right frame (Maushammer) [S] 51(6)126


Imperf. (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)36

Imperforate, and imprimaturs (Latto) [M] 25(1)14

Plate varieties (Wlodarczyk) [L] 47(3)49

Varieties on (Maushammer) [M] 37(5)82

Variety, R10/?, dot in value (Rogers) [S] 40(1)17


Orange paper, date of issue (Abela) [S] 38(2)24

faking of (Phillips) [S] 38(4)73

Plate varieties (Wlodarczyk) [L] 47(3)49


Bisect (Chadwick) [S] 29(4)74

Colour trials (Young) [S] 25(2)26

Used copies (Wiseman) [N] 29(2)29

Used on inland mail (Davis) [M] 35(1)16

Varieties, 'C' pane (Maushammer) [L] 35(3)47


Paper fold (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)36

Varieties on value tablet (Maushammer) [S] 32(4)80

Variety, Die 1, break in left frame of right tablet (Bird) [S] 36(6)111

kink in left value tablet (Griffin) [S] 30(2)35


Printings (Wiseman) [M] 28(4)79

Study of (Hazell) [M] 30(5)96


Perfins (Powell) [N] 23(4)64

Usage (Davis) [M] 23(5)68

Used on cover (Davis) [M] 23(1)11, (Davis) [M] 23(3)38, (Young) [N] 23(4)62, (Bendon) [N] 23(4)64, (Davis) [M] 24(3)42, (Davis) [M] 26(2)27, (Davis) [M] 26(5)96, (Hart) [N] 28(1)16, (Parsons) [S] 30(4)74

Used on piece (Badcock) [N] 33(1)13


Used on diplomatic bag labels (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 49(2)30, (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 49(5)109

Variety, JB (Raspin) [M] 35(2)33

JD, frame damage (Griffin) [N] 30(2)31