Secretaries' Cup

This cup was donated by two past Secretaries, Philip D'Arcy and Richard Payne, and can be awarded at the Judges' discretion to a "physical" entry considered to show a high degree of promise.


  1. This is a non-competitive trophy that can be awarded at the Judges' discretion to a "physical" entry selected from any of the Competitions which, in the opinion of the Judges, shows particular promise.
  2. It does not have to be an entry that has won another trophy, but equally it is not intended to be a consolation prize to a runner-up.
  3. The aim of the Judges shall be to encourage progress in collecting and exhibiting.


Year Winner Subject (where recorded)
1976 Revd R. L. MacPherson KGV 1912‑22 Shades
1977 Leslie Wilkinson Not recorded
1978 No competitions
1979 Dr R. W. Powell Not recorded
1980 I. Dixon-Patterson Not recorded
1981 G. A. Millson Not recorded
1982 A. M. Gilbert Not recorded
1983 M. J. Hopkinson Not recorded
1984 Mrs Hilary Wellsted Not recorded
1985 Michael Sefi Not recorded
1986 Miss L. Curtis Not recorded
1987 D. L. S. Ogden Not recorded
1988 F. Pierpoint Not recorded
1989 A. C. Fieldhouse Not recorded
1990 R. C. A. Payne Not recorded
1991 Alan Moorcroft Not recorded
1992 C. G. Bishop Not recorded
1993 Graham Mark Not recorded
1994 Lady Mairi Bury Not recorded
1995 T. Pickering Not recorded
1996 Dr J. Rundo Not recorded
1997 Harry Dagnall Not recorded
1998 Dr Simon Kelly Not recorded
1999 Mike Bolt Not recorded
2000 Not awarded
2001 Bob Galland Official Franking
2002 Ray Barton The Sideways Experimental Duplex
2003 P. Dawson A Study of the KGVI 10s Ultramarine of 1942‑1951
2004 Chris Harman 'Give us back our 11 days'
2005 Robin Tibbenham Fluorescence of Guernsey Wilding Regional Stamps
2006 Rex Clark The Franking System 1760‑1807
2007 Max Melrose Post Office (Parcels) Act 1882: Early Labels and Cancellations
2008 David Milsted Queen Victoria 'Army Official' Issues 1896‑1904
2009 Richard Thomas Welsh Postal History 1840‑42
2010 Mike Osborne At Sixes and Sevens
2011 Iain Stevenson Flying Down to Rio
2012 Chuichi Ota British Post Office Telegraph Stamps
2013 George King Delivered by Royal Mail
2014 Max Melrose Victorian High Values for Postage
2015 Larry Haber The Halfpenny (Decimal) Machin
2016 Richard Hobbs Great Britain Victorian Propaganda Envelopes
2017 Dave Simmons Suburban Receiving Houses of London
2018 Not awarded
2019 Maurice Buxton 'Red Cards': Mail Deemed Unacceptable at the Postcard Rate
2020 Kevin Maunder The Repaired Impressions of Die I Penny Red Plate 17
2021 John Roe 1883-84 Issue Lilacs and Greens
2022 Duncan Barber Britons Adjust to Decimal Postage
2023 Tony Wells A Review of Repaired Penny Black Plates