1911-12 Downey Head

Book review, Downey Head Halfpenny - Plating Reference. Jackson [R] 36(6)105

Booklet panes, wmk orientation (Jackson) [S] 27(3)60

Caricature of 1d design (Hanson) [N] 30(5)98

Controls, Somerset House (Jackson) [L] 23(6)86, (Jackson) [C] 24(2)20

Display, 16 May 1992, KGV Downey Head Plating Study by Mike Jackson (Jackson) [M] 30(4)70

Double prints, partial (Jackson) [S] 27(5)97

Find of proofs & essays at auction (Jackson) [M] 24(5)68

General account (SWL90) [M] 28(2)35

Head die proofs (Sefi) [L] 33(3)41

Offset printing, experimental (Muir) [L] 46(2)25

Offsets (Wiseman) [N] 28(3)62

Perfin, row of holes (Rundo) [N] 30(5)95, (Simpson) [N] 31(2)40

Perforation, missing pins (Price) [M] 28(1)6

Variety, on N2c (Wolfson) [N] 37(5)99

Watermark letter codes (Jackson) [S] 28(5)108