Early Competitions 1961-1978

The early competitions are somewhat patchily recorded. A new annual competition was announced at the AGM in April 1960, with the rules set out in February 1961. Entries were to be 6-12 sheets, and the competition would not be held unless there were at least six entries. The records of the first annual competition on 19th April 1961 were "inadvertently destroyed", but first and second prizes (albums to the value of 10 and 5 guineas) went to K.Rushworth (KGV 4d) and R.F.Strange (KGVI plate varieties).

The second competition was on 16th May 1962 but there is no information regarding the result. The 1963 competition was postponed because "of possibility of transport chaos". In 1964 the rules were modified; the original competition became "No. 1" (9-12 sheets), and a second one, "No. 2", was introduced (6-10 sheets). The structure of the competitions was revised in 1979 to have separate awards for General Philately and Postal History instead.


Year Competition No. 1 Competition No. 2
1961 K. Rushworth (KGV 4d)
1962 Unrecorded
1963 Not held
1964 Harold Fisher Unrecorded
1965 E. K. Hossel Only two entries
1966 Sufficient entries not attracted
1967 Robert Folkard Harry Dagnall
1968 Douglas Latto H.Beresford-Bourke
1969 Cancelled "through lack of support"
1970 Alain de Cadenet W. Jackson
1971 W. A. Wiseman Jane Moubray
1972 M. Astley A. G. Huckel
1973 Council decided to hold next competition in April 1974 (GBPS Newsletter 69, March 1973). Presumably the 1973 competition was cancelled
1974 W. R. Murton Maj. J. Miles
1975 G. A. Millson Not judged, only two entries
1976 R. C. A. Payne (1870 ½d) P. J. Markham (1d reds)
1977 E. M. Sanders Not awarded
1978 Competitions not held