1d Die 2

Control, with added period (Jackson) [N] 33(6)109

Controls, Somerset House (Jackson) [M] 23(6)86, (Jackson) [C] 24(2)20

Offset printing, experimental (Muir) [L] 46(2)25

Paper trials, Controls B.11, B.12 (Jackson) [S] 23(6)87

plating of (Wilkinson) [N] 22(4)64

Plate 2, offset printing, experimental (Muir) [L] 46(2)25

Plate marking, on Multiple Cypher imperf. (Jackson) [N] 27(5)97

Variety, Plate 12, R20/8, spur to lion's haunch (Wilkinson) [N] 24(3)39

Row 3 of a roll-join strip, 'masked lion' (Wilkinson) [N] 24(3)39

blot on O, SG Spec. N11e (Welch) [N] 25(1)7

left frame break (Candlish) [N] 26(5)99