1913-34 Seahorse High Values

2s 6d (Kearsley) [L] 46(4)75

Bradbury Wilkinson, reasearch into (Webster) [L] 39(4)61

varieties (Maushammer) [L] 39(1)2

2s 6d, Bradbury Wilkinson, new variety (Kearsley) [S] 46(1)12

Bradbury shades (Kearsley) [L] 50(2)34, (Kearsley) [C] 50(3)72

De La Rue shades (page numbered 38 in error) (Kearsley) [L] 47(4)86

De La Rue, Chrome (Kearsley) [M] 49(4)86

colour trial, 1913 (illustration) (SWL90) [N] 28(2)44

major re-entry, Plate 3, Stamp 12 (Smith) [S] 21(4)43

re-entry (Bolzan) [N] 25(1)7

variety, lower frame-lines extended (Vaughan) [N] 36(1)19

5s & 10s (Kearsley) [L] 45(5)106

5s De La Rue, earliest date (Harman) [S] 45(6)142

5s, Bradbury Wilkinson varieties (Maushammer) [M] 46(3)71

Waterlow, o/p CANCELLED with CUSTOMS & EXCISE/GOVERNMENT LABORATORY o/p (Wilkinson) [N] 24(3)40

10s, 'Cambridge' blue (Webster) [L] 41(6)111

De La Rue shades (Kearsley) [L] 47(6)124

De La Rue, Cambridge Blue (Garnsey) [M] 42(1)24, (Kearsley) [M] 42(4)76, (Garnsey) [S] 42(5)97

Deep bright blue (Kearsley) [M] 49(4)86, (Jackson) [C] 49(5)120

Auction sale, Shaida Collection (Claridge) [M] 31(1)12

Bechuanaland, more notes on (Kearsley) [S] 46(1)12

Book review, Discovering Seahorses, Kearsley (Wilkinson) [R] 43(6)138

Dates of issue (Wilkinson) [M] 28(1)11

Discovering Seahorses, addenda (Kearsley) [L] 44(2)25, (Kearsley) [M] 44(6)141

Experimental plates (Muir) [L] 48(3)49

General account (SWL90) [S] 28(2)42

Heraldic design of the shield (Livingstone) [M] 48(6)150

Identification (Wilkinson) [S] 30(5)83

Introduction of (based on official records) (Wilkinson) [L] 27(1)1

Levant, more notes on (Kearsley) [S] 46(1)10

Miniature stamps (shrunken) (Wilkinson) [M] 33(5)86

Nauru, more notes on (Kearsley) [S] 46(1)11

Overprints, more notes on (Kearsley) [S] 46(1)12

Paper Trials, Bradbury Wilkinson experimental printings (Webster) [L] 37(6)104

Plate proofs, rough (Wilkinson) [S] 34(2)36

Punch cancellation (Wilkinson) [S] 24(3)45

Research, new findings (Kearsley) [L] 39(3)52

Shades (Kearsley) [M] 42(4)76

De La Rue (Kearsley) [M] 49(4)86

more notes on (Kearsley) [S] 46(1)9

Telegraph forms, stamps punched for use on (Wilkinson) [L] 41(6)120

Trial impressions (Webster) [L] 41(3)54

Used on diplomatic bag labels (Kearsley & Weston) [L] 49(2)30

1 (Kearsley) [L] 44(5)97