Auction sale, Trevor Clarke Collection (Powell) [M] 26(2)28

Book review, De La Rue Years 1878-1910, Vol. 1. Wiseman (Huggins) [R] 23(1)1

King Edward VII 2003 Price List, Harris (Jackson) [R] 41(1)6

Morocco Agencies: the Overprinted Edward VII issues of GB 1907-1913. Gellatly & Wlodarczyk (Jackson) [R] 31(2)28

Year 2000 Price List. Harris (Jackson) [R] 38(4)79

Booklets, De La Rue, 1904-1910 (Wellsted) [L] 22(5)66

Chalk-surfaced paper trials 1905 (Powell) [M] 22(1)13, (Powell) [M] 25(2)38

Dates, earliest used (Powell) [S] 25(5)90

Demonetisation of postage stamps (Pearce) [S] 40(3)52, (Muir) [S] 40(4)76

Display, 29 Oct. 1988, KEVII to KGVI by Hassan Shaida (Harman) [S] 27(2)33

16 Mar. 1991, Proofs and Stamps of KEVII by John Kirkham (Gilbert) [S] 29(3)56

General account (SWL90) [M] 28(2)34

Inland Revenue Stamping Dept, archives of (Wiseman) [L] 36(6)114

Overprints, rubber stamp (Pusterla) [N] 31(3)54, (Badcock) [N] 31(5)96

Paper, Crown watermark, survey of types (Pusterla) [L] 37(3)53, (Pusterla) [L] 37(4)76, (Pusterla) [L] 37(5)86

coated, identifying (McBride) [M] 50(5)106

Pin (plug) flaws (Young) [M] 22(2)26, (Brooks) [L] 32(2)21

Plating, amendments to d & 1d listings (Powell) [M] 22(1)13

Revenue, KEVII stamps used for (Powell) [L] 25(3)46

Rolls, experimental (Pusterla) [S] 22(1)4

Shades, green (Ressler) [M] 31(3)46

measurement of (Wiseman) [L] 39(2)30

Varieties, plate (Wlodarczyk) [L] 30(1)1, (Wlodarczyk) [L] 31(4)73, (Wlodarczyk) [L] 33(2)25

Watermark, Crown, relative positions (Pusterla) [L] 22(2)27

inverted on sheet stamps (Powell) [N] 21(4)44

marginal (Powell) [M] 22(4)62

Wattses underprint (Donaldson) [N] 39(5)83


Coil stamp, d used on postcard (Harris) [S] 42(4)86

Office of Works, issue dates (Mollett) [L] 37(4)61

Perforation, gauge 13 x 14 (Pusterla) [S] 49(6)142

Pin (plug) flaws (Brooks) [S] 32(2)30

Plate numbers, official (Wiseman) [M] 22(5)72

Plating (Powell) [S] 23(4)60, (Powell) [N] 24(1)7

Harrison printings (Powell) [M] 23(3)46

amendments to listings (Powell) [M] 22(1)13

bottom rows needed (notes on Trevor Clarke Collection) (Powell) [M] 26(2)28

notes (Powell) [S] 26(5)92

plate discovery (Powell) [M] 21(5)71

study of d continuous rule (Powell) [S] 26(1)2

study of low value, update (Powell) [N] 21(4)44

Printing flaws (Harris) [S] 42(4)86

Proofs, black plate, in BL (Powell) [M] 21(5)71

Variety, booklet stamp, plate flaws (Wlodarczyk) [S] 31(4)73

vertical white scratches (Powell) [S] 26(1)2

Watermark, inverted, Control A 11 (Wolfson) [N] 35(2)39


'ULTRAMAR' overprint (Pusterla) [N] 37(6)117

1d, unplated cut (Wlodarczyk) [M] 46(6)121

Army Official, postmarks on (Taylor) [M] 26(1)6

Booklet pane, raised cliches (Powell) [S] 24(1)7

Booklet plate, striking book proof, 1903 (Lajer) [N] 35(1)20

Booklet voucher pane (Sprei) [N] 22(1)15

Cancelled, diagonal overprint, SG Spec. M6t (Wiseman) [L] 40(1)6

Date, earliest used (Abela) [N] 34(5)100

De La Rue shades (Yareham) [L] 48(6)144

Display by Dr Michael Brooks (Kirk) [M] 26(3)43

Perf. Type V2A or V4A with Plate 7 (MacArthur) [N] 36(1)17

Pin (plug) flaw (Powell) [S] 24(1)7, (Brooks) [L] 32(2)24, (Pusterla) [L] 37(5)101

Pin (plug) flaw, Flaw 10 on Plate 9 (Pusterla) [L] 40(3)56

Pin (plug) flaw, Flaw P14 (Pusterla) [M] 41(5)105

Pin (plug) flaw, Type E (Pusterla) [S] 23(2)28, (Flamank) [S] 23(6)83

Pin (plug) flaws (Pusterla) [L] 42(2)36, (Pusterla) [C] 42(4)92, (Wiseman) [M] 42(5)115, (Jackson) [C] 42(6)136

