Martin Willcocks Award (Postal History)

This award was donated by the noted postal historian Martin Willcocks, who was President 1980-1982, for an entry of postal history.


  1. Entries should comprise sheets illustrating an aspect of Great Britain postal history and the development of the postal services. Material can range from pre-adhesive entires and letters up to postally used covers of the present day. Entries may include postal markings and cancellations on loose stamps, pieces or covers, and material illustrating postal rates or routes. Unused adhesive stamps or postal stationery should not normally be included.
  2. This Competition is open to all members of the Society except the winners of this Competition in the immediately preceding two years.
  3. Each entry shall consist of the equivalent of sixteen sheets.
  4. Judges shall mark the entry in line with the current ABPS marking structure as per the table below.
Category Sub-category Marks
Treatment and Importance Treatment 20 30
Importance 10
Knowledge and Research Knowledge 20 35
Personal Study and Research 15
Condition and Rarity Condition 10 30
Rarity 20
Presentation 5 5


Year Winner Subject (where recorded)
1979 D. Marwick Not recorded
1980 L. E. Wright Not recorded
1981 A. D. Allen Not recorded
1982 Alan Sabey Not recorded
1983 James Grimwood-Taylor Not recorded
1984 J. M. Jackson Not recorded
1985 Bob Champion Not recorded
1986 Vivien Sussex Not recorded
1987 A. M. Gilbert Not recorded
1988 W. R. Murton Not recorded
1989 Bob Champion Not recorded
1990 Vivien Sussex Not recorded
1991 H. G. Parsons Not recorded
1992 Gilbert Wheat Not recorded
1993 G. A. Osborn Not recorded
1994 A. M. Gilbert Not recorded
1995 Phil Kenton Not recorded
1996 Harry Dagnall Not recorded
1997 Alan Moorcroft Not recorded
1998 John Bohn Not recorded
1999 Bob Champion Not recorded
2000 Phil Kenton By British to and from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay c.1800‑1880
2001 Michael Brooks KEVII Late Fees
2002 James Grimwood-Taylor Overseas Postal Rates from the 1840s to the Start of the General Postal Union
2003 A. Green Post Office Act 12 Car II c35, 29 December 1660
2004 Michael Lockton Exeter Cancellations 1840‑1860
2005 Alan Holyoake The Introduction of Registered Mail
2006 Graham Booth Spoon Cancels of England and Ireland
2007 Rex Clark Manuscript Franks, 1652‑1715
2008 Max Melrose Parcel Labels and Associated Postmarks, Channel Islands 1895‑1913
2009 Maurice Buxton 'A Distinct and Separate Service' - Registration of Overseas Mail 1795‑1841
2010 Howard Hughes The Transition from Red to Black Ink During the Maltese Cross Era
2011 Graham Booth London Numbers in Maltese Cross
2012 Bob Galland Failed Frees, A Reappraisal of Handstamps
2013 Tim Lediard The Edinburgh and District Penny Post
2014 Alan Holyoake Early Merchant Post
2015 Main:
Howard Hughes
The Maltese Cross
Alan Holyoake
The Origins of Express Mail
2016 Maurice Buxton Insured Mail Irregularities
2017 Graham Booth Brunel's Steamship 'Great Britain'
2018 John Davies Elliot's Imitation of the Jubilee Envelope
2019 Phil Cheetham Evolution in Reverse: The Post Magazine Address Panel and its Decorative Borders
2020 Michael Lockton London Late Fee Mail to Overseas Destinations, Pre-Paid in Cash
2021 Nick Amor Genesis
2022 Phil Waud Post in the Jubilee Years 1887‑1902
2023 Physical:
Maurice Buxton
Money Letters 1792-1840
Brian Atkins
Mail Between Shropshire and the USA 1849 to 1874