MacPherson Cup

This cup was donated by Revd R. MacPherson (who died in 1977), for an entry in any of the classes by a member who has not previously won a GBPS competition or national award. Originally this was a separate competition, but it was agreed that from 2023 it would instead apply to the best qualifying entry in any of the three main competitions.


  1. This award is intended for those members of the Society who wish to gain experience in competitive philately.
  2. This award is open to all members of the Society who are not winners of an award above Diploma level in any National or International Competition. Previous winners of this or any other of the three Society Competitions or of the Secretaries' Cup are excluded from this award.
  3. Eligible entries will be identified from any of the three Competitions.


Entries that are available in the displays section are linked

Year Winner Subject (where recorded)
1979 W. R. Murton Not recorded
1980 I. Dixon-Patterson Not recorded
1981 Only one entry
1982 Only one entry
1983 M. J. Hopkinson Not recorded
1984 Insufficient entries
1985 G. J. Raspin Not recorded
1986 Miss L. Curtis Not recorded
1987 J. Heath Not recorded
1988 Charles Reid Not recorded
1989 Not awarded
1990 Ian Harvey Not recorded
1991 Not awarded
1992 C. G. Bishop Not recorded
1993 D. V. Brookfield Not recorded
1994 Peter Tanner Not recorded
1995 H. Gessler Not recorded
1996 T. Dewsnap Not recorded
1997 M. E. Bolt Not recorded
1998 No entries
1999 Tim Lidiard Not recorded
2000 Jack Clark 'Four Kings' - Definitive booklet panes of six
2001 Not awarded
2002 Nick Wraith The Liverpool Penny Post
2003 C. Dupplin The Provisional Issue 1880
2004 David Milsted Postally Used O.W. Official Overprints 1896‑1904
2005 Capt. W. Keegan The 1d Black and 2d Blue
2006 George King Printed Postage Impressions
2007 Nick Amor Victorian First Days
2008 Ms J. Burnett Great Britain Line Engraved, Plates 1‑11, 1840‑1841
2009 Gruffydd Evans A Study of Queen Victoria Line-Engraved 2d Blue Plate 4
2010 Tony Stanford Military and Army Telegraphs
2011 No entries
2012 Martin Bomford 5d Machin Cylinder Blocks
2013 Chris Jones The Imperforate Issues of Great Britain (1840‑1853) Cancelled Contrary to Regulations
2014 David Leathart The Demonetised Stamps of Queen Victoria (1841‑1901)
2015 Main:
Nick Wraith
The Parcels Post
Ken Burr
Mail from the United Kingdom to the Italian Peninsular from the Late 18th Century to the GPU
2016 Richard Hobbs Great Britain Victorian Propaganda Envelopes
2017 Robin Morton Postmarks of Leith from 1800‑1840
2018 No entries
2019 Chris George Smallpox - Vaccination and Anti-Vaccination Postal History and Ephemera
2020 Andy Donaldson The Official Protective Underprints Service
2021 Chris Hibbert Multiple Strikes of the Maltese Cross
2022 Graham Wylde One Penny Plate 1
2023 Tony Wells A Review of Repaired Penny Black Plates
2024 James Heal Postmark Development in the Provinces: 19th century Weston-super-Mare