Pin flaw, P17 (Pusterla) [M] 43(4)89

Plate 53, damage (Wlodarczyk) [M] 47(2)28

Plate 58 (Brooks) [M] 29(1)2

Harrison's cut on Row 18 (Hawkes) [M] 52(3)56

missing control A 11(c) (MacArthur) [N] 33(4)74

Plating, amendments to listings (Powell) [M] 22(1)13

bottom rows needed (notes on Trevor Clarke Collection) (Powell) [M] 26(2)28

study of low value, update (Powell) [N] 21(4)44

Proofs in green (Jackson) [S] 49(6)140

Samples, German printers' (Pusterla) [S] 47(1)3, (Mahon) [C] 47(2)30

Shade, blood red (Kirkham) [N] 33(2)40, (Harman) [N] 33(4)72

Shades (Yareham) [L] 49(1)16, (Jackson) [N] 49(2)48, (Yareham) [N] 49(4)91

a simple approach to measuring (Kegg) [L] 48(5)105

Unplated cut (Wlodarczyk) [M] 47(2)28

Varieties (Pusterla) [M] 39(4)74, (Harris) [L] 42(3)65

crown flaws (Powell) [S] 28(1)17

crown flaws on control pieces (Powell) [S] 26(3)44

plate (Wlodarczyk) [L] 33(2)25

Variety, Plate 3, Controls C, C4 & D4, R20/11,12, scratches (Wlodarczyk) [C] 31(4)77

Plate 11b, Control B, R20/10, gap between shading and right inner frame (Wlodarczyk) [N] 33(2)25

Plate 62c, R1/2, left frame crack (Wlodarczyk) [N] 33(2)25

Plate 64, R18/10, SG M3h & M4h (Wlodarczyk) [N] 33(2)25

Plate 69, Control A, R20/10-11, crack through right side (Wlodarczyk) [N] 33(2)25

Plate 72, Control A, R20/10-11, cracks and breaks (Wlodarczyk) [N] 33(2)25

Plate 77, Control A, R18/10-R20/11, blobs of white (Wlodarczyk) [N] 33(2)25

R2/12, crack below Revenue tablet (King) [S] 48(4)90

R19/10, left frame break (Wlodarczyk) [N] 33(2)25

booklet stamp No. 5, white mark in top frame line (Jackson) [S] 26(2)31

coloured mark on E of PENNY (Clayton) [S] 50(2)47

crack on inner and outer right frames (Wlodarczyk) [N] 33(2)25

cracks on medallion (Pusterla) [M] 22(1)12, (Doupe) [N] 23(4)51

on booklet stamp (Powell) [N] 21(4)44

scratch below ear (Wlodarczyk) [S] 31(4)74

Watermark, 480-Crown, varieties of (Pusterla) [N] 45(4)95

missing (SG 272a) (Brooks) [M] 27(5)81, (Wiseman) [N] 28(1)17

Wattses underprint (Pusterla) [S] 39(4)75


Frame cracks (Wlodarczyk) [M] 46(6)121

Somerset House 3rd printing (Harris) [L] 30(4)63

Varieties (Wlodarczyk) [L] 29(2)32

Variety, damage to SE corner (Jackson) [S] 26(2)31

deformed leaf in Trevor Clarke Collection (Powell) [M] 26(2)28

white mark above U of REVENUE (Jackson) [S] 26(2)31


Shades (Wiseman) [S] 39(2)31, (Harris) [S] 42(5)113

Tyrian plum (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)37

Varieties, plate (Wlodarczyk) [L] 30(1)1

Variety, flaw on tablet (Brown) [N] 22(2)24


Plate 1a, block in Trevor Clarke Collection (Powell) [M] 26(2)28

Varieties (Powell) [S] 26(5)92

Variety, Plate 6/155, R19/1, scratch on wreath (Powell) [N] 25(1)20

Plate 7, R2/4, scratch above P of POSTAGE (Wlodarczyk) [S] 31(4)75

part doubling (Powell) [S] 26(1)2

retouched background (SG Spec. M16e) (Harris) [S] 42(5)111


Offset variety (Eden) [N] 29(4)77


Flaws on the orange 4d (Powell) [M] 27(4)76

Variety, Plate D7, R7/12, score through SW corner (Wlodarczyk) [S] 31(4)75

Plate H4, R4/8, scratches (Wlodarczyk) [L] 31(4)73

Watermark inverted (Powell) [N] 25(1)20

on bi-coloured (Powell) [N] 22(1)13


Plate combination, new (Wiseman) [L] 35(5)82


Plate flaws (Wlodarczyk) [M] 31(3)49

Plate proof, pane of 120 (Jackson) [N] 30(2)32

Plating (Hawkes) [L] 33(1)1

Proof sheet, black (Wiseman) [C] 32(3)55

Variety, Plate 1, R7/12, R8/12 & R19/12, cracked R frames (Wlodarczyk) [N] 31(4)77

damage to top, SE and bottom frame-lines (Jackson) [S] 26(2)31, (Hawkes) [N] 27(1)13


Variety, Plate 1a, R20/2 (Lawrence) [S] 34(3)58, (Harris) [N] 34(4)80

over-inked? (Wolfson) [N] 37(5)98


Plating (Astley) [M] 22(1)9


Die proof of frame (Lajer) [S] 43(2)27

Varieties, plate (Wlodarczyk) [L] 30(1)1

various (Wlodarczyk) [M] 31(4)75

Variety, left frame breaks (Powell) [S] 25(5)90

left frame broken (Powell) [N] 25(1)20

2s 6d

SPECIMEN, wmk inverted (Powell) [N] 28(1)17

Variety, R5/4 lower pane (Harris) [M] 42(4)86, (Harris) [S] 42(5)113

Watermark inverted (Bird) [N] 33(2)40


Lowden Forgery, Lowden's trial (Dagnall) [L] 31(1)1

Used on diplomatic bag labels (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 49(2)30, (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 49(5)109