Overseas Members' Awards 2005-2021

Special General Philately and Postal History competitions for overseas members, in which entries were provided as colour photocopies or scans, were tried as an experiment in 2005 for the GBPS Golden Jubilee year. They were held again the following year, and every third year from then on until 2021 (except 2015 when overseas entries were part of the main competitions). The option to submit virtual entries in the main competitions from 2023 made separate awards superfluous.

Winners – General Philately

Year Winner Subject (where recorded)
2005 O. Sundstrom
The Postal Reform, 1839
2006 Walter Kaltwasser
Line Engraved Issues, 1840‑1879
2009 Malcolm Suttill
(South Africa)
The One Penny Lilac Stamps, Proofs and Usage
2012 Chuichi Ota
British Post Office Telegraph Stamps
2015 Not separately held
2018 Mary Pugh
Great Britain Underprints 1982‑1987
2021 Malcolm Suttill
(South Africa)
From line engraved to surface printed - The 1879 and 1880 Tenders

Winners – Postal History

Year Winner Subject (where recorded)
2005 Al Hurst
Mail in Northumberland 1600‑1739
2006 Malcolm Suttill
(South Africa)
The Postal Reforms
2009 Al Hurst
Post History of Northumberland - The Early Years
2012 Malcolm Suttill
(South Africa)
Wensleydale (with Bedale - Post Town)
2015 Not separately held
2018 No entries
2021 Tim Schofield
Machine Cancellations and Postmarks Produced in GB During the Early Trial Period 1857-58