Machin Definitives

1d, bisected (Batty) [N] 46(2)35, (Knight) [S] 46(4)95

2nd class, proof (Kibby) [L] 52(6)121

2˝p, pink, misplaced phosphor (Daniels) [N] 34(1)18

5p, bisected (Jackson) [S] 46(2)35

6d, Pre-Decimal, study (Walker) [L] 51(1)15

12p, emerald-green, Cyl. 9 no dot (Daniels) [N] 34(1)18

14p, dry print (Holt) [N] 27(5)98

— imperf (Holt) [N] 27(5)98

25p, genuine, declared fake by Royal Mail Revenue Protection (Jackson) [S] 52(5)99

Book review, 40 Years of Machins - A Timeline. Myall (Jackson) [R] 45(4)90

A Timeless Classic: The Evolution of Machin's Icon. Muir (Jackson) [R] 45(4)84

Postal Usage of the decimal Machin series 1971-1996 (two vols). Nicholson (Sherman) [R] 36(1)20

Postal Usage of the pre-decimal Machin series 1969-1971. Nicholson (Sherman) [R] 36(1)20

The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook, 3rd edn, Myall (Barnes) [R] 41(6)110

Booklet pane, miscut (Daniels) [N] 31(5)96

Booklet varieties (Cooter) [S] 33(1)12

Booklets, 50p folded (Bainbridge) [M] 29(5)92

Cambridge University colour trials of 1969 (Walker) [L] 48(3)63, (Walker) [L] 48(4)92, (Walker) [L] 48(5)123

Colour, 4p, Jeffery Matthews palette (Myall) [L] 40(6)108

Display, 3 Mar. 1990, Machins by Andrew J. Watton (Kirk) [S] 28(4)87

Dollis Hill Find, an amplification (Barnes) [M] 52(1)22, (Klempka) [S] 52(1)23

Enschedé printings 1991 (Bainbridge) [S] 31(3)55

General account (SWL90) [M] 28(2)50

Perforation, 13p with four straight sides (Wolfson) [N] 35(2)39

Postal history (Lockton) [L] 39(2)23

Proof, 2nd class (Kibby) [L] 52(6)121

Self-adhesive NVI, 1998, 'dagger' perforations (Jackson) [S] 40(4)70, (Smith) [M] 41(1)